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Guide to Google Chrome browser speed (P.1)

As one of the most popular browser in the world now, Google Chrome accounted for more than half of people using the Internet worldwide. Google Chrome, though born after so than browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, but Chrome back to this point are very powerful strides.

While other browsers is gradually being replaced by a new name, the Google Chrome has a firm foothold in the growing market.

With features friendly and approachable, and supports most languages worldwide, so Google Chrome gives users the comfort without consuming too much RAM when running, this is one of the factors that made the success of this browser. However, during use, so if browsers term use will become slower. Is there any way to speed up Google Chrome running more quickly?

How to fix Chrome Slow ? (P.1)

Disabling extensions unused

Oftentimes you have to make use of extensions and instead, the utility offered by a third party to assist and add additional features or Google Chrome. These gadgets are synthesized on the online store of Chrome with the forms for free, charge and trial software as usual. The only other utility software that runs directly in the browser, it just starts when the permission of Chrome and will be deactivated when Chrome for the disabled. Therefore, the speed of the browser will be affected quite if you integrate several utilities in your browser. There are gadgets we just used at a certain time, so if the extension does not currently need you disable them, when necessary can be quickly reactivated extremely fast.

Guide to Google Chrome browser speed

Specifically, you should minimize the installation too many in the browser, figure 5 utility is enough to serve all the needs of the department. Do not get too many gadgets to avoid causing sluggish employment status of Chrome. To disable extensions you do the following:

Open your Google Chrome browser and click to wrench icon -> Settings.

Then open the Extensions tab, where all extensions will appear, please select the utility does not need. To temporarily disable the dialog box, uncheck Enable come in, but if you want to remove completely from Chrome please click the icon to the trash, immediate utility will be removed.

Update Google Chrome browser version Latest

Same as other browsers, just half a month will have an update to the new version, even small patches will always be constantly updated daily. These patches are born with the purpose to fix the errors of the current version. We know this is a great browser, only the extremely small error alone can affect hundreds of users, so constantly updated is extremely necessary. The flaws of the previous version will be recognized by developers and fixes to bring to users the best browser, with gaps without publisher quick fix would be an opportunity for hackers to attack. So often updated version for your Google Chrome browser by:

Open your Google Chrome browser and click the icon to install the upper right corner -> About Google Chrome. Then if there is a new version instantly your Google Chrome will be updated.

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