Guide to Google Chrome browser speed (P.2)

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Maybe people are not new to this job, deleting browser data is extremely necessary. It not only helps us to have faster browsing speed but also help users with data privacy over the web browser. If the web browser in normal mode, the browsing data is saved completely in your browsing history items.

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3 Tips to Speed Up Google Chrome

Delete browsing history

If you do not erase long pile this data then your browser will occupy a volume of storage capacity becomes slower. Be quick to data erase your web browser:

Open the Google Chrome web browser, then select the button with three dashes (in the top right corner) -> Other Tools -> Clear browsing data. Or press Ctrl + Shift + Del.

Shortly thereafter window Delete browsing data appears, select Delete the following entries in section from -> Things to delete all browsing data so far.

Guide to Google Chrome browser speed

If you want to add other data deleted, please tick the options below -> Clear browsing data.
When we open a new tab, immediate access pages or pages or just opened up recently will be displayed below the tab order for you to quickly find to be desired website. But if not, erase traffic data is also saved here so many leads to slower browsers work, also not always display the desired website. For medium fast for browsing the website had been the desire to show up here and let you proceed to the website and click disable want people at the upper mark of the website are displayed at the top right.

Use the software accelerate downloads IDM

When your browser is too slow, will lead to a situation when the download data will be very long, even take up to an hour to download a file loaded with tiny space. Please increase data download speeds by using additional software supports data download Internet Download Manager. When using Internet Download Manager, we would not have to spend hours waiting to load a data file again.

Disable unnecessary plug-ins

When installing Google Chrome browser will have a lot of plugin appears in the default mode is activated and available for users to use always. However, not all plugins that are used effectively, but in the default plugin has a lot of what it is activated but never used it, it also makes your Google Chrome browser become more sluggish.

If the plugin does not want to slow the speed of the browser go quickly disable unused plugins again go by:

Please type “about: plugins” into the address bar -> Enter. Want to disable the plugins please click to Disable. Once disabled, the plugin is disabled turns gray. Plugin can not delete or remove the only option disabled.

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