Company data become victim of hacking

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Ministry data privacy Bank collected in 2005 – 2015 shows leap in the number of cyber-attacks starting in 2010 and continuing until 2014.

Data were collected in ten years shows that the toxic factor is non-toxic and has lead to a data breach at retailers, financial services and healthcare.

Despite the decrease in the number of incidents were reported in 2014, the US private sector remains the number was compromised data.

As the Internet expanded and new applications are introduced, the business is growing steadily the online use of them, leading to an increase in attacks by malware and hackers against them, according to a statement from a new report by Trend Micro.

Trend Micro Analysis showed 81.3% of all incidents taking place in one of five areas: retail, financial services, healthcare, education and government.

Company data become victim of hacking

Why is the company the ideal target for hacking?

In the industry of health care and financial, personal identifying information (Personally identifiable information – PII) and data or financial health is particularly vulnerable to infringement by the lost or stolen computer laptop, office computer and other portable devices.

While the retail sector is also struggling to maintain the confidentiality of the names, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth and other information PII, this sector has the majority of breaches (47 , 6 percent) through hacked or malicious software.

However, the mobile phone lost and malware is not the only threat. According to a second report by Trend Micro, the recognized organizations in the PRC in the database for 2005-2015 has also undergone the data were attributable to the company inadvertently revealed or unintended leaks. These causes account for 17.4 percent respectively and 12 percent of the violations.

Whatever the source infringement is, the violations have caused huge losses for US companies. Ponemon Institute study entitled The loss in 2015 caused by a data breach in 2015 in America ​​(2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States) found that a data breach had caused damage to the company The average company 217 USD for each data breach. This figure dropped to 198 USD if violations stemming from human error, but has risen 230 USD if coming from a malicious attack or criminal. In 2015, the average loss to the cost of the business is $ 6.53 million.

To help companies deal with data breach is costly, the Council of cybersecurity recommendations now updated list of policy control key security (Critical Security Controls), stating includes measures following best practices:

1. Actively manage the inventory of hardware and software and illegal

2. Establish, implement and actively manage the secure configuration of hardware and software

3. Continually assess and remedy vulnerabilities

Awareness will lead to heightened awareness and pressure will accrue to the federal government and the enterprise or organization must make an effective solution and long term.

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