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Best Laptops For Medical Students – What Every Future Doctor Needs!

Getting into a medical school is hard enough by itself but to get through it is another story. If you’ve received your acceptance letter and are wondering what to prepare, here we’re providing a list of 5 best laptops for medical students!

In this article, not only do we give you a line of selected products, but we also answer some of your concerns when buying a laptop and suggest informative tips so you’ll get the best out of your experience. So, make sure to stick around!

5 Best Laptops For Medical Students

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 as a tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 as a tablet

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 brings you a versatile device – you get to experience the full utility of a laptop along with the convenience that comes with a tablet all for about $800.

At the weight of 3.5, this laptop is considered to be pretty lightweight.

Meanwhile, the touch screen is 12.3 inches, which can be small for some but we think it’s just right enough to fit into your backpack and won’t be a bother when carrying around. Other than that, the touch screen was reported to be pretty responsive.

An upgraded version of its previous model, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has a phenomenal display and longer battery life span, which lasts up to 8 hours. Compared to others from its league, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 moves speedy and swiftly, bringing many comforts to its users. Furthermore, with 128GB, we’re sure that is enough storage for you to use until graduation.

Besides the keypad and trackpad, you’ll also get the Surface pen which is suitable for any graphics work and drawing. Other than that, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is powerful enough for some light gaming like Minecraft and The Sims, and other entertainment platforms like Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime. This is perfect since we know that you can use some breaks after those stressful classes.

The computer only has 4 connectivity: one type-A port, one mini display port, a headphone jack and a microSD card reader. Maybe some prefer more variation but we think these are the essentials. The price is also somewhat reasonable, slightly above 700 dollars for a new lap but you can get a used one for 650 dollars yet still just as good.

Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA

Acer Aspire 1

Acer Aspire 1

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If your budget is a little tight then we may suggest this Acer Aspire 1, for less than 400 dollars, you can get yourself a brand new laptop. This device is the perfect choice if you’re on the budget, as we all know how expensive higher education can be, especially in medical fields, so you’d want to save up as much as possible.

Acer Aspire 1 is quite sturdy looking, as it weighs around 3 pounds and the screen is 14 inches. But when you hold it, it feels surprisingly light. So, not only does it seem reliable enough to withstand the time but also easy to bring on the go, making it popular for nursing students as well.

Moreover, the Acer Aspire 1 may be cheap but it doesn’t fall behind in the design category at all. Many users have complimented its stylish and professional design for such an inexpensive price.

The Acer Aspire 1 also offers a wider range of ports. On the left side, you have a USB 3.0 port, aSD card slot, HDMI, Kensington lock, and an Ethernet port a. And on the other, you have a jack for both headphone and mic and two USB ports. Additionally, there are two LED indicators for power and battery status and a DC power jack.

Many reported that the display looks great, 1080 HD. Doesn’t sound so bad, huh. The few drawbacks are battery life, low storage and webcam. Acer Aspire only has 64 GB, not as much as the previous option, but we think a USB can make up for that.

The webcam doesn’t work so well according to many users which can be somewhat a bother when you have online classes. Another flaw that we’d point out is the battery life, it can only last to 6 hours, this is still enough if you make sure to have your computer charged before heading to class.

ASUS ZenBook 14 Ultra-Slim Laptop

The ASUS Zenbook has a nice design. The screen size is 14 inches and the laptop weighs 2.6 pounds, pretty light and ultraportable.

Many were also impressed by how sleek the design is, the laptops’ compact was finished with this beautiful military dark blue aluminum finish, giving this device a gorgeous outer layer combined with durability.

ASUS Zenbook when opened

ASUS Zenbook when opened

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Another impressive thing about this design of ASUS is that when you open the laptop, the back is lifted up to avoid warming the device while using it.

This innovation is small but makes a big difference in the long run since you don’t have to coddle the device to maintain it and just need to focus on your work.

What makes ASUS Zenbook a suitable choice for many students and professionals alike is that it has long battery life and great storage. The computer can last up to more than 8 hours, which brings much satisfaction to its users.

Along with 512 GB of storage, you can freely download documents in just one device. Asides from that, The ASUS Zenbook also possesses a variety of ports for more flexibility in using.

Unfortunately, this laptop still has some drawbacks. The quality of display is nice and dimensional but the light is a little dim to some who may prefer a more vibrant screen. But overall, for about 1000 dollars, this is a pretty good investment when you consider the practicality of the device.

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ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin and Portable Laptop

Another product from the ASUS’s lineup. One feature that makes some users prefer this version over others is the sharpness in the screen display. Compared to the dim display of the ASUS Zenbook, ASUS VivoBook S has 1080 HD performance fitting perfectly into the 14 inches laptop frame. Many users’ experiences are now improved.

ASUS Vivobook S

ASUS Vivobook S

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The total screen size is 15.6 inches and the item weighs 3.7 pounds, bigger than the ones we’ve mentioned but still just as light and easy to bring. The keyboard is quiet, definitely a plus considering you’re a student who spends time studying in the library.

Another thing about this laptop that many people are pleased with is that the computer doesn’t warm up while using, even when put on a lap. Because of that, owners have reported that the device is pretty convenient and comfortable to use. The price of this laptop is considered somewhat reasonable, only below 800 dollars.

Although, the only flaw of this computer is that the webcam is only average, which is quite a bother when it comes to studying online or if you want to have a meet up with friends online. Other than that, with an affordable price, this device is completely capable of any basic tasks you require.

LG gram Laptop

This LG gram Laptop has received a lot of good reviews from its buyers. This is because the computer is quite simple yet meets the customer’s primary demands on a computer. Maybe higher than the others, at less than $2,000 – about $1,600 dollars to be exact. While that is a pretty penny, this laptop is considered to be a pretty decent investment.

LG gram

LG gram

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The screen size is 15.6 inches, pretty large for a portable laptop but with only 2.5 pounds in weight, it is amazingly light. Hence, many were happy with these features since they don’t have to cash out on a big chunky laptop to get a wide-screen lap they desire.

Using this laptop, customers will be very secure with its new technological development, fingerprint reader. That way, users would have a layer of protection of their personal documents.

This prevents any nasty attempt to pry into your private info and steal it. When you’re a student, we’re sure that you’d want to keep the essays you’ve spent so much time on from falling into someone’s hand.

A small imperfection that we’d like to point out is that the screen is light deflective so when not very ideal to use in a lighter environment. Asides from that, this laptop offers a variety of ports and a touch screen, which you can disable in the setting. The LG gram is great overall and definitely deserves many of its praises.

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How To Find The Best Laptops For Medical Students?

Finding the laptops for medical students is similar to finding a regular laptop, and the best laptops for you should meet your personal needs. Not every medical school is going to have the same teaching method and laptops aren’t cheap. If you don’t want all your money to go to waste, it’s best to take it into consideration.

The Right Operating System

We highly recommend buying computers that run by iOS or Windows, not that any other operating systems are less great, but iOS and Windows have been around longer and should be able to support any school’s program. With iOS, you can only find them in Macbooks but Windows offers a wider range for you to choose from, for example: Microsoft, Acer, Dell, Asus, etc.

operation system for laptops medical students


We highly recommend you to get an i5 processor. Not too low like an i3 which can turn slow after being used for a while.  An i7-5000 processor is great in performance but takes up battery life and is only needed if you’re a gamer.


RAM means random access memory, it allows the computer to run multiple applications simultaneously. The higher the RAM, the more smooth running the computer. We advise you to get RAMs like 8,12 or 16GB, these will helps your laptop to function with ease.


For any student, we’d recommend going for a lightweight laptop. Students life is busy as it is, you’re better off with a portable device that you wouldn’t mind having to carry around most of the time. This will not just be convenient but also help you save up some energy for your classes.


You’d want to make sure that your computer has a healthy battery life. In order to survive through med-school, 8 hours should be enough. Class hours can be an extended amount of time in medical school, not to mention the time you’d spend doing assignments on your computer. Believe us, you do not want your laptop to shut off in the middle of completing your tasks.
RAM laptops for medical students

Screen quality

This is pretty secondary compares to others but it doesn’t mean you should scrape these criteria off of your list. You may not need the best screen display but get one that’s good enough for you when looking at imagery documents or having online classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve talked about the necessity that your laptop needs, still, we may have other suggestions for you

Ease Of Use

As long as the computer fulfills the basics requirements, your computer doesn’t have to be powerful and packed with extra features. Just make sure that it’s comfortable and carry out smoothly.

Power vs Portability

Some people are torn between choosing a powerful laptop or its portable counterpart. To each their own. But, in general, we’d propose for a portable laptop. You have to study intensively, you’re already so drained out. Unless your physical health allows you to, we’d advise for a portable laptop.


If you’re afraid that your computer might have too little storage compared to the number of documents you have to attain, feel free to get an external storage (USB). A USB is small, affordable as well as convenient for many occasions, better to have one just in case.


Besides getting the right computer, you’d like to have it for as long as you can right? So, please read some tips on how to keep your device in its best form

  • Download credible virus scanner apps on your laptop.
  • Try to keep your device cool for the most time so that you can expand its life span.
  • Equip a padded case to minimize damage from accidental contacts, eg: scratches, dropping.


We all know how hard the life of a medical student can be. You have to pull yourself through stressful class hours and have to study for a longer amount of time than some other fields. Even after graduation, there’s a lot of responsibility put on you.

We just hope that after reading our list of best laptops for medical students, at least, you can set aside some initial worries and get yourself a trustworthy companion through your years in medical school. If you or know anyone who is going to school for something, check out our other laptops for students:

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