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Instant chat and video software has brought a lot of convenience to all smartphone, tablet and PC users. With a facility to download pc chat software from Internet, the procedure for installation is quite simple and very easy. There are different software links for download respectively for iPhone, Android and desktop. Just by choosing the type of gadget you own, you can click on download link.

In fact, the facility to install software for instant chat and video calls has not only proved to be a cost-effective method, but most importantly, it is widely accessible irrespective of location and geographic state. Some of the popular pc chat software includes Line pc software, Viber chat for pc and Skype chat for pc.

This one time software download works permanently and stays accurately as you allow regular updates. Being already in use by millions of Internet users, many have rated these instant messaging apps with five stars in their reviews and it continues to grow rapidly.

The benefits of these apps are bountiful and work miraculously. Apart from personal calls, there are many small business owners who chat with their clients over these free messaging apps and grow their business clients.

There is no scope for you to go wrong anywhere or change any settings; this is such simple and easy to start off to use it. It also sponsors excellent growth in friends’ network and promotes relationships while keeping you in contact with your friends, family and colleagues.

pc chat software

Line PC software, Viber chat for PC and Skype chat for PC

Get Free Access to Download PC Chat Software

Line chat for PC

Line chat for pc is a free software available for windows (Windows 7, Widows 8, Vista, XP operating system) , Mac and other versions of pc. The successful installation will enable instant messages, video calls and to share pictures and videos. While you are connected to wifi over 3G/4G, you can add contacts and invite them to connect on Line chat. While enabling high quality feature of voice and video calls, there are many fun stickers and emoticons to express your feelings and opinions.

The link for download of line chat for pc is available at HERE. Download according to the operating system your pc has, in order to make it compatible.

Viber chat for PC

Viber is another easy and convenient app to install on your desktop with Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. You will have very quick access to high-density voice calls and video calls with plenty of stickers and emoticons. It also allows sync between mobile and windows with a feature to transfer outgoing calls between your devices. The calls get quickly get connected to any country or location. Once you download and install, you can add your phone number and a profile pic. Viber chat for pc is absolutely free and works very effectively on wifi.

The link to download viber on your pc is available at HERE and depending on the operating system your pc has, whether mac or linux, suitable download link has to be enabled for installation.

Skype chat for PC

Skype is also a very helpful source for making video calls, sending messages and for uploading documents and videos. It is important that you need to have a login and password after installing skype. For video calls, you may need an external web camera to attach to pc, if it is not inbuilt. Also you can add contacts only those that have a skype-id. You can also create groups to make a group call and can chat with all the members in group. This app also comes free to download and install it on your pc. It is separately available in different versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

With Internet connection / Wifi with more 100kbps, skype works very effectively on all pcs. Some of the other configuration required is, 8GB RAM, 512 GB RAM and pc may have either 32 or 64-bit operating system.

The link to download skype for different versions of pc operating system is available at HERE.


At home or office, you can communicate messages regularly with these highly valuable apps viz. Line chat for pc, viber chat for pc, skype chat for pc. Desktops are mostly in use, because of its vast memory space and storage capacity. One time installation of one or more of these apps, will keep you connected always and this is definitely saves a lot of your money as you can call quickly and easily. The only criterion is that, the recipient must be able to receive and answer your call. In other instances, you can leave a call back message. In the recent times, all of these apps have become very popular and increasingly used on pcs and smartphones. Built in sophisticated software, very rarely, the apps either stop or do not work on pcs. In case if it fails, you can download again and reinstall it carefully.

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