CloudMe – 3GB of Free storage

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CloudMe is a completely free service to store and easy to use the files in the cloud via the Blue Folder.

When all the files stored in the cloud, you can access them via mobile phone and shared with friends quickly. This best free cloud also helps you back up your important documents in case of computer incidents.

CloudMe designed to handle media files such as pictures and music. Tool enables you to share some pictures or music to your phone. Tool provides users with 3 GB of free storage, but you can upgrade to more storage space.

CloudMe - 3GB of Free storage

CloudMe – Cloud Storage

Download : Cloudme 1.9.1

The perfect tool for storing your media files

CloudMe allows storing all your media files like photos, music and documents. The tool will do the job automatically in the background of your computer. You can store the files of companies as if they’re on the computer.

When everything was available in this cloud, you can feel safe if anything happens to your computer. Just install CloudMe on a new computer and all the files will be available for access. Please download CloudMe now and never have to worry anymore.

3GB of Free storage

Access from anywhere

You do not need to worry while on the go and to forget the important documents at home or in the office computer, CloudMe helps you to access documents from any smartphone or computer. Even tool also lets you transfer music to your phone to store.

You forgot to bring the image of his trip to the party? No need to worry because CloudMe allows you to access these images via telephone. In addition, the tool provides functionality to access from the web, allowing you to use any browser to access your files.

Share your digital life with friends and family

Share photos, music and documents directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer while on the go. With CloudMe WebShare, you can share links to files or folders via email, Instant Messaging or SMS (text message). CloudMe even support direct sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If you get a WebShare, you can follow from your account WebShare and have access to things that you have shared. Images are displayed as a photo album and music to be shared is passed CloudMe WebShare.

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