Dangers when children play smartphone, tablet

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For children using mobile devices too much can increase the risk of depression, which affects the brain development of skills and limited social interaction, according to the study.

According to US statistics, more than 70% of children under 12 to use the tablet. Another survey also showed that 40% of children aged 2-4 are parents to play a mobile device.

However, according to several studies, the children use the mobile devices have very bad harm to the child’s development in the following:

Dangers when children play smartphone, tablet

Phone and tablet world with abundance of game, very addictive diversity for children. And this makes them gradually separated from social relations generally, even with their parents.

As recommended by the study, with children aged 10 years or older, should be limited to the time to watch TV or play computer games, telephone under 2 hours. For children from 0-8 years of age, the time of contact with the device screen as little as possible.

Affect learning ability

The use of smartphones gives children the habit of pressing or switch from one option to another option, forcing them assemble the pieces of information. This would be very harmful for the overall development of the baby’s brain, according to scientists.

We give children the habit of converting the topic quickly and cause a major influence on a child’s concentration.

According to a study published in the US earlier this year, distraction, distracted by using your phone, tablet can cause direct impact to the learning of the child later.

“The device can replace manual key activity for the development of motor skills and sense of visual sense, it is very important in the study of mathematics and science in children”, Jenny Radesky, Boston University of Medicine, the study authors said.

Smartphone and Tablet Screen Time: Good or Bad for Kids?

In addition, the children use mobile devices at bedtime also affect a child’s ability to learn the next day. The light emitted from the screen of this device will depress melatonin hormone produced during sleep helps the body ensuring good night’s sleep and wake up sober the next day, which alters the biological cycle naturally by the body. Statistics show that 75% of children aged 9 to 10 were lack of sleep affects learning ability.

The online games on your phone or tablet, especially addictive. Therefore, it’s no wonder if the kids can sit for hours in front of the phone once attracted to the game. And the effects of this are extremely harmful.

Bad Effects of Tablets and Smart Phones

According to a study by scientists at the University of Technology, Texas (US), the child is the parent allows the use of smartphones and tablet computers in their bedroom will have a higher risk of obesity than 30% compared with other children.

When obese, many other health issues will arise as likely to develop diabetes, heart disease and even stroke capability. Many experts even believe that children in the 21st century will be the first generation with lower life expectancy than their parents due to obesity alone and using high-tech devices.

Not only that, the smartphone glued to the screen can impair vision in children. The young eyes constantly have to adjust in order to be compatible with the phone’s screen will also cause headaches and migraines early childhood.

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Just give it up. Let the noobs think whatever they want.  Tablets used to be in the realm of the harcdore business user or the geeky enthusiast. Apple just made it popular for consumers. Therefore you have a bunch of ppl who just realized that computers existed like a couple of years ago because they themselves have never seen one in their lives beyond Hollywood shows and think that Apple made eveything first.


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