Best Gaming Laptop Under $1200

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With the radical growth of the mobile gaming industry nowadays, owning the best gaming laptop under 1200 with sophisticated design, stable performance at a reasonable price is on the wishlist of every avid gamer.

However, there are a variety of shapes, sizes ranging from affordable prices to the most luxurious ones when it comes to best gaming laptops. This might be a real challenge. But don’t be worried too much about that.

We are here to help you with some interesting, updated info to make your shopping experience greater than ever. The list of seven top-notch gaming laptops under 1200 recommended on the gaming gadget market is here for you to consider.

Wait no more; get down on it now!

Seven Highly Recommended Gaming Laptops Under 1200

#1 Acer Predator Helios 300, i7

Acer Predator Helios 300 i7 

Acer Predator Helios 300 i7

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While many gaming laptop companies claim that their products are such a bargain, Acer really knows how to get the customer’s attention with no big talk.

Being the latest 7th generation intel core i7 processor, Acer Predator Helios 300 is definitely a steal. It is equipped with a robust Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU (also ready for VR mode) at a more affordable price compared to competitors.

2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU together with 16GB of RAM and a 256GB hardware storage enables the Acer to bring multitasking to the next level.

This laptop’s durability surprises us even more. With almost 7-hour running over Wifi results, the Acer has come further than any current gaming laptop on the market.

The two-year warranty offer is also a plus in customer service. Last but not least, there is no difficulty in upgrading this buddy, as there are two plug-ins to connect with the gears.

However, we tried watching Avengers: Endgame, the effects, and colors do not click as we expected. Although the 15.6 inches size, with 1920 x 1080 pixels might seem tempting on the ads, the display is pretty low-quality compared to other gaming laptops.

But it does not make the laptop any less attractive (at least for us).


  • Reasonably priced
  • Powerful performance
  • Relatively long battery life
  • Two-year warranty
  • Upgrade easily


  • The display is quite vague


This Acer Predator Helios 300 version is a captivating deal on the mobile gaming market. It will surely satisfy you with its advanced performance and impressive resilience.

#2 Acer Predator Helios

Acer Predator Helios

Acer Predator Helios

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Is it worth spending around 1200 on this gaming laptop? Our answer is 100% yes. Set the technical forte aside, the design, with the simple black and teal tone, is relatively aesthetic – simple, eye-catching, and trendy.

The whole package, with a sturdy chassis and lighting keyboard, creates a vivid look at first sight. Besides, the 5.29-pound weight, neither too heavy nor super light, can be suitable for takeaway trips.

Plus, the 144Hz display is somewhat around average-quality. With max screen resolution at 1,920 x 1,080, it reaches a comparatively qualified performance.

Another significant pro worth mentioning is that the 9th Generation Acer is surprisingly excellent at choosing a wide range of highly accessible ports, from two USB 3.0 ports to a standard HDMI door.

However, this version of Acer has a significant disadvantage due to the short runtimes. Therefore, it might not be suitable if you are looking for a highly durable one.

So, take it into consideration!


  • Competitive price
  • 144Hz display
  • Good port selection


  • Brief battery life


If you aren’t too demanding in a gaming laptop’s runtime, this version is an excellent choice with a perfect combination of high performance and vibrant graphics. However, like most other gaming laptops, the brief battery life is still a problem.

#3 MSI GV62



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The Intel Core i5-8300H and huge storage reserves up to 16GB + 1TB (5400RPM) enable the MSI GV62 8RD-200 to run quite smoothly. You can surely perform multiple tasks such as exporting audio files from Adobe Premiere and downloading large files.

Although we tried some high-level graphic photoshopping the other day and even downloaded some files for references, this device could run continuously without a lag.

Another noticeable feature that makes the MSI GV62 8RD-200 stand out from its competitors is its lightweight design. If you are into travelling, this computer will be a perfect decision.

Optane Memory Module is not an authentic SSD card; however, it can be a relatively qualified alternation. It is now equipped in this gaming laptop as an upgrade to improve the performances.

Sadly, despite having replaced the old card, this machine failed to reach the premium level of performance. Plus, the lack of VR-ready mode might affect the desired outcome.

This MSI version only lasts for around 3 hours, surprisingly low even when compared with general-use ones.


  • Powerful performance
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Optane Memory Module


  • Middling gaming performance
  • Short battery life


If you are usually busy with business trips, but still a technology-oriented person, you can keep the MSI GV62 8RD-200 as your company. With less than 1000, this beauty has already been yours.

#4 Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5

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With the Intel Core i5-7300HQ, the Acer Nitro 5 can operate quite well over multitasking demand.

Moreover, the high screen resolution at 1920 x 1080 brings quite satisfying graphic quality. You will be more than delight to watch blockbusters or perform photoshop with full HD images, colors, etc.

If you are an office worker who wants to own a gaming laptop at an affordable price, Acer Nitro 5 can be your next favorite.

The Acer has a compact design taking a pure black as its leading tone. Its interior is mainly plastic with peachy-red accents on the keyboard. Overall, it can definitely make a good impression with your colleagues.

One of the most common problems while processing multiple tasks is that your computer might get heated. But, it is not the case when it comes to this piece of art.

Sadly, you might have to buy an extra speaker to support the laptop’s audio if you like to recognize yourself as a music lover. As much as we’ve tried different platforms to maximize the volume, the results didn’t quite meet our expectations.

The Acer didn’t manage to pass the battery test as well. It’s only able to run for briefly 4 hours with full power.

However, it’s still a good deal at a competitive price – 779


  • Smoothly operation, high graphic resolution
  • Applicable design
  • Runs cool


  • Muted audio
  • Insufficient battery resistance


The Acer Nitro 5 is an attractive deal for any gamer with unreal visual effects and robust operation. You can efficiently process engineering works and entertain yourself with exciting gaming experience.




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Armed with Intel Core i7-8750H chip and high storage supported by 128BG PCIe SSD, plus 1TB Hybrid HDD card, the ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition can process continuously without any errors.

Undoubtedly, it is qualified for daily tasks, such as movie, office and so on.  Wanna purchase this for higher demand, such as processing large-data required games? Even in that case, we guarantee that this device would manage to satisfy you.

The speaker can process well in maximized volume without any unwanted noise. It is adjusted by the Sonic Studio as well.

This new version of ASUS will require you a couple of hours to get acquainted with the keyboard. You might have difficulties in receiving feedback from specific keys due to its firmness.

The last thing that might bother you is that the fans can get annoyingly noisy while processing. However, it is not a big deal compared to its excellent performance.


  • Excellent performance
  • Top-notch sound quality


  • May need some time to get used to the keyboard
  • Loud fans when loading


If you are willing to spend some time on the keyboard and take a pass on the fan noise, the ASUS ROG Strix Scar can be a relatively ideal choice. It offers you a great balance between smooth performance, magic graphics resolution, and VIP-class sound quality.

#6 OMEN by HP



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GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and 12GB enables the Omen by HP to run like a top. With dimensions up to 10.35 x 14.17 x 0.98 inches, this beauty adds a vibrant and lively effect to all visual experiences.

Thanks to the 144-Hz rate, this piece of art demonstrates good to excellent display while testing. Spending 2 hours watching Transformer 6: The era of Unicron  on this device is such a lifetime experience.

Nevertheless, nearly 4-hour running is not an impressive number when considering the battery cycle.


  • Exceptional graphics performance
  • Solid display


  • Below-average battery life


Not only budget-friendly, which only costs 968 for full package, but the Omen by HP also offers extraordinary performance and perfect graphic resolution. This device will be an excellent match for professional gamers out there.

#7 Asus ROG Strix G, i7-9750 H

Asus ROG Strix G, i7-9750 H

Asus ROG Strix G, i7-9750 H

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First of all, the sturdy metal-black chassis with a compact design makes the Asus ROG Strix G irresistible to the most critical taste.

Secondly, like any other version of Asus, this brand always focuses on taking their product’s performance on the next level. The Asus ROG Strix G offers Intel Core i7-9750 H and sufficient storage, which helps it run thoroughly and flawlessly.

We took an operation test while opening 30 tabs at the same time through the Overclock Checking tool, and it ultimately passed without any clog.

Although most of the Asus gaming laptop is famous for its display advantage, this version is an exception. The screen generates sharp graphics, but the colors aren’t as lively as expected.

This speaker is suitable for general activities, but when it comes to superior gaming audio quality, you might want to invest for an extra headphone.


  • Cutting-edge design
  • Superior performance


  • Average display
  • Below-average speakers


You are finding a gaming laptop with aesthetic design with powerful performance to generate daily tasks, and sometimes take it up a notch with gaming experience? Then consider sealing the deal.

Factors You Need to Consider When Selecting the Best Gaming Laptop Under 1200

The most frequently asked question is what we should expect from a high-quality gaming laptop priced under 1200. So here is our answer!

GPU defines the performance 

The quality of GPU distinguishes a gaming laptop from a common one because it elevates the visual aids. As it is hard to take an upgrade, you must carefully select (maybe splash out an extra amount of money on it).

Let’s just start with the essential first! Most standard GPU card among avid gamers is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. All seven gaming laptops under 1200 mentioned above use this card to fancier one.

Technical specs knowledge is also necessary

Having a basic understanding of the technical specs plays a vital role in making a wise choice. Apart from GPU, you should also know about CPU, storage figures, and some graphic specifications of the PC that you intend to purchase.

For example, knowing exactly what the graphic specs will help you categorize products easily and avoid being SCAMMED!

Ports and other gizmos

Many gaming laptop’s ports only support external gadgets from the same brand, which causes many troubles if you are too far from the customer service office. We suggest that you should choose a laptop with highly applicable ports.

Bottom Line

Finding “Mr. Right” in the vast gaming laptop market has never been an easy task, as you will spend hours on binge-playing and using it. So our final advice is not to rush in a gaming laptop so fast. You should take some time to look into this matter.

We’ve given some updated data of seven best gaming laptop under 1200, which were hours of research, tests, and several resources. Hope that you will find some helpful inf here!

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