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DragonDisk management software is an effective files, enabling users to track and closely monitor information data contained in the accounts Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage service and other online store compatible with Amazon S3 API.

Download DragonDisk v1.05

What is dragondisk?

This program can help you back up, share and organize data easily through an intuitive interface, similar to Windows Explorer window. Users can use this app for free and do not experience any difficulty in use.

If you frequently use cloud storage service Amazon S3 and other compatible software, the main DragonDisk file management app that suits you.

How to use DragonDisk to view your Amazon S3 buckets


-Manage files / folders: create folders, support copy, rename or delete files or folders.

-Activities such as utilities Shell: users can drag and drop, copy files easily. To store a document online, you simply drag and drop files from the computer screen into a bucket and then upload directly to your Amazon S3 account.

download amazon s3 client-google cloud storage client
-Download and sign the entire directory: this program allows to backup an entire folder, including all files and subdirectories in it.

-Using multi-threaded file transfer technology (multi-thread): this technology allows DragonDisk can transfer multiple files at once, you can even upload from many different accounts.

-Allow sync folder (directory replication).

-Create torrent and URLs limited time and is denoted.

-Monitor all file systems.

-Support for editing metadata.

-Supports multiple versions of data: DragonDisk allowed to retain and manage multiple versions of files, to avoid overwriting important information.

-Reduced Redundancy Support options Storage (RRS): this feature allows users to reduce the cost of maintaining data storage by storing information have a lower level of standard excess of -Amazon.


Supports compression and encryption of data on Amazon S3 account (and accounts compatible): use of security measures such as AES 128/192/256 bit standard, Blowfish, 3DES.

Allows configuration updates rights, support for editing metadata, security data on the server in batch mode (Batch / Bulk).


Amazon S3 account (or compatible service).

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