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EKSA E910 5.8G Wireless Gaming Headset Review | Gameplay Audio at Its Best

If you’re like me, you really got into gaming recently, and the original headset you purchased as you first got started, isn’t quite cutting it any more. Maybe your audio connection speeds have too much lag, or your headset’s battery life has degraded so much that you’re considering getting replacement batteries.  

Whatever the reason you have, you’re looking for a step up from the beginner’s headsets to a more intermediate set-up. Well, the EKSA E910 5.8GHz Wireless gaming headset can provide you with a good option to consider at that price point.

Things to Consider Before Buying the EKSA E910 Wireless

Perhaps you have a wired headset and the cable gets tangled easily on just about everything. Remember that the EKSA E910 is a completely wireless headset. Below, is my EKSA on the stand (which comes included):

eksa headset comes with a standeksa headset comes with a stand

Or maybe you have a set-up at home where you already have a separate microphone so all you need are headphones to hear. Keep in mind that the EKSA E910 has a built-in retractable unidirectional microphone.

If you are a person that feels like they need an open back set of headphones, meaning that you can hear room sound even with the headphones on, don’t forget that the EKSA E910’s have built in environmental noise cancellation (ENC) in the speaker monitors as well as in the microphone.

As you get deeper into gaming, you will find more hardware and software needed – the headset has drivers to improve the quality (but it’s only available on Windows, not Mac Os which I have unfortunately). But for now, if the headset accomplishes everything you need it to, then you’ll be just fine.


Battery Capacity

1200 mAh

Battery Life

10 hours

Battery Recharge Time

~2 hours

Wireless Transmission Frequency

5.8 GHz

Signal Distance

~10 meters

Headphone Driver Size

50 mm

Headphone Frequency Response

20 Hz – 20,000 Hz

Microphone Pickup Pattern


Sonal System

Virtual 7.1 Surround / Stereo

Headphone Type


The EKSA E910 Wireless Gaming Headset (and Included Accessories)

For those inside and out of the computer gaming world, the right gaming headset is invaluable.  It needs to be both functional and aesthetic.  Meaning, it must check as many boxes off the need list, as well as fit the look that the user is going for.

The EKSA E910 5.8G Wireless gaming headset is a well-built over-ear headphone and microphone combination that offers a wire-free experience.

While it is wireless it does require a component to be hooked into your device via USB. It’s less convenient than being able to connect just through bluetooth like you might with some airpods, especially if you need the USB space (my macbook only has 2 slots).

What is included in the box:

headset and accessories by EKSAheadset and accessories by EKSA

  • The EKSA E910 Wireless headphones
  • A 5.8GHz USB wireless transmitter
  • A USB-C type charging cable
  • A male to male 3.5 mm AUX audio cable
  • A user manual
  • A leather carrying pouch

The ideal candidate for these headphones is someone who is a more intermediate level gamer, and someone who cares a bit more about the little nuances of good audio quality.

For example, these nuances in a video game may be hearing things coming from different, specific directions.  Or in a movie it would have a similar effect, such as in a horror film.

Pros of the E910 Wireless

  • Has the ability to switch between 7.1 surround sound and stereo sound.
  • Has built in environmental noise control (ENC) for both the headphone portion and the microphone portion.
  • Has a 5.8GHz wireless connection signal, as compared to a 2.4GHz signal.
  • Has a retractable microphone so you can reach the perfect distance.
  • Has a 50 mm driver in the headphones to produce a surprising amount of low-end bass in the sound.

Cons of the E910 Wireless

  • The 50 mm drivers are bass-intensive, so you may need to adjust the EQ if it is too bass heavy.
  • Virtual 7.1 surround sound is only available on Windows.

Features & Benefits

The EKSA E910 5.8G Wireless has many benefits that make it a solid buy at its price point. If you are looking to spend no more than $100 USD, you will not find much better bang for your buck whether you are an avid gamer or just need an awesome laptop accessory

5.8GHz USB Wireless Connection

Running at a different frequency band than other typical household wireless appliances, the E910 will not have nearly as much interference as other wireless headphones.

To be clear, 5.8GHz does not mean a faster connection, it just means fewer other signals getting in your signal’s way.

Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

A really cool feature of this headset is the ability to switch on virtual 7.1 surround system sound.  It must be run on Windows to work, but if you do have Windows, flip the switch on and enjoy the sounds coming at you from all around as you game.

If you flip that switch off, then you will have your standard 2.0 stereo soundscape (which always works just fine).

By the way, the EKSA website calls this feature the “One-key Switch Sound Mode.”

ENC Call Noise Cancelling

When gaming, or watching a video intently, having a quiet room really makes for a better overall experience. Unfortunately, we can’t always get that wherever we are. That is where ENC Noise Cancelling comes in.

EKSA headset features and specsEKSA headset features and specs

The E910 comes with built-in Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) in both the headphone monitors, as well as in your built-in microphone.

This is especially important when the room around you is noisier than you can control.

It’s always frustrating when you can’t hear what the game is saying to you so you have to raise the volume level to uncomfortable heights just to hear. Or when lots of noise is in the room with you and all your friends can hear all that noise through your microphone.

The noise canceling is just okay – I expected the noice canceling to be stronger, but it seems like it doesn’t even out perform my airpod 2.0’s noise canceling ability.

Retractable Unidirectional Microphone

A sweet feature this headset offers is the attached retractable (yes, retractable) microphone.  You can adjust the length so that it is perfectly out of your way, so that your friends don’t have to hear you breathing into the microphone all game long.

EKSA headset featuresEKSA headset features

Additionally, the microphone is unidirectional, meaning that the sound is being picked up in a straight line to the receiver. So long as the mic is pointed right at your mouth, that should be the main sound being picked up.

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