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8 Best PC Gaming Headset Reviews in 2021 | The Battle of Top-Tier Models

Gaming is more and more popular worldwide nowadays. In the past, it used to be a mediocre means of entertainment, but time has changed and now gaming has become a sport, an art form, and a science to research. Hence, experiencing gaming the best is an uprising need of the surging community of new PC gamers or those who prefer laptops with budgets ranging from under $100, $200, $300, $400 all the way up to under $1000 or even more for gaming beasts of laptops. 

Given that fact, if you want to play games just for amusement, a couple of earphones is enough for you. However, if what you demand is enjoying the best gaming experience like a professional, then it's a must to purchase high-quality headphones or headsets. 

1. [Best Overall] RUNMUS Stereo Gaming Headset

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3. [Best for The SoundRazer Kraken Gaming Headset

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We will learn about some best PC gaming headphones and see which is the most suitable for you through this post.

The best PC gaming headphones Summarized in table 

  • Compatible with most gaming devices
  • Comes out with three color options
  • Comfortable to use while streaming


  • Rigid swag design
  •  It is incredibly lightweight
  •  It is compatible with most gaming devices 


 3.  [Best For The Sound] Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

  • Cooling gel infusing to prevent overheating and pressure
  • Retractable Noise Isolating Microphone
  • Comes out with 5 color options


  •  Attractive design
  • It is lightweight enough to put inside a backpack
  •  Audio Filter is averagely good so that it could remove background noises and deliver fine audio


  • Only for portable computers
  • The mic is compact and easily adjustable
  • Thick cushion makes ear cups comfortable


  • Cute Design
  • Rich sound quality and vivid sound field
  • Large earmuffs bring less interference


  • Cheapest headphones on the list
  • Round, super thick ear cups that can provide you with a comfortable, smooth supporting base
  • The design is basic but modern and impressive


  • Traditional, basic look
  • Provides you with a clear, smooth sound 
  • Two separate chamber drivers


Ultimate Buying Guide

After researching some best PC gaming headphones, you may question: "Which features should I go for while looking up headphones?". Acknowledging that concern, in this post, we will discuss more on some criterias for choosing gaming headsets.


Headphones are supposed to cover a part of your head and the whole two ears for a long time, so it's essential to choose the product that comforts you. Gaming is expected to be fun, enjoyable, and relaxing after a long day of work, so there is no point in buying an accessory that is irritating, right?

At first, you may think that it will be fine, but if you play for a long period, then things do matter now. The too-close headphone will hurt the ears, the loose headphone will keep falling out of your head. Sweat and heat from the tight gaming headset built up over time will add up the annoyance, leading to the worse gaming time.

As a result, we advise you to find the most comfortable headphone for a better gaming experience.

The Best PC Gaming Headphones  Reviews

 1. [Best Overall] RUNMUS Stereo Gaming Headset 

The first item to be introduced is the Stereo Gaming Headset from RUNMUS manufacturer. At first glance, the product caught our attention by its firm, manly, and cool design. It's likely to be a suitable headphone for male streamers.

RUNMUS headphone comes out with three color options: black mixed with blue stripe, camo green, and black with big red stripes. Consequently, there is a variety of selection for users to choose their favorite one. To add-in, it is attached with a microphone, so this RUNMUS headset is the right choice for tactics games that require continuous interaction between teammates. 

What makes it outstanding is the fantastic performance despite the low budget. Compared to other headphones in the same price segment, it may not be the best, but, regarding low-end models, the product features special functions. 

First, it is compatible with most gaming devices such as PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. The product is sturdy, rigid, and the microphone works well under any circumstances. 

Second, the lightweight design of RUMUS headphones makes it so comfortable to use while streaming. The all-cover ear cups and padding headband eliminates the hurt of being pressured on the ears so that the user can wear it for a long time without any irritation.

Apart from its high performance, there is one point to be discussed about is its low consistency. Our experience with RUNMUS is excellent but doesn't last long. After 2 or 3 months of using, audio quality may fluctuate, and the compatibility with different devices seems to have failed.


  • Firm, manly, and cool design
  • Comes out with three color options
  • It is attached with a microphone
  • It is compatible with most gaming devices


  • Low consistency

The Beexcellent Gaming Headset provoked the memorable first impression by its rigid swag design.

The reddish cover with snake symbols in two ear cups make it a perfect choice for young adult users.  

Compared to other products, the Beexcellent Gaming Headset is incredibly lightweight with just 0.95 pounds, creating extra comfort for the ears. Plus, it is compatible with most gaming devices like Xbox, PS4, PC, laptop, iPad, tablet, and mobile phone. Given these facts above, this item is such a right choice for your gaming time.

So, the question arises: "Which outstanding function does it possess?". To answer the question above, the 3D sound quality and microphone must be mentioned.

Regarding the sound, this headphone can create a 360 - degree sound surrounding ambiance, so that users can clearly take up audio from the left, the right, behind, and front aspects. This feature adds up to the realistic experience for strategy game players, boosting your gaming to the peak.

Besides, the "flexible boom microphone" is another excellent function to consider. In fact, while playing and turning up the microphone simultaneously, the microphone will not only catch your voice but your typing sounds, either. 

With the innovative Beexcellent Gaming Handset, no need to worry about the case anymore because it will automatically pick up your voice only and eliminate other noises.

However, the headphone isn't as consistent as it was advertised. Unfortunately, there are reports that it just stops working all of a sudden after 2 or 3 months of using.


  •  Rigid swag design
  • Gaming Headset is incredibly lightweight
  • It is compatible with most gaming devices
  • Flexible boom microphone


  • Isn't as consistent as it was advertised

3. [Best For The Sound] Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Next, we will discuss about the gaming headset from Razer Kraken. Judging from the design, Razer Kraken headphones look small and simple. 

One significant point to see is that there are 5 colors (black, blue and black, green, pink, mercury white), so that users from different age groups can choose the appropriate one for them. 

For female users, the pink and mercury white headphones seem hard to resist. Meanwhile, the black and blue-black provokes the masculine vibe. And, the striking green headphone is the perfect match for those who love the funky look.

Aside from its color, what makes the Razer Kraken Headset unique? The ear cup design must be the first feature to be said. Understanding that heat and sweat will build up after using headphones for a long time, Razer Kraken makes the ear cups in an oval-shaped design with cooling gel infusing to prevent overheating and pressure. Users will feel at ease even after a long time of wearing the item.

The second feature about Razer Kraken is its Retractable Noise Isolating Microphone. With the improved cardioid microphone, background noises and jams can be eliminated as much as possible, making communication clear and efficient.

On the other hand, there is a weakness that the manufacturer should fix as soon as possible: it seems to not work well on Xbox. The connection is so weak, making the headphone useless for most Xbox users.  


  • Headphones look small and simple
  • Comes out with five color options
  • Cooling gel infusing to prevent overheating and pressure
  •  Retractable Noise Isolating Microphone


  • Headphones are useless for most Xbox users

4. [Best For Audio Quality] Beexcellent USB Gaming Headset for PC 

As for the name Be "excellent," the headset is said to be top quality regarding its price.

Even though the headset is on the mid-end level, the sound it takes up can even compare to the top expensive headphones recently. 

Beexcellent USB Gaming Headset impresses us with an attractive design. There is an LED light on each ear cup that turns on whenever you plug in the USB.

Plus, it is lightweight enough to put inside a backpack. This is also one of its "selling points".

Are there any other strengths of the item that we should discuss? Then, the flashlight must belong to its audio filter. It is averagely good so that it could remove background noises and deliver fine audio. The bass isn't too heavy and light but feels so balanced.

If we need to point out a weakness from the item, then its compatibility should be mentioned. Typically, other headphones can work well on all devices like laptops, PC, Xbox, PS4, tablets, etc. However, this headphone doesn't connect well with smartphones and iPads.


  • Top quality regarding its price
  • Attractive design
  • It is lightweight enough to put inside a backpack
  • Good audio filter


  • This headphone doesn't connect well with smartphones and iPads

5. [Best for unidirectional microphone] Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset for PC 

Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset caught your attention with its rainbow stripe design. As the name "Headset for PC", this product is designed to be used only for portable computers, not for console gamers.

In terms of sizing, this product is quite big compared to other items on this list. The thick cushion makes ear cups comfortable while wearing on your head, even after a long time. Besides, the wire is tangle-free, so you won't waste time untwisting knots.

The most dominant feature of the product is its microphone. Housed in ABS plastic, the mic is compact and adjustable easily. It is unidirectional, which means that only voices coming from the front are caught. Given that fact, background noises can be eradicated, creating the crystal clear voicing transmission. Hence, this product is great for chatting with your teammates during the battle.

However, what causes the annoyance from the Jeecoo headset is its limited compatibility. Even though there are 2 modes: stereo and 7.1 sound, only Windows PC users can download the Jeecoo software and activate the 7.1 surround sound. For Xbox, PS4, or Macbook users, this item is not the right choice for you.


  • Rainbow stripe design
  • Thick cushion makes ear cups comfortable
  • The mic is compact and adjustable easily
  • This product is great for chatting


  • This product is designed to be used only for portable computers, not for console gamers.

6. [Best for Cute Design] SOMIC G951S Purple Stereo Gaming Headset 

Judging from the design, this headphone is the best match for most female users. With the cat-ears-alike design and two prominent purple and pink colors, this headphone will immediately be in the shopping list of cuteness-lovers under any circumstances.

Besides its lovely cover, the headphone is terrific for its quality. Equipped with a built-in 40mm high fidelity speakers, this headphone records rich sound quality and vivid sound field. To add-in, large earmuffs bring less interference, raising your attentiveness and enhancing the overall performance.

Differentiated from the Jeecoo headset above, this SOMIC G951S stereo gaming headset is equipped with an omnidirectional microphone that picks up audio from a 360 degree bending. As a result, we recommend using this microphone for games that require an "ambient" sound space and multi-directional interaction. 

On the other hand, there is a complaint regarding the item as “unproductive as advertised" . People commented that it looks cute, and that's all. The SOMIC headset can't create a crystal clear sound, as said.


  • Cute design
  • The headphone is terrific for its quality
  • Is equipped with an omnidirectional microphone


  • Unproductive as advertised

7. [Best For Pricing] ONIKUMA K6 RGB Gaming Headset

Compared to other models in the market, ONIKUMA K6 RGB Gaming Headset must be on the list of cheapest headphones. However, its quality is better than the expectation of a low-end product.

Judging from the first impression, the ONIKUMA headphones have round, super thick ear cups that can provide you with a comfortable, smooth supporting base. The design is basic but modern and impressive.

What makes it unique is the surround-sound virtualization. This item provides a lively, realistic vibe in terms of sound quality, which boosts up the enthusiasm while playing tactics games. However, sometimes the audio can be muddy, and background noises aren't eliminated entirely, so users can feel it bothersome.

The most significant disadvantage of the product may lay on its earcup. The base is just too thick, so after a short time of using, heat, pressure, and sweat built up makes gaming not as joyful as expected.


  •  Cheapest headphones on the list
  • Round, super thick ear cups
  • Surround-sound virtualization


  • The base of an earcup is just too thick

8. [Best for Bass sound] HyperX Cloud Alpha S - PC Gaming Headset 

If you are finding a headphone with a traditional, basic look, HyperX Cloud Alpha S - PC Gaming Headset is a match for you. There are two main styles to choose: the "7.1 surround sound" and the "stereo" style.

Inheriting the Cloud Alpha product line features, this headphone provides you with a clear, smooth sound space delivered through an advanced USB audio control box. To add-in, the product is designed with the revolutionary dual-chamber driver system, reducing distortion and making more transparent sound.

What makes this headphone overshadow its competitors in the market is the dual chamber drivers system

Typically, all audio signals, including the bass, the mids and the highs, are jumbled together in a single chamber in the earcup, and that mix is reflected into your ears. So, what happens if the bass frequency is too strong? All the mids and highs will be overpowered, which affects your gaming experience.

Understanding that trouble, HyperX developed the new mechanism in this product: two separate chamber drivers. The special, updated vent will distort bass frequencies from the mids and highs. That being said, if you want a rich bass while maintaining the crisp, clear highs, this HyperX Cloud Alpha S - PC Gaming Headset is all what you must have.

Another distinctive feature from the product is its ear cushions. This HyperX detail creates the joyful gaming experience afforded by the memory foam ear cushions and breathable leatherette. 

Besides, the extra fabric-covered ear pads are attached, which produce less bass than regular leather pads. But, no matter which model or production line you use, HyperX headphones are always firm and rigid.

To be specific, the earcup has a three-way switch at the back, allowing users to set the level of bass the headphone delivers. People can alternate how much air pressure each ear cup vents by turning on and off the switch. As a result, it's easy to adjust the audio to the quality that satisfies you the best.

However, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S - PC Gaming Headset is available in only black color with a simple design. The manufacturer announced that there is no plan to offer other colors at this moment. Also, it is quite tight on an average-size head, making it exceptionally uncomfortable for some customers.


  • This headphone provides you with a clear, smooth sound
  • Two separate chamber drivers
  •  Firm and rigid
  • Easy to adjust the audio to the quality that satisfies you the best


  • It is quite tight on an average-size head

Surround sound quality

Surround sound is a common feature in most gaming headsets consecutively. To clarify, the "surround sound" function allows users to catch up audio from any aspects available, from the left, the right, behind, or in front of them. Given that fact, the feature is so important when playing tactics games such as Fortnite, League of Legend, or PUBG.

That being said, headsets with surround sound, or in another name "360-degree soundscape", can offer the most realistic feeling of a strategy game. Players can absorb themselves in the program as they are living in that imagery world. 

Furthermore, there are some different standards, created by top-tier sound equipment manufacturers, to categorize surround sound quality, like Dolby 7.1, DTS:X 2, Windows Sonic, etc.. However, the most common sound option that pretty much headphones simulate is still the virtual 7.1, to be honest.


It's evident that the more expensive the headphone is, the higher quality it is made. A majority of average pricing gaming headsets now in the market are made from plastic to reduce production costs. Hence, it can be heated quickly, causing some trouble as short using time available, discomfort, risk of damaging ears, etc. Also, it is easier to be cracked.

Understanding that motif, we advise you to find a sturdy headphone, even if the price is a bit upper average. To be specific, headphones made of metal or wireframe are ideal because they are not only endurable to heat, but also adaptable to external influences better than the plastics.

One more point to add is that you should try adjusting the headphone with enough range of movement to examine its elasticity.


Is it expensive to purchase gaming headphones? 

The answer is: it depends on your favor. There is a wide range of headphones with different prices, from low-end to top pricey, to choose. If you don't demand much and just need a headphone for so-so audio quality, then having an average-pricing item is good enough.

However, if you pursue the professional-level gaming experience, we advise you to look for the top-tier headphones, which usually come out with an expensive budget.

Which is better, bluetooth headphones or wired headphones?

Apart from the similar audio transmission quality, the portability is what distinguishes these two. While the bluetooth one (wireless) is more convenient and easy to carry around, the wired headphone requires the user to stay in its cord distance, making the wired type uncomfortable.

However, the bluetooth can only last for about 3 to 6 hours, so later, you have to wait for it to fully recharge while the wired phone doesn't have this requirement. To add-in, it is said that the wireless headphone's audio quality isn't consistent compared to its competitor. 

Hence, the choice is on you: do you prefer convenience, or time, or consistency? The right one for you will be the product that satisfies your favor best.

By this post, we have gone further with some of the best PC gaming headphones nowadays. Each product features its unique pros and cons, and, based on your favor, we believe that you have already had the choice.

Personally, we prefer Beexcellent USB Gaming Headset for PC because we prioritize the best audio over any other criteria, and this item provides the best general sound on the list. However, the decision is on you, so be the wise shopper!

Hope the article provides you with much helpful advice on your shopping journey.