Enable password protection class 2 absolute secure Facebook account

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Recently appeared many types of malicious code are widely dispersed in the Facebook user community, with fake Facebook login page to steal your user to go naked.

Enable password protection class 2 absolute secure Facebook account

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself it is activated the password 2 step on your Facebook account.

With 2-step security mechanism, every time you log in to your Facebook account, the process is not only asking you what your account password, but also ask to confirm the second password added. The second password will sent to your phone as a message. You must declare the right 2 password (the password to the mailbox and password) to sign in to your account.

With this way, if a hacker has stolen Facebook account password you still can not log into my account because the password security layer the papers Monday that only you have. How to proceed ?

For simplicity, you should proceed to activate protection mode Facebook account with the password 2 step on your personal computer, instead of through the Facebook application on your smartphone. The instructions below are done on the computer.

6 steps to secure your Facebook account in 2019

Step 1 : Log in to your Facebook account from your computer’s web browser.

Enable password protection class 2 absolute secure

Step 2 : After login, click on the wrench icon in the top right corner of the Facebook account, select “View settings” in the menu that appears.

enable password protection class 2 absolute

Step 3 : Select the “Privacy” in the left menu.

Step 4 : Click on the button “Edit” in the “log review” in the list on the right. Then tick the option “require a security code to access my account from the strange browser”.

Step 5 : After you mark the option on, you click Next on the button “Start” in the dialog box that appears, and then press the “continue” button in the next dialog box.

Step 6 : In the next step, Facebook will allow users to declare his mobile phone number to Facebook. Here is the phone number to receive a chunk of the second security password every time you log into your Facebook account.

This phone number can also be used to recover the password of your Facebook account in case you forget your password or stolen Facebook account and change the password.

Select the phone number area code of the country in which you are living (default Facebook will determine this area code), enter the phone number, then press the “continue” button.
Note : In case you have to declare the number of your mobile phone with Facebook before, you don’t need to go through steps to declare the phone number as above.

Once the declaring of the phone, Facebook will send on your phone a message contains 6 characters code to confirm. Fill out this code into the dialog on Facebook and then press the button “accept” to confirm.

After filling the confirmation code, a dialog box appears, you tick the option “no, requires immediate code” and then press the button “close” to activate the password protection mode 2 the class immediately to your Facebook account.

Now, you have completed the activation process functions to protect your Facebook account with a password.

From now on, every time you log in to your Facebook account using a computer or smartphone (never sign in Facebook before), Facebook will send the phone number you have declared a message contains random password (OTP). You will have to fill in the password of your Facebook account, then fill out the password to verify the new access Monday on his Facebook account.

Note : The process to activate safeguard Facebook account with a password on your computer in step 2 does not affect the Facebook account has log on smartphone before (through the application). That is, after activating this security mode, you can still use the Facebook application on smartphone normally without the need to log in or register again.

How to log on to Facebook, if not bring cell phones?

A problem when activating the account mode 2 step is you always have to have the phone in next to her to get the second password. So if case you to forget your phone, how to log into your Facebook account when necessary?

To prevent this scenario, you first sign into your Facebook account on your computer, make to the step 3 above to visit the “Privacy” on Facebook. Click “Edit” in the “login confirmation”.

Click Next on the “get code” button in the “Get the code to use the code when you don’t carry the phone.”

The process will ask you to confirm Facebook account password to ensure safety. After confirming the password, a dialog box appears containing a list of 10 random snippet of code that you can use to sign in to Facebook account without the need to use the confirmation code sent to your phone by SMS.

Note: in case you are preparing to travel abroad and do not use the service. the international region in Yancheng district required to record 10 of this code, because after going abroad, you may not receive a confirmation code via the Facebook login by Facebook messages sent to.

Remove the password verification function 2 layers on your Facebook account

In case you want to remove Facebook account security function with 2 layers of password, you can access the “log review” as instructed above, then just leave the option “require a security code to access my account from your browser”, and then press the button “save changes”.

However, you should enable security mode 2 this class to always ensure for his Facebook account was safe.

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