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Why Eluktronics N151RD1 Pro Premium Is Worth It – Review

Most people are thunderstruck every time they are asked what laptop they need. The plethora of choices in the market today makes it even harder to pick one. Others would settle for mediocre brands because of the incredibly expensive price tag. This is why some are determining the best kind of laptops of 2020 is a work of art for us.

One of the best-reviewed gaming laptops under 1000 today is Eluktronics N151RD1 Pro Premium.

Eluktronics Pro Premium Gaming Laptop

Eluktronics N151RD1 Pro Premium

Eluktronics N151RD1 Pro Premium

Eluktronics tried listening to consumers, especially those who are fond of gaming and try to have a friend budget for everyone. The electronics company engineered a powerful gaming laptop – N151RD1 Pro Premium, though it’s not as powerful as some of these best laptops for $1200 and these for $1500.

This model pretty much sums up what you want in a laptop when you spend hours with RPGs and online games. It has a RAM size of 16GB and runs on 2.6 GHz processor speed powered by Intel.

The 15.6-inch LED screen is big enough to have a good view of the battleground, the monsters or the race track. Display resolution is at 1920 x 1080. It is also Windows 10 compatible with 512GB hard drive size. Additional high-tech features include fingerprint reader, TPM 2.0, FHD webcam, LED backlit keyboard, and a Sound Blaster Cinema 2 Onkyo Speakers. It is going to be difficult for you to leave the house on weekends.

Most fans dub this as the laptop for gamers, as you could spend hours playing your favorite game and the cooling system works a fine job even after prolonged usage.

Eluktronics offers a one-year service warranty , and readily available customer support. A lot of previous buyers have also noted about the fast shipping time, averaging only three days from the time the laptop is purchased.

One of the downsides of Eluktronics N151RD1 Pro Premium is its weight. It ticks the scale at around 5.6 pounds. This could be attributed to the fact that it is designed mainly for gaming purposes, with an efficient cooling fan and massive storage capacity.

What To Look For in a Laptop

The market is saturated with the best laptops – from the biggest to the smallest, to the thinnest and most flexible. Choosing can be a complicated process. To help you trim your choices, here are some factors that you need to ponder on.

• Size and Weight
If portability is a major concern, you might want to look for the notebook type of laptops. But, if you are a gaming enthusiast, you must learn that the heavyweights are most likely to be a good match for you. Why? Because you need a good cooling fan to avoid overheating.

• Battery Life

• Screen Quality
The viewing angles and quality are also very important. If you are going to use your laptop frequently, the resolution should be at pristine quality so it will bring you a pleasant time when using it. Full HD laptops would correspond to a 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor.

• Keyboard Quality
A comfortable keyboard is also a must whether you will use the laptop for work or gaming. The ease of typing contributes vastly to overall user experience.

• Processing Power or CPU
In the modern era, it is hard to pass on Intel’s array of central processing units, whether Core i5 or Core i7. Intel has been unbeatable when speaking of processors.

Random Access Memory or RAM is your best friend when you are the type of person who wants several applications running all at the same time. For you to continue doing this, then it is advisable to use 4GB of RAM. Most photography and video editing professionals pick laptops with higher RAM capacity. This is also true if you are a gamer, and you are deciding on buying a gaming laptop.

• Storage
As thin and lightweight laptops dominate the charts, hard drives are becoming a thing of the past.

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Eluktronics N151RD1 Pro Premium is sold out.
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There are too many different types of laptops that you can choose from, but there is surely one that fits you perfectly. By listing down what your requirements are and sticking to it until the end, you will be able to trickle down the long list. From there, consider the above-mentioned tips, and in no time, you are sure to arrive at something that you will be of good use to you.

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