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Top 9 Best Useful Tips of Buying Guides For Laptops

Feeling eager to replace the old for the best one? If yes, refer immediately to our best buying guides for laptops. Following these guides will help yourself possess one of the best laptops that satisfy your demands.

To offer you the most useful tips for a laptop purchase, we have carefully written this article so that you could make the best use of all the information about current laptop models. What are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down to find out useful advice about picking a new laptop and opting for the best one right away!

Best Buying Guides For Laptops

Picking the desired laptop which meets all your demands will be easy if you master how to do it. That is the reason why we are willing to help you opt for your dream laptop. The nine following basic factors will best guide your choice.

#1. Platform

According to what we studied, right now,  Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS are the three top most popular platforms of laptops on the market. You are sure to get familiar with these three platforms, aren’t you?

mac os or windows

Generally speaking, Windows frequently operates on more laptops than the others. Windows notebooks even have graphics chips, fingerprint readers, and touchscreens. Windows 10 offers many unique utilities like switching between desktop and tablet modes, a digital assistant and a renovated Start menu.

All MacBooks go very well with the Mac OS Catalina operating system. This system has a very special ability to supply an application dock at the screen’s bottom. You well know that Mac uses a well-known digital assistant, Siri.

You can use Apple Pay to easily conduct transactions, make calls, text and proceed with other tasks, and an Apple Watch to unlock your laptop. However, as Macbooks have no touchscreen, those who take designing will take it as the second best choice.

The last platform in the list comes Chrome OS. This platform is very simple and secure, but more limited than the others as some “web apps” can be used when you are online.  The plus side is that the Google PixelBook is rather high-quality in efficiently supporting many Android apps to run smoothly . The user interface is similar to that of Windows with the main app, the Chrome browser.

#2. Display Size

size laptops

The display size is definitely the second most important factor when purchasing a laptop. Before buying a laptop, you need to think about the perfect size of your expected one. The following are four ranges of display size that you will opt for.

  • 11 inch-12 inch: best for the lightest systems, weighing from 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.
  • 13 inch14 inch: mostly for the systems with portability and usability and weigh less than 4 pounds.
  • 15 inch-16 inch: This is the most popular size with 4-5.5 pounds.
  • 17 inch-18 inch: most suitable for the systems with the efficient processing power to play advanced games.

#3. Screen Resolution

Another very important factor comes the screen resolution. 1,366 x 768 pixels may be considered the minimum resolution. This resolution helps you work efficiently on two apps at the same time for multitasking. 4K resolution vs 1080p has a big difference so if you’re doing something where the visual details matter you’ll want to invest in better resolution.


If you come across a laptop which has a smaller screen, think it again before purchasing. The reason is that a laptop with a small screen may not meet certain operational needs of the system, which may affect its resolution.

A 15-inch screen with a 1,366 x 768 resolution will surely create much more space for apps. All in all, we highly recommend you to visit a computer store to decide what exactly the kind of screen resolution you want.

#4. Keyboard And Touchpad Check

Before getting a laptop back home, keyboard and touchpad are your top priority. Remember that the most comfortable keyboard must provide concrete haptic feedback if you have to work a lot on your portable computer.

keyboard laptops

When it comes to the right touchpad, you will definitely refer to our opinions. If you need a business laptop, a pointing stick between the G and H keys is what you will always notice. This stick means you can move or navigate around instead of lifting your fingers off the row of the keyboard.

#5. Storage

If you can afford a perfect SSD, your laptop will be much quicker and more responsive. And, remember to pick a suitable SSD for the system of your laptop computer with a high quality hard disk.


You can choose a disk of the laptop which is large enough. Several affordable laptops with 32GB of storage won’t be enough for Windows 10 and other updates. Hence, you may buy at least a 120GB SSD to put more important files in.

If you often use a laptop at home or for entertainment, you should pick one with a minimum of 500 GB storage. Nowadays, high-quality laptops with SSDs following the PCI-Express standard are faster than a normal SSD and can perform impressively.

#6. Graphics

A vast majority of laptops often rely on the Intel HD Graphics. If you are concerned about gaming laptops, a laptop with an Nvidia or AMD graphics chipset is the best choice for you. Since identifying how rapid a graphics chipset will be via the model number may not be easy, we suggest searching for graphics benchmarks online.

One thing to remember is that only costly laptops can perform the latest games at high levels. If you are in need of playing these high-performance games, it is highly recommended to buy a laptop specially designed for gaming instead of a regular one. We also tried to shed more light on this by answering your question – Is 8 GB ram enough for gaming?

#7. Battery Life

battery gaming laptops

This factor is one of the top priorities in our buying guides for laptops. Here is the secret! Small and light laptops usually provide robust battery life since they are operated with a smaller screen and low-voltage processors.

Do you want to know how long the battery of a laptop computer will last? Generally speaking, a 15-inch laptop will last for five to seven hours. A small and portable laptop will frequently last for up to 8 to 10 hours or even much more.

Many high-performance laptops have lower battery power which may give you less than four hours before charging. Thus, the battery life of your desired laptop is the top in your list in the things you consider before purchasing.

#8. Brandname

Well, the degree of reliability of the laptop more often than not depends on its brand. If your laptop has long-lasting technical support, there’s nothing better than that. Interestingly, last year, Apple ranked the top on the laptop market and the two next positions are Razer and Dell.

This kind of support is very essential as it makes your chosen laptop cost-effective. What’s more, you might consider the design, value, performance, customer review, and other features of a laptop.

#9. Connectivity

The last and also very important factor is the connectivity of a laptop. Many laptops frequently have two USB ports or more. You don’t need to plug in the computer battery charger if you want to take some photos out of the camera without a built-in SD card reader.

Now greater portable computers are inclined to have three USB ports or even more. Many advanced laptops might not have certain DVD drives. It entails that you need to opt for a USB model with enough spare ports if you want to burn a disc.

On top of that, networking is extremely important. It’s the fact that all of the laptops might have an Ethernet plug. Therefore, many hotels provide Ethernet networking in each room to replace wireless connections.

It’s essential to consider video outputs, as well. The most popular video output on laptops is HDMI,  which helps you to plug into a lot of TVs and monitors. VGA outputs are frequently specialized for business laptops to plug into a projector.

port for best 15 inch laptops

What best features will the laptops bring to you?

We bet you know that a laptop definitely brings you a wide range of benefits. The 7 following advantages will satisfy you.

#1. Portability

Portability is an important factor because it decides the convenience when you move or bring the laptop to anywhere you want. In case you have to work on the move, it is certainly more convenient when using a lightweight laptop.

#2. Extra Features

A wide variety of laptops have many convenient features when compared to desktops. For instance, you know that most laptops are well-equipped with built-in webcams. When you buy a laptop, the overall price absolutely covers a mouse, keyboard, or other things. However, in terms of a desktop, you might pay some more for these accessories.

#3. Long-lasting Innovation

Another plus side is its durability along with advanced technology. Your laptop is surely bound to be as innovative as 4 years ago when you first bought it thanks to many up-to-date systems. This is an apparent benefit that a laptop can offer you.

#4. Space

While desktops require many separate components, which often take up space, a small and lightweight laptop can help you save a great deal of space.

Meanwhile, a keyboard, a touchpad, a router, monitor, etc are installed neatly inside a laptop, so you don’t need to bring any items separately. And this feature is likely to bring you the best wherever you are.

#5. Time-Saving

One of the reasons to own a laptop is that it helps you manage your time effectively in case you need to complete your tasks on time. For instance, with a desktop, you may take time to start the desktop before using it to handle work.

Well, for sure, laptops are absolutely the most evolved generation of those sluggish, nearly ancient machines. No doubt, they function much faster than a mere PC.

So, if you do not plan to pull an all nighter just to wait for your machine to respond and then hang once again, a laptop is definitely better fit here.

#6. Business Meetings

With respect to leaders who run their own business or a corporation, a laptop is always an indispensable tool for giving presentations and storing important business data. Moreover, since business people are often on the go for meetings here and there, a compact and lightweight laptop will be the perfect “sidekick” to increase work efficiency.

#7. No Cords

When owning a laptop, you may know that maintaining this type of computer might be costly and troublesome. However, a laptop can cope with these matters and provide you completely the peace of mind.

To start your laptop computer, just press the power button and wait just less than a minute without plugging in any cables or cords. When using the laptop, you can use a touchpad and keypad available instead of a mouse and a keyboard. That lets you easily multitask with a laptop.

Disadvantages Of A Laptop

#1. Unpredictable Battery

To the best of our knowledge, the battery power of a laptop can be unpredictable and may not last so long that we might be expected. What’s more, a laptop needs to be well operated to maintain its longevity. To avoid the battery to be damaged and shortened, use the laptop computer when it is fully charged.

#2. Sensitivity

Because laptops are highly portable, they may be more prone to damage than desktops. If you have ever used a laptop, you must have dropped it or scratched it at least one time. If the damage to the laptop is severe, it can make the components inside break down or unusable.

#3. Operating System Reinstallation

Reinstalling the operating system is a must after we used the computer for a certain time. The original system is always the best since this system has passed a variety of standard tests before being launched on the market.

For this reason, a laptop with the original system is surely guaranteed for good quality. After a certain amount of time, you will replace your old system with a new one to avoid causing trouble to keys or device drivers.

#4. Insecurity

The price of laptops is higher than computers and its weight is obviously lighter. In other words, your laptop might be missed. If this situation happens, your personal data inside the laptop might be in danger or leaked out.

#5. Expensive Maintenance

Maintenance of a laptop will be definitely encouraged. Specifically, if a single key is damaged, you will replace the whole new keyboard. Or if you break a bit of the hinge, you will opt for a new screen.

The hinge locks might be affected due to the display panel’s regular opening. What’s more, the moisture is also a certain factor that has an impact on the function of your USB ports.


What are the detailed specs of a standard laptop?

The specs is the abbreviation for the specifications of a laptop. These specs consist of several elements as follows:

  • RAM
  • Processor
  • Graphics and screen size
  • Screen resolution
  • Touch
  • USB – C port
  • Hard drive
  • Battery Life

What are the most important characteristics of a laptop?

Light weight and lower power consumption are two main best features of a portable computer. Plus, a laptop is easy to use and creates less noise. A laptop always includes a processor, hard disk, storage, motherboard, graphic card, keyboard, touchpad, and display device, battery life, and other items.

How much storage is required for a laptop?

A basic computer requires at least 2GB or more. Plus, we strongly recommend you to have more than 8GB if you are a photographer or video editor. Most laptops primitively have built-in 4GB and 8GB. If you are in need of more memory storage, opt for a laptop that has more storage to efficiently increase the RAM.

How different is it between a laptop and a Chromebook?

The operating system makes these two types different from each other. A Chromebook surely runs Google’s Chrome OS. One strong point of a Chromebook is that with low-quality components, it’s still much flexible when using apps.

Should I opt for a Chromebook or Windows laptop?

These two devices can run on 4GB of memory, but when it comes to Windows notebooks, you will choose a model with 8GB. Though the file app inside Chromebooks is rockier than Windows, to get started, it comes with cloud storage.


With all the tips above, purchasing a laptop to meet your requirements is much easier than ever. As we mentioned earlier, you could follow our instructions thoroughly as well as refer to the nine tips above to opt for the perfect laptop.

In a word, from our buying guides for laptops, it is clear that you will consider a lot of factors before deciding to pick the best laptop for yourself. Hopefully, you can possess the desired laptop that lives up your expectations. If you have any questions, just leave your comments in the box and we will answer immediately.

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