Computer Guide: The small tips to help speed up your computer

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You used to be a time machine and felt the computer run more and more slowly? The slow speed of the machine will show over time startup, shutdowns increased; the program, open the game up and running slow, or shock, lag, … Learn more tips to help speed up your computer right now

Computer Guide: The small tips to help speed up your computer

The best ways to help speed up your computer

System settings

From Windows 7 onwards, the interface is very pretty much optimal effect, transparent, … The Theme which will pretty much consuming the resources of the computer, including the CPU and GPU. So if your computer configuration are not really strong, I recommend using the Windows Classic Theme-sacrifice beautiful interface, glitter to change performance and resources for other programs to run a computer.

There are many Visual Effects beauty for Windows, and of course they consume many resources of the computer. With the criteria is the best computer speed so I advice you to beautiful face sacrifices and glitter!

On Win 7, you press the Start button = > click to on the Computer and select Properties. Next select the Advanced system settings = > select Settings. Performance installation interface will appear.

On Windows 8, you move the mouse to the right corner of the screen. Select the Search, and search for “Performance“.

Optimize Windows for better performance

Performance Options settings will be the same on both Win 7 and 8, 8.1, and. To optimize the best speed for the computer you set as follows.

First, Click Select Adjust for best performance. For optimal computer performance.

In the section below you select Smooth edges of screen fonts-To ensure good Font display.

Do the 2 step 1 and 2 is the Performance for your computer speed. Look at this bad will Windows interface. You Click Select to add some of the items below to look more beautiful, however the more the area of select Add resource consuming as you have to weigh.

After Setup is complete you click Apply = > OK.

User Account Control.

The computer will check and present a dialog box asking you to confirm when installing the software, install the set. This ensures security purposes, however the dialog as the Delay, increase the time manipulation as well as slow down the machine. His advice is that you should reset the User Account Control on the lowest level, no notification.

Install Power Plan.

Active settings section of the computer under the power source-BATTERY or use this by default will reduce the performance of your computer. Because the purpose of saving the battery so when the Power mode to Save the performance CPU, Video Card, … will be automatically dropped. Then if you still want to use the highest speed of the machine you selected back toward Balanced or High Performance.

Turn off the display of Thumbnails.

To turn off this mode, both on Win 7, 8, … you find the Search box (At the Start button or bar Charmbar) then type search and open the folder and search. Select next to the Tab View = > remove the area of Display file icon on thumbnails. Then click Apply = > OK.

Turn off the Services rarely used.

Turn off the Services rarely used

There are many services that can be disabled without affecting the system. It is important to know what you can turn up, and what is not allowed off. Below is a list of what can be disabled:

  • Application experience
  • Desktop Windows Manager
  • Session Manager
  • Diagnostic Policy Service
  • Distributed Link Tacking Client
  • IP Helper
  • Offline Files
  • Portable Device Enumerator Service
  • Protected Storage
  • Security Center
  • Tablet PC Input Service
  • Tcp/ip NetBIOS Helper
  • Themes
  • Windows Error Reporting Service
  • Windows Media Center Service Launcher
  • Windows Search

Some Services can you rarely used but sometimes still need to. You might consider before disabling them. But don’t worry, if you need to use the can completely turn back. The computer usually will gradually slow as you install more software, Game on. The drive to install Win, your C:/ drive more and more filled than, When Full, then drive the machine slowly goes quite markedly. There are many spam, spam software you have installed on the machine in a way accidentally, they slow down your computer.

So remove clean the software, the Game does not use anymore and Garbage programs will speed up your computer.

On Windows 7 : click Start = > Control Panel = > Programs and Features.

From Win 8 onwards: You need press Windows + X shortcut keys. Then select Programs and Features. The interface will appear the same on the Windows version: You choose the software want to defuse = > Click Uninstall.

Like the programs in the Programs above, the Features are also slow down your computer. There are some that you can turn them away. Still in the Programs and Features window. You click Select Turn Windows features on or off. Here are some Features you can turn it off :

1. the Games

2. Internet Explorer

3. Media Features

4. Print and Document Services (if you do not print)

5. the Tablet PC Components

6. Windows Gadget Platform

7. Windows Search

The software supports clean, speed up your computer.

A tool is pretty high in his work to clean up the computer, as well as the features help improve your computer speed is CCleaner.

This is also a good job help speed by improving the access of data from the hard drive. You can use the default tool of Windows is the Disk Defragmenters. Or you can use another software very well or is: Defraggler

Windows default drive cleanup : Disk Cleanup. If you use CCleaner does not need to use this tool.

Hope that the acceleration for this computer will be useful to you. You do not need to apply all the way, and apply identical to what his yet. Please customize copy for optimal and simple works best for you.

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