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5 Good Laptops Under 100 Dollars

Are you looking for cheap laptops under 100 but don’t know where to start? The New Age calls for technology that is advanced and available at an attractive price point. And budget laptops under $100 are the perfect testimony to the same. Contrary to popular belief, these gadgets are easy on the wallet and deliver peak performance when you need it the most.

In spite of being cheap, they are robust enough to fulfill all your basic computing needs and go even a mile extra to deliver prolonged performance. With a slew of innovative features in their kitty, these laptops are everything you would ever need to bring your A-game at work and stay ahead of your competitors.

Top 10 Laptops Under $100 Chart

PictureModelScreen SizeEditors' rating
dell Chromebook 11 3120Dell ChromeBook 11 312011.6"4.5
Dell Latitude D830Dell Latitude D830 15.4"4.8
Acer ChromebookAcer Chromebook C720-284411.6"4.5
Dell ChromeBook 11Dell Latitude E430013.3"4.8
Dell Latitude E6400Dell Latitude E640014.1"4.7
Acer Chromebook C720-2103Acer Chromebook C720-210311.6"4.3
laptop dellDell E5400 Latitude14.1"4.6
Newest Premium High Performance RCA Viking Pro 10.1RCA Viking Pro 10.1" 2-in-110.1″4.2
Lenovo Laptop Thinkpad T400Lenovo Laptop Thinkpad T40014.1"4.8
Dell Latitude E5500Dell - Latitude E550015.4"4.7

Following is an honest and detailed review of buying the best cheap laptops under $100 budget.

If you have a larger budget to buy new laptops, experience better speeds, features and performance at a higher level, refer to the types of – Best Laptops Under $200.

We will evaluate cheap laptops under $100 well tested by experts ( May –  2020):

  1. Acer Flagship CB3-532 15.6″
  2. Samsung Chromebook – Silver
  3. Dell ChromeBook 11
  4. Lenovo Thinkpad T400 Notebook
  5. Dell E5400 Latitude 14″

This is the best choice of our experts through many surveys. Hope to be a reasonable choice for your budget.

5 Good Laptops Under 100 Dollars 2020

#1 Acer Flagship CB3-532 15.6″

$100 laptop Acer Flagship CB3-532 15.6-inch

Acer Flagship CB3-532 15.6-inch

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Acer Flagship is one of the most potent and fast entry-level cheap laptops for its price. With Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3060 up to 2.48GHz, 16GB SSD and a 2GB of memory standard, this device has been created specifically to help you stay abreast with your mobile lifestyle.

Whether you are a student or a professional, this laptop for $100 Acer is well-suited for your needs, and gives you ample features to run multiple applications simultaneously, and store all your precious data in one single interface. Its in-built 802.11bgn, Bluetooth offers several times the performance of the predecessor cheap laptops.


  • The laptop has a sturdy base and is built to deliver noise-free performance. The fans don’t emit a discernible noise, and the heat generation is quite tolerable.
  • The screen is small and the lightweight body is an additional plus.
  • The laptop has a long battery life, so you don’t need to pause between intensive work to plug in the charger. Laptop delivers for a good four hours at a 90% screen brightness.
  • The laptop integrates a high-octane operating system that reduces the boot up and shut down time to a considerable level.


  • This Acer is quite heavy 4.3lbs with a 15.6 inch screen when moving a lot will be a bit hard.

The Final Verdict

Acer Flagship CB3-532 is a highly recommended option for those considering a switch to a more new laptop, as well as for those who are willing to learn new or used laptops under 100. With a travel-friendly design and lightweight structure, this versatile and dependable Acer brings a world of novel features within your reach.


#2 Samsung Chromebook – Silver

black samsung chromebook

Buy it on Amazon.com

Samsung has always been the stalwart in the tech industry. Its Samsung Chromebook has everything you need to bring your A-game and stay at an edge over your competitors. This laptop under 100 is a terrific combo of price and features. It is integrated with ARM Mali-T604 graphics that lend outstanding performance for graphics-intensive games and applications.

It incorporates the latest 1.7 GHz Exynos 5000 Series as well as a 2 GB SDRAM DDR3 to grant you with enough horsepower to get your job done well ahead of time.

This Samsung features a 11.6-inch polished widescreen display that provides razor-sharp resolution and crystal clear images. This all new laptop samsung, with its durable polycarbonate shell and great port selection is sure to serve as your reliable travel companion.


  • While the Samsung may look all high-brow and heavy on the exterior, its weight and size are just fine for your needs. It is portable and connects smoothly to foreign and domestic networks.
  • The 11.6-inch screen is encased in a white polycarbonate shell that is easy to clean and makes it durable enough to stand up to the rumble and tumble of everyday life.
  • The keyboard functions smoothly and doesn’t emit irritating sounds upon pressing the keys. Even the pointer is high-quality.


  • The plain black exterior can be a deal-breaker for those looking for a swanky, upscale laptop for the same price.

The Final Verdict

Samsung Chromebook is a reliable mini laptop that comes with a slew of innovative features like an Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual Core Processor, high-resolution screen, heavy-duty built, good port selection and cutting-edge ergonomics, to name a few.

Its high-octane operating system promises support for prolonged tasks, while the lightweight structure makes it travel-friendly. To put it simply, this is one of those rare models that are easy on your wallet and yet delivers high-quality performance at all times.

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#3 Dell ChromeBook 11

Small laptop under 100 Poin2 Chromebook 11 LT0101-01US

Dell ChromeBook 11

Buy it on Amazon.com

The Dell ChromeBook 11 has ushered as the standard example of small laptops under $100 that combine commendable quality with an affordable price tag. It integrates an Intel Celeron N2955U Processor that makes it robust enough to support super fast multi-tasking.

The ergonomics are great and this cheap laptop is integrated with a 16GB SSD drive, thereby giving you enough storage space to save all your valuable data through the months. The 11.6-inch screen makes for a comfortable viewing experience, while the high-end software allows you to handle professional tasks seamlessly.


  • With an in-built virus protection and an auto OS update, Dell Chromebook 11 brings you the ultimate peace of mind of handling multiple tasks in a risk-free manner.
  • It is powered by the 16GB SSD drive, which allows it to boot up in seconds to deliver outstanding performance every single time.
  • At a weight of just 2.9 lbs, the dell chromebook is ultra-portable. You can carry it wherever you go. Its battery life is high, at 8.5 hours. This simply means that you can stay online all day, without charging it at intervals.
  • The Dell chromebook 11 provides super fast wireless connection. With the convenience of WLAN and 4.0 bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy higher speed and greater ease of computing.


  • The built-in speaker is a minor disappointment, especially for audiophiles, as it sounds hollow at times.

The Final Verdict

$100 Laptop Dell chromebook 11 scores with its latest innovation, the Chromebook. Completely intuitive and innovative right out of the box, this incredibly cost-effective device is a competitive candidate for those who are looking to replace their worn-out laptops.

This high-performance laptop is great for handling web-based applications like Facebook, Gmail, iCloud, as well as general browsing. As an early entry device, it comes with the latest technology and that too, at an attractive price point with amazing user interface and form factors.


#4 Lenovo Thinkpad T400 Notebook

Laptops under 100 Lenovo Thinkpad T400

Lenovo Thinkpad T400

Buy it on Amazon.com

Lenovo ThinkPad T400 laptop is a true representation of a business laptop built to render premium performance without compromising on your travel needs. It is compact and sturdy, yet lightweight enough to carry around in a backpack.

While this is neither a gaming laptop or a multimedia machine, regular users are sure to find it fast enough to manage all the basic tasks on a Windows 7 operating system. The ThinkPad T400 laptop’s core features include a 4GB DDR3 RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, a 160 GB hard drive, as well as a DVDRW drive. It includes a 14.1-inch display that is impressive to the eye.


  • The 1200×800 resolution screen provides a satisfying viewing experience of surfing throughout websites, photos and editing documents.
  • This laptop features a sturdy and compact built that is durable enough to last long and handle the rigors of rough travel. It is even resistant to occasional falls.
  • In spite of being an entry-level laptop, it is replete with a host of modern features to keep you on your toes always.
  • The Intel Core 2 Duo processor ensures seamless multi-tasking, so you never need to compromise with your performance at work.


  • Users are of the view that the ThinkPad T400 laptop’s speaker is not loud enough.
  • The device tends to get heated up a bit too soon, especially if you run multiple tasks at the same time.

The Final Verdict

All in all, the Lenovo ThinkPad T400 laptop comes across as a decent refurbished model for its price. With its durable build quality and great port selection, this device is literally built for professionals aiming to avail the best of both worlds: budget and performance.

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#5 Dell E5400 Latitude 14″

cheap Laptops Under 100 Dollars

Dell E5400 Latitude 14-Inch Laptop

Buy it on Amazon.com

The all new Dell E5400 Latitude is a reliable workhorse, replete with a host of cutting-edge features to keep you productive all day.

The laptop’s heavy-duty black industrial design has a certain minimalistic charm about it, while the metallic hinge and latch system comes with the promise of stability.

Even the chassis is rock solid, which means you can carry this notebook in your backpack for bumpy road trips as well.

High tech features in E5400

With 14.1-inch matte screen comes encased in a lid with a smooth metallic finish that is beautiful to behold.

Powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo P9500, and clocked at 2.53 GHz, the Dell Latitude E5400 offers commendable performance when you need it the most.

Additionally, it comes packed with a plethora of hi-tech features, like an expandable 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, an 8X DVD writer, as well as Intel X4500 HD graphics accelerator. With such a potent combination of features, you can rest assured of never facing a dearth of processing power again.


  • The overall construction is robust and capable of withstanding the rigors of time and use.
  • The matte 14.1 screen is a big plus as it lends a business-class finish to the laptop and makes it easy to manage.
  • Another prize-winning pro is that the laptop comes with an ability to prevent overcharging of the battery. Hence, you can leave the laptop plugged in at all times, without worrying that it might reduce the battery life.
  • Dell E5400 is based on the Centrino 2 platform and integrates a fast processor that makes it easy for you to handle multiple tasks at one go.


  • The E5400 keyboard is a disappointment, as the keys are way too soft and tend to emit an irritating squeak upon being pressed. However, this shouldn’t be a major deal-breaker.
  • The boot time feels a bit high for the configuration that the laptop boasts of, but then again, this is also a minor issue.

The Final Verdict

Cheap Dell laptops have never failed to impress people. And the Dell Latitude E5400 has just set the standard.

For its price, it is a great choice of a laptop. It is built to meet your professional needs. With an advanced processor, hardware and high-performance DVD hard drive, it gives you the assurance of integrity.

Built on the latest Centrino 2 platform, it has the potential for providing casual gaming too, if the hassles of a tiring day beckon for a quick stress buster.

Choosing a cheap laptops under 100 is really not too difficult if you have referred to the 100 dollar laptop above. If your budget is not enough or you need to use less, owning a used laptop under 100 is a good idea. Wish you choose a laptop as you want.

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