Facebook Pro – Access to Facebook without a browser

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Facebook Pro is a software designed for the management of and access to your Facebook account without using a web browser. With Facebook Pro, experience using your Facebook becomes simple and quick as ever.

Facebook has become one of the many social networking users use with a billion people worldwide visited each day. It is understandable that the user wishes to experience using your Facebook was quick and convenient. Facebook Pro launch is to address those needs.

Facebook Pro brings users an intuitive interface, allowing users to simply log into your Facebook account and surfing Facebook without using a web browser.
The main feature of Facebook Pro software

Superior Features of Facebook Pro

Allow access Facebook without using a web browser.. You can access Facebook from the storage device of mobile communication. Full use of Facebook features from the post, like the post or send to you …
While you can still access using common Internet browsers, the software also has its benefits, it is convenient when you do not need any installation steps. That means users can access Facebook from mobile storage devices and access Facebook at anywhere.. Understand a simple way, users can see Facebook Pro as a limit browser access to a web page only, it is Facebook. Users also do not need to use the HTTP address Faecbook, simply open up software, enter the information and start using Facebook to chat with their friends.
As a symbol of the software should be present on Facebook Pro Windows taskbar. When you open up software, the software interface will resemble Homepage of Facebook and that Facebook is the world that you are looking for.

Facebook Pro – Access to Facebook without a browser

Symbol of Facebook Pro after download

Facebook Pro will appear on the Windows taskbar.

After opening up Facebook Pro, an interface similar to the Facebook page will ask you to login to your Facebook account.

With Facebook Pro, users can perform all operations similar to Facebook as see all the posts on the wall, the new post, like the page, comment, read messages, customize the settings , find new friends and send friend invitations as well as read the news in News Feed or view photos, and of course can play the game on Facebook.

Also, chat with Facebook friends are also integrated Facebook Pro to keep in touch with your friends anytime, anywhere.

Only a small disadvantage that Facebook Pro was not able to open the windows all the social networking site Facebook which is limited only.

However, the software costs around 130MB RAM. You might consider using, but surely you will be attracted by the ability to quickly access Facebook’s software.

Evaluation software to access Facebook without browsing Facebook Pro


Quick access to Facebook without opening a web browser.

No need any installation.

Access Facebook from anywhere with mobile storage devices.


Only able to access Facebook without including other social networks.

No other installation options.

Facebook Pro with sound management system tray.

Facebook Pro is software that allows users to access Facebook without using a convenient web browser.

With Facebook Pro, the world is in your hands Facebook at anywhere, even from mobile storage devices.

The only thing you need is a computer with internet connection. But no more other outstanding features but what Facebook Pro offers were very useful and worthy for you to install on your computer.

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