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Best Lightweight Laptops for Easier Carrying: Reviews & How to!

One of the main reasons why people created laptops is that they want something lightweight enough to carry around. Thus, portability is one of the most significant characteristics that separate laptops from other heavy computers at the desk.

Nevertheless, on the market, there are several models of laptop that outweigh others in terms of portability. To help you get the best lightweight laptop, we have researched many different types and come up with a list of top 6 best lightweight laptops nowadays making them perfect for:

Check it out and find out what can be the best lightweight laptop for you! And do not forget our detailed tips on how to choose the best lightweight laptop!

Top 6 Best Lightweight Laptop Reviews

1. Macbook Air 2019 – Best Lightweight Laptop Overall

Macbook Air 2019

Macbook Air 2019

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The introduction of Macbook Air more than ten years ago marked a brand-new level of the lightest and slimmest laptop. At that time, it was quite unaffordable because of its excellent design and quality. However, in recent years, the Macbook Air has become more and more affordable.

The latest model of Macbook Air in 2019 still keeps its key advantage – lightweight. And the quality has been upgraded to a new level with one-piece “unibody” aluminum construction which allows you to use it without worrying about scratches.

What surprised us most is the similar quality screen to one of Apple’s high-end products – Macbook Pro. The 2560×1600 Retina Display enables you to get the optimum color accuracy.
In addition, the battery life is longer than other models of Macbook Air. One single charge can give you up to 12-13 hours of runtime.

What are the drawbacks of Macbook Air 2019? The limited options of the port can be solved by having an extra port adapter so this is not a problem.

The lack of a touch screen is another thing that we think Apple can improve on its coming products to increase consumer satisfaction. It is truly amazing to see the combination of laptop and tablets at the same time.


  • Stylish and excellent design
  • Long battery life
  • Big and accurate touchpad
  • Lightweight


  • No touch screens
  • Limited port choices

2. Asus ZenBook S – Best Lightweight Laptop for Design

Asus ZenBook S

Asus ZenBook S

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We love the Asus ZenBook S from its gorgeous design and excellent display, in addition to its lightweight feature. The design of dark-blue aluminum finish combined with a little rose gold makes you feel super elegant, like a fashion accessory.

It has a special design. As you open the laptop, its back edge will rotate under its deck, raising it off the surface. With this mechanism, it serves three advantages: better typing experience for users, better heat control, and better sound quality. What an intelligent design!

Like other products in the list, the Asus ZenBook S is very lightweight and compact. Compared to the 13-inch Macbook Pro, it is thinner but wider.

In terms of the display, this model is above average, although it cannot surprise us as much as others, such as the Macbook Air. The maximum brightness of the ZenBook S reaches at 323 nits, which is an above-average figure.

What do we dislike this model about? Its battery life is supported around 7 hours of which can be improved more to reach higher satisfaction.

When playing a 15-minute video at the highest resolution, we found out that its bottom side was extremely hot with around 111 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Intelligent design to support typing experience and sound quality
  • Better heat management
  • Above-average display


  • Quite poor battery life
  • Hot operation

3. Dell XPS 13 – Best Lightweight Laptop for Customization

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13

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Dell has such a long and trusted history of making the best laptops ever. Its laptop is usually impressive with super long battery life and powerful performance, and luckily, when combining these features with a lightweight design, Dell still manages to maintain its reputation.

The Dell XPS 13 is one of the most lightweight laptops on the market with a variety of different models. You can get customizable models easily, with the differences in the display, memory or chip.

One of the best improvements Dell has made in this model is the webcam. It now appears in the right place – right above the display. It is small enough to match the thin and lightweight design of the XPS 13, but still powerful to help you activate or use Alexa from a distance thanks to the combination of four far-field microphones and 720p widescreen sensor.

The XPS 13 comes at only 2.7 pounds and it is 0.45 inches slim. It has the anodized aluminum screen lid as well as the base. The keyboard becomes more responsive and the quality of the glass-coated touchpad is excellent.

If you are concerned about ports, it is important to remember that the XPS 13 does not provide numerous ports, but all of them are very simple to use. You do not need to buy any accessories for connection like other competitors on the market.

What can you dislike about the XPS 13?


  • Lightweight design
  • Powerful performance
  • Improved battery life
  • No discomfort with heat


  • Poor battery life in some models (such as the 1080p)

4. Google Pixelbook – Best Lightweight Laptop for High Price

Google Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook

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One of the most high-end products is Google Pixelbook and we have tried many tests to find out what’s behind its expensive price.

With millions of miracles Google can do, the Google Pixelbook comes from years of research and development. It goes with a brushed aluminum frame and rubberized palm rest. Every piece of design contributes to the perfection and style.

One of the most significant features that we need to mention here is the Pixelbook Pen as well as the Google Assistant. First, it is essential to note that the pen can come with another package. You have to buy it separately, so is it a worthy investment?

The Pen provides a lot of tilt support and pressure response, which enables you to draw much more easily and comfortably on the display. There is a single button on the Pen to connect with the Google Assistant.

However, you also need to remember that the Pixelbook Pen does not match with any other laptops, not even when you try magnets.

What do we find irritating about this model? If you haven’t been familiar with recent changes in the industry of laptops, you may struggle with the shortage of ports. Its audio performance also have a lot of room for improvement.


  • Full support of Android apps
  • Excellent keyboard
  • Great stylus support
  • Lightweight design


  • Bad audio performance
  • Lack of ports

5. ACER Swift 7 – Best Lightweight Laptop for Thinness

ACER Swift 7

ACER Swift 7

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One of the thinnest and most lightweight laptops on the market is the ACER Swift 7. It has many improvements in terms of design, but we also found out many compromises that you have to take into consideration.

When you first hold this laptop, it is so light and sleek that you have to feel in your hands to understand and respect what Acer has developed. Its previous model has become the world’s thinnest laptop, and this continues to break that record.

It is only 7.53 inches deep and 12.51 inches wide, which means that the depth has been cut down by about 20 percent.

Its webcam is another outstanding feature which has super high dynamic range imaging.

However, to get a thin design, Acer seemed to make many compromises which turned out to be disadvantaged when we examined the Swift 7.

The position of the webcam is something that the manufacturer is considering to replace and improve the overall quality.


  • Thin and lightweight design
  • Improved touchpad


  • Too high price
  • Bad position of the webcam

6. Huawei Matebook X Pro – Best Lightweight Laptop for Graphics

Huawei Matebook X Pro

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Huawei has made a lot of excellent laptops, but it’s MateBook X Pro is the best in our opinion, especially when you need something lightweight with many additional features.

The MateBook weighs only around 2.87 pounds and is 0.59 inches thin, which are impressive figures compared to other competitors.

Overall, the MateBook provides better performance than many other laptops of the same price.

It comes with powerful graphical capabilities. The improvement of 25 percent faster fans allows the laptop to remain cool when you process large programs. It is a better option for graphic designers at this price.

On the other hand, its memory is relatively low, which can be very difficult in some cases.


  • Great value
  • Webcam on top


  • Quiet low memory
  • Lack of Thunderbolt 3

How to Choose the Best Lightweight Laptop

By checking the title of our article, you know that your need is to find something lightweight. However, you also need to take other factors into consideration when choosing a laptop.

Here are some other essential tips on how to choose the best lightweight laptop.

Use Case

Don’t just buy the best lightweight laptop money can buy. Think about WHY you need it. For example, are you a nursing student, medical student, engineering student, programming student, or dj? Then yes, you want a light weight laptop for mobility. If you’re a hardcore gamer then you definitely do not want a light-weight laptop though!


PowerThe idea of getting something both lightweight and powerful at the same time could be impossible in the past. But the technological evolution can surprise even the pickiest customers nowadays with the appearance of lighter and more powerful laptops on the market.

A common method to evaluate the power of laptops is to check its battery life. Lightweight computers tend to have longer battery life, which enables people to use them continuously in traveling.

Some models also provide various features as well as wide display resolutions to meet the needs of different customers. Most manufacturers tend to focus on similar foundational elements: long-lasting, thin, and light.


When other factors seem similar among different brands and you find it hard to choose one, price is another significant factor you will think about. A 400-dollar computer will be much different from a 1300-dollar one, even though the manufacturers boast about similar features and looks.

Inexpensive lightweight laptops usually come at less than $500 and you need to remember that they have the lower processing power, storage capabilities, and display resolution. They are suitable for those who need only basic purposes, including basic word processing, web browsing or media viewing.

It is essential to consider the value in this category because many economic models can make you excited at first, but let you down with its lack of too many features.


SpaceThe next factor to consider is how much you can save with your laptop. Typically, a 256GB capacity is popular, especially if you are looking for mid-range or high-end models. Large capacities of 512GB or 1TB usually come at a much higher price.

So, you need to be clear about your demands before wasting money on too large capacities. A 256GB is usually suitable for most users if they do not need to store large game installations and work on media projects with computers.


They refer to hard drives (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD). Typically, getting an SSD  laptop is a better choice for those who prefer portability, durability, and longer battery life. However, SSD usually comes at a higher price and has a limited capacity of storage.

Meanwhile, if you need a lot of space for programs, HDD is more suitable.


After reading the article, have you made your decision yet? What’s your key priority when it comes to a laptop? We hope that you understand what to look for in a lightweight laptop, among millions of options on the market nowadays.

Each laptop here has its own pros and cons, and you should think about your needs to choose the best one.

If you have any different ideas to share, do not hesitate to comment below! We look forward to hearing from you.

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