Best Laptop Messenger Bags: A Helpful Guide To A Wise Purchase

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Generally, messenger bags are no stranger to students and office workers. However, only in recent years have messenger bags designed for laptops become popular.

In this article, we’re answering frequently asked questions related to this product line. Moreover, to help you not be overwhelmed by tons of models on the market, we’re recommending the best laptop messenger bags.

Hopefully, this article serves as a guide for you to choose the right product for your needs.

Can Messenger Bags Carry Laptops?

Great Storage Capacity

Great Storage Capacity

When it comes to choosing a laptop bag, people often think of backpacks. However, a messenger bag works perfectly in carrying your laptop anywhere.

Not only are they capable of a good amount of storage, but also favorable for multi-functionality. Not to mention, messenger bags have always been a fashion accessory for all ages.

  • Great Storage Capacity
    Typically, a messenger bag has a storage capacity equivalent to a small backpack. Thanks to the square design, it’s able to accommodate large books and even laptops. Laptop messenger bags can fit 15-17″ laptops and still don’t look too bulky.
  • Good Organization
    Along with the main compartments, messenger bags often have several extra pockets. These come in different sizes, and some have zippers. With that, you can arrange your items (e.g., earphones, notebooks, chargers) in separate compartments to avoid clutter.
  • Easy to Access
    Among other things, many love messenger bags for their usability. With a messenger bag, your belongings are always within your reach. Whenever you want to grab something, you can get it quickly. You don’t have to take the bag off because it’s right by your side.
  • Stylish Fashion Item
    Usability is not necessarily the opposite of beauty. Indeed, handy messenger bags have always been a favorite item of fashion followers.

What makes it so special is that the messenger bag is both dynamic and stylish, though it does not lose its courtesy and professionalism. Moreover, this bag goes well with different types of clothes, whether it’s casual or formal wear.

Best Laptop Messenger Bags

CoolBELL 8541569894 – Best Overall

CoolBELL Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag

CoolBELL Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag

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For sure, Coolbell is one of the most prominent laptop bag manufacturers. This brand reaps a resounding reputation and captures consumers’ hearts thanks to excellent product quality, as well as a variety of designs.

Today, let’s check out CoolBELL Canvas Convertible Messenger Bag! A 3 in 1 bag, a wonderful intersection of creativity and usability.

An outstanding feature of this bag is that it can transform into three different carrying styles. In addition to the messenger bag, you can wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag.

What’s more, the laptop compartment has a unique design to keep your laptop safe. Besides, a Telescope belt adds an extra round of protection.

To your surprise, this compact-looking bag can fit a 17.3-inch laptop plus some books or summer clothes. A right amount of front and inner pockets help you keep your belongings in an organized manner. Therefore, this is an ideal bag for school, work, or short trips.

Given all these pluses, one thing that might make you hesitate is the price. Indeed, CoolBELL 8541569894 comes with a bit higher price than some messenger bags. However, considering its usability and versatility, this bag’s still worth your purchase.


  • Three styles: messenger bag, backpack, shoulder bag
  • Large dimension and roomy compartments
  • A good amount of extra pockets
  • Compact and dynamic design; elegant color


  • Requires a higher price

Kenneth Cole Reaction “Come Bag Soon” – Best High-end Bag

Kenneth Cole Reaction Messenger Bag

Kenneth Cole Reaction Messenger Bag

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Not just a flap-over bag made out expensive materials from the renowned brand Kenneth Cole Reaction. Here we have a high-end and innovative product, a happy marriage of simplicity and sophistication.

The most distinguishing characteristic is the RFID blocking pocket, preventing high-tech criminals from stealing your identity. The anti-theft RFID technology serves as a defense against RFID skimming. With that, you can keep your personal information secure from illegitimate scanning. Without a doubt, this is an exceptional highlight of Kenneth Cole bag.

Despite simple designs, the bag still stands out for classics beauty, thanks to high-class leather material and fully-lined interior.

In addition to the above highlights, this bag doesn’t lack any handy features of a typical laptop bag. The main padded compartment is spacious enough for a 15-inch laptop. Besides, there’s also a separate padded compartment for tablet and extras for accessories.

Despite praises for its innovation, this bag receives some down thumbs on the slide adjuster and magnetic snap for not being strong enough. Besides, the Kenneth Cole bag can be a bit pricey. The high price is due to the integration of technological innovation in it.

Nonetheless, the feeling of security is priceless. So, if you have a generous budget, consider this bag!


  • RFID blocking technology – protection against identity thieves
  • Padded compartments for laptop and tablet
  • Elegant beauty in a minimal design
  • Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty


  • Loose slide adjuster for strap
  • Unsteady magnetic snap
  • High price

KROSER TAM-2801D-LightGrey – Best Budget-friendly Option

KROSER Laptop Bag

KROSER Laptop Bag

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Next, we’d like to introduce a product from another acclaimed bag manufacturer – KROSER. KROSER TAM-2801D comes with a basic design, high quality, and a comparative price.

Overall, the bag offers extra protection with waterproof and scratch-resistant poly canvas. Meanwhile, high quality materials ensure the safety of computers and other belongings from sudden bumps.

Two zippered pockets on the front are where you can place items such as phones, pens, keys. Zippers are cleverly concealed, preventing pickpocketing and giving the bag a neat appearance.

Also, you can wear this bag without worrying about shoulder pain, thanks to the special soft pad on the strap. On the other hand, you can also detach the strap and use the handle instead. Don’t you love a versatile bag? Multi-functionality is the key to a minimal life.

On the other hand, due to its slim design, this bag does not have many extra compartments nor much room for bulky items. Therefore, this bag is not an ideal option for a trip but rather for daily use. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive laptop bag, this is the deal to go for!


  • Comparative price
  • Water and scratch-resistant
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Basic slim design, suitable for all ages and uses


  • Does not have many extra compartments
  • Does not fit bulky items

Emissary 8541748252 – Best for Vintage Lovers

emissary Laptop Messenger Bag

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If you have a soft spot in your heart for vintage, this bag surely will captivate your attention.

The waxed canvas makes the bag water-resistant, thus keeping your things safe from the rain or accidental water splash. Thick fabric doesn’t make the bag look rough or heavy. Besides, heavy-duty metal buckles and zippers withstand weighty items and stay durable for long.

What users love about this bag is the rational division of compartments. There’s a spacious main compartment for 2-3 books and a separate one for the laptop. Besides, inner pockets for holding pens or small objects. In the front are two compartments magnetic snuffers for phones or medium-sized notebooks.

Overall, many users have praised the functionality and durability of the Emissary bag. However, it may not be suitable for formal occasions where you put on suit and tie.

The bag owns a classic look, due to the material of canvas and leather accents. Meanwhile, dark metal buckles and zippers speak up for a strong personality. Therefore, the Emissary goes particularly well with street style outfits.


  • Classic vintage vibe
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable metal buckles and zippers


  • Not suitable for formal wear

RAVUO USSRA0215BLK – Best Canvas Bagm

RAVUO Messenger Bag

RAVUO Messenger Bag

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Last but not least, we don’t want to leave out your preference for a canvas bag. RAVUO canvas flap-over satchel can undoubtedly be your helpful companion to school or work.

First and foremost, the biggest plus goes to the good number of pockets. In total, the RAVUO bag has 14 pockets for all your essentials. For example, under the flap is the main zippered compartment, which includes eight card slots, two pen slots, and one key chain.

With such massive capacity, this bag cannot be without heavy-duty buckles to keep the flap closed tightly. Also, the strap is thick and enduring. Your shoulder will be at ease with the help of the soft pad, which is movable. You can easily customize the length of the strap to your liking and fit your carrying style.

Regarding the downsides, there are specific points that need to consider. As the primary material is soft canvas, the bag might look a bit floppy. Also, some find the bottle holder on the side too tiny. Accordingly, it just can fit a regular water bottle, not enough for a thermos or reusable coffee mug.

In short, if you don’t mind above minor concerns, RAVUO messenger bag is the best canvas option for you.


  • Water-resistant cotton canvas
  • Large capacity with multiple pockets


  • Doesn’t stay in shape well
  • Small bottle pocket

How to Choose A Good Laptop Messenger Bag?

Choose A Good Laptop Messenger Bag

Choose A Good Laptop Messenger Bag

Here, we’d like to give a few tips so you can easily choose a laptop messenger bag right for your needs.

First of all, your laptop bag must fit your laptop.

You don’t want your laptop sticking out in a bag that is too small. Be sure of your laptop size and start searching among bags of the corresponding dimension.

Check for storage capacity

Do you need a bag just to carry your laptop around? Then, a slim bag with 1 main compartment and 2-3 extra pockets is enough.

On the contrary, you often carry things from place to place? If that’s the case, choose a bag with multiple pockets to organize stuff neatly.

Choose a bag that suits your style

bag that suits your style

bag that suits your style

Although most messenger bags are quite versatile, it’s ideal to have one highlighting your personality. Thus, the bag is not merely a container, but also a plus to your appearance.

So, figure out which style you wear most of the time and pick a bag with the matching color and form.

Mind your budget

Well, we cannot ignore the money factor when shopping for any item. On today’s market, there are countless models of laptop messenger bags of all prices. How much are you’re willing to pay for one?

Set a specific number. This limit helps narrow down the choices for brands, materials, etc. For example, with a tight budget, you can scratch leather bags off your list. Thus, you can focus on bags within your affordability, which saves you much time.


1. Are messenger bags still in style?

messenger bags still in style

messenger bags still in style

Of course. Due to its versatility, messenger bags can hardly become outdated. Whatever fashion trend is dominant, a messenger bag can be a perfect accessory.

2. Do messenger bags look good on guys?

Absolutely. There’re several unisex messenger bags or messenger bags for men. Every product we introduce in this article is suitable for all genders and ages.

3. Should I get a backpack or messenger bag?

It depends on your preference. Both have pros and cons. Consider your needs and personal style to see which suits you the best.


If you’re seeking for a laptop bag, take messenger bags into account. Messenger bags work well for your day-to-day use and carry-on luggage on flights. They can both add on to your professionalism and highlight your individuality.

In this article, we’ve answered some questions to help you decide whether to go a laptop messenger bag. Also, we’ve carefully picked out five best laptop messenger bags to narrow down your choices.

After all, it’s your needs and personal preference that make the final decision. Consider thoroughly for a wise purchase!

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