5 most popular storage devices review

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Which the advance in data storage technology, external storage devices have become varies in feature for different purpose. For example, some people need portable hard drive for storing movies, music, and multimedia data, which need larger storage space in the disk. However, some customers using the external storage devices for documents and data, so they do not need large storage space than the former group.

Portable storage device also have different shape, getting smaller and smaller for portability. This review can help you, our customers to have a look at what external storage device that fit your demand. We will mention the most popular devices that is available on the market to the common consumers.

Top 5 Best Hard Drives Review

1. Optical Storage Devices

The oldest available storage device, this optical storage device are pretty plenty in capacity and clearly portable. They are first CD-Rom, then the DVD-Rom, and the latest technology is M-Disk. Though the popularity of the optical storage device to store personal data in the developed country has been declined. The optical disk (DVD ad Blu-ray) is currently popular as high definition (HD) home videos and console gaming disc.


The most popular and latest format of the optical storage disc is Blu-ray, which can contain up to 128 GB with the four-layers Blu-ray disc generation. The disc have up to four layer (25 GB in single layer, 50 GB in double layers, Triple-layer discs is 100 GB and quadruple-layers is 128 GB). Unfortunately, the Blu-ray drive require for reading the disc is pretty expensive.

The optical storage disc is very convenient if you want to share your data with many people without using the Internet or if you are on the road. However, the optical disc drive are now not always included in your laptop, but there are external optical disc drive available for sale if you really need to record your data on the disc. The optical disc are mostly read-only, and can only written with the support of disc-writing software. Therefore, the virus cannot easily write itself on the optical disc.

  • Advantages: Inexpensive in the long run, easy to carry, fair data capacity, fairly invulnerable to viruses
  • Disadvantages: low durability, varies in longevity, need an appropriate disc drive to read, slow file transfer speed

2. USB Flash Drive

First introduced to the commercial community in 2000, USB Flash drive have become the most popular in 10 years. Nowadays, most popular USB Flash drives data capacity are from 8 to 128 GB. Nevertheless, the capacity of the USB Flash drive have reach to 1 TB.

5 most popular storage devices review

USB Flash Drive – Adata

Most people working have their own personal USB Flash drive nowadays, usually for storing personal data, back up device drivers, documents… The USB flash drive is also known as a good booting disk if you need to reinstall your OS or fix the error caused by viruses. However, you need to be careful when plug your USB flash drive in another computer, because this device is really susceptible to viruses.

  • Advantages: very portable, inexpensive, good data capacity, most portable device
  • Disadvantages: medium durability, very vulnerable to viruses, fair file transfer speed

3. Memory Card

Memory Cards are popular with the portable digital devices like cameras, smart phones, tablets… thanks to their small size. In the market, the data capacity is somewhat akin to the USB Flash Drive, which is up to 32 GB. The memory card is considered the smallest device over the other storage device in this review.

Memory Cards compatible with most portable devices

Memory Cards

To read the memory card data on the computer, we require an adapter. Normally, each type of Memory card require their own reader, but the multi type card reader are available on the market and very easy to find. However, both the memory card and the reader itself have low durability and very easy to break if you are not careful, sometimes they are also too small to store and will be easily lost if dropped. Also, the longevity of memory cards are also not really good, most memory card will break down after some months of using.

  • Advantages: convenient, compatible with most portable devices, inexpensive
  • Disadvantages: too portable for common user, low durability, low longevity, require card readers for data transfer on computers.

4. Hard Drive Box (HDD Box)

Known in the US and Europe as Hard Drive Enclosure, but know to Asia as HDD Box. The HDD Box is used to transfer an internal HDD into external HDD. It is very convenient and economical if you already have an extra internal HDD. Technically, the Hard Drive Box is not really different from the SSD, using the USB to connect to the computer. The HDD box data capacity depend on the HDD that it is attached to. It is even better if you have more than one internal HDD for the HDD box, because you only need one HDD box for several internal HDD.

Hard Drive Box


There are even multiple-drive HDD box, but that device is very expensive. The HDD Box usually require more power than the SSD, most of the HDD box require another power supply. In a result, most device require too much connection for power, which should freak you out if you are not patient enough, and also make trouble for you when you taking it from one place to another.

  • Advantages: possibly high data capacity with low cost
  • Disadvantages: operate loudly, have to do more trouble to install the device, power consuming, very bulky

5. Solid State Drive (SSD)

Solid State Drive is considered the best storage device in this review perspective. Using a built-in power source, SSD does not require as much power as the HDD Box, and may also help retain the data in the case of power lost. Most HDD box manufactured to the commercial are high resistant to shock, therefore provide very high durability.

SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA III 2.5 inch

The SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SATA III 2.5 inch 7mm Solid State (SSD) with read up to 550 MB/s – SDSSDHII 960G – G25

Although in the SSD has higher price even with the same amount of data capacity of those on an internal HDD (a 640 GB SDD is more expensive than a 640 HDD), but the price is worth it.

  • Advantages: quiet operating, more portable than HDD box, high data capacity, high durability, high file transfer speed
  • Disadvantages: very expensive

In many recent years, researches have shown that more and more people in all over the world choose to use Portable drives for not only the fascinating functions, the extremely convenience in traveling but also the fashionable appearance of them. Although some may have high prices but I guess we can all know that they are really worth it.

Also, once you buy one, it should take you years to buy another one to replace it since the duration is super excellent, not to even mention about the warranties of these products is absolutely acceptable .So what are you waiting for, let’s get on your way to have your own Portable drive and experience this convenient modern invention right now.

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