GitHub – Application management software source code modeled SVN

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GitHub is an application designed to give Windows users a chance to share the project on GitHub without access live site.

This software will create a channel of communication between the members of a team of web development. Also, this app also allows you to adjust the basis of the source code repository from within the application.

GitHub - Application management software source code modeled SVN

What Is Github Used For?

Listing problems

Page display issues in your project can be as simple or elaborate, depending on demand. Users can choose to filter by the issue closed and open matters, designee, labels and markers.

At the same time, you can also classify the problem in time to appear, some commentators and time settings update or assign keyboard shortcuts to work faster and labeling.

Only people with a group or with your collaborators can create and view the problem in its own repository. However, anyone with an account can be created and GitHub see problems on public repository.

Timelines and stickers

Timeline is in place to help people acted towards a certain goal. You can set the date, name timelines and division problems in the group.

Besides, the sticker is another measure to streamline and customize the problem by its own color.

Pull Requests

Pull Requests the online discussion in which members discuss and give personal opinions and tuning changes to the code.

Pull Request = Code + issue + contributions commenting on code

Each Pull Requests will recognize not only opinions but also to change the position of those changes. From there, your programming team will be meeting on changes overall, the part of the change, or even just one line of code. Once agreed on the editing, the user can change the code generated, so each change is a commit. The code will then commit the address the concerns or ideas raised during the meeting.


GitHub allows you and members of the development team to discuss details of the project commit.

All team members can suggest changes to the source code: whether change was needed in addition to true or not, whether to add anything else … Everything can be discussed volume level of each commit.
Manage multiple groups within the organization. Whether you are making a small open source project or run a large company, the management personnel are always very important.

The project manager can grant to the members at will: the right to access and edit, and view-only access or right to create the project. Members will receive notification when prompted to.

Enter entry

This tool GitHub Flavored Markdown support for text formatting.

This feature will automatically fill referring people and development team, led linked to other issues, and more easier Emoji.

Besides, you can add photos by dragging the image from the computer screen in the program interface.

Not only that, this program supports full-screen mode Zen Mode help focus work.

Supports multiple programming languages ​​and data formats

Technology syntax highlighting of this software currently supports more than 200 programming languages. Also, this app also allows you to view data in many different formats such as STL 3D models, and maps GeoJSON CSV file in the browser.


.NET Framework 4

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