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Avira Free Mac Security – Free antivirus software for Mac

Today, the popularity of the Mac OS encountered malware is an everyday thing. So Avira Free Mac Security is designed to protect you and your device.

This is one of the software being evaluated effectively as today’s best antivirus and is great for businesses.

Avira Free Mac Security is intelligent software that detects malicious software on your computer. Moreover, this software is completely free, and totally does not contain viruses or malicious code, similar to Avast.

Download Avira Free Security Suite 2020 for Mac

Download here, all Free.


Over 25 years collective experience dealing with malware so it’s easy to say we are experts in this field.

Avira has to deal with the threats of the digital world in 1986 – the first day computer viruses appear. At the initial appearance of the Mac virus, anti-virus software sought and quickly removed malicious viruses, spyware and phishing, ensuring security for computer users.

The software interface is very simple, but behind is the very powerful features. The software is a combination of experience and technology from leading computer experts always ensures your computer in the safest mode.

Avira Free Mac Security – Free antivirus software for Mac

Security guard close

The software constantly makes warnings about viruses and other threats. Every file used by the user and system files are monitored closely in order to promptly detect any infected files.

Continuous Protection

Features schedule regular virus scans to protect your computer. Also, the database of the software continuously updated virus samples and the latest malware to deal with new threats.

Scan area: You can choose to scan a system component (the area most vulnerable to destructive viruses), or scan the whole system.

Software resource footprint of the machine and will not reduce the speed of your computer processor by much, but cloud solutions like Panda Cloud will actually even have less effect on your system while scannign.

Minimum system requirements to install Avira Free Security:


Available hard disk space: 200MB

Chip Processor: 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo

Internet connection

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