Complete Internet Repair – Repair networking

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Complete Internet Repair is a simple application and effectively help you fix all the problems related to the Internet, such as: the update, configure, host, network connectivity and file cache.

Complete Internet Repair - Repair networking

Complete Internet Repair is a portable application.

Therefore, do not require users to install on your computer Complete Internet Repair. This means you can put this stuff on an external device such as USB and launch it on any computer. Also, do not change the Windows registry entries.

Complete Internet Repair will help you to recover and repair the network connection when encountering one of the following problems:

Meet the network or Internet problem after removing adware, spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.

– Renew Internet Connection: Creating a connection to the Internet. This case could be necessary if the IP address that unfortunately your computer being allocated DHCP server has been recovered. At this time, the CIR will perform disconnected and re-create the connection, and reapply the parameters to help your computer to access the Internet.

– Flush DNS Resolver Cache: Delete the DNS memory. In the process of accessing the website, the DNS system on the computer will save them to make your PC faster access at a later time. But, if unfortunately there are problems in the domain name resolution for a Web site, please use this feature.

– Repair Internet Explorer 9.0.8112: Repair Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer was quite heavy, and sometimes crashes, causing discomfort to the user. You only use this feature to fix problems that exist on the Internet Explorer browser.

– Repair Windows / Automatic Updates: Fix Windows does not automatically upgrade the patch.

– Reset Windows Firewall Configuration: Putting the system’s settings back to the default firewall.

– Restore the default hosts file: If unfortunately you dabble break hosts file to access Facebook, but not Facebook wealth and many other sites also can not connect to the CIR will help you, rehabilitation content for the hosts file C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc.

Download Complete Internet Repair

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Losing network connection after you install or uninstall adware, spyware, anti-spam, VPN, firewall or other network connection program.

Unable to access any webpage or can only access a few pages.

Show error window with a description of the network-related problems.

No network connectivity due to registry errors.

Problems DNS lookup.

Failure to renew the IP address of the network card or other DHCP errors.

Network connectivity problems have limited or no connectivity notification.

There was a problem connecting to the site is secure.

Internet Explorer stops working or crashes all the time.

The process of updating Windows inactive.

Or, encounter problems connecting to other networks.


  • Processor speed: 2.33 GHz
  • Memory capacity RAM: 512 MB
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