How to connecting network without LAN using the hard drive ?

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Hard disk drive (HDD) is a data storage device for install the operating system. But when the faulty hard drive not to be or the hard drive was bad sector caused slow access. If no have a new hard drive replaced conditions, so where is the solution to remain on the network, for play web game, same as listen to music online without need to work hard. Following, my guide to you : How to connecting network without LAN using the hard drive ?

Preparation :

– USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1

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– Download DCL Boot 2015 of Spirituality (this is adapted from the Hiren Boot), or download the mini windows 8 on the network with my link download DCL Boot.

Make :

After downloaded DCL, follow my tips to create USB boot or refer to the article: how to create USB boot mentioned before. When the USB boot in DOS, You need copy all files in the Folder Boot below as DCL

create mini windows 8
When the USB boot are the proceed, you can continute loading os file by USB. Depending the type, brand maiboard that we use different keys as keyboard: F8 on mainboard Asus, F9 on the mainboard ECS, Gigabyte mainboard F12 … Or you can enter the BIOS to install for USB boot first. If the computer was booting with USB will same as follow picture.

Boot mini windows 8 64

Select the item ‘Windows 8 Mini 64 Bit ‘ or ‘Mini Windows XP’. Needs a Windowns 8 for beautiful and simple steps. In my article are doing on Windows 8. Click on the item and will login.

install lan driver on windows mini

Mini Windows 8 is interface appears, Click Install Driver on the desktop screen, Note the ‘NET’ and click install the driver for the network, just install the LAN driver should be very fast. If you want to listen to music or watch movies, you need install more VGA driver and soundcard driver by select on VGA and Folder.

After the install is completed, then click Opera browser for normal network.

How to connecting network without LAN using the hard drive ?

Note : The software only temporary database into RAM, so shutdown u needs reinstalling again for offline network. With my guide, you can enter the newspapers, read the news, listening to music or watching movies. In the DCL boot also incorporates UltraSurf, Internet Download Manager, TeamViewer 10 … to help you download music… There are some older machines can not using by Windowns 8 Mini . You can use Mini windows XP for tips.

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