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5 most popular storage devices review

Which the advance in data storage technology, external storage devices have become varies in feature for different purpose. For example, some people need portable hard drive for storing movies, music, and multimedia data, which need larger storage space in the disk. However, some customers using the external storage devices for documents and data, so they […]

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On-spot repair when you spill water on your laptop

Water or any kinds of liquid are all harmful to electronic devices, especially smart devices such as smart phone, tablet and laptop. In that case, immediate repair is highly recommended, or else the problem will get worse and worse. In this article hereby, we are going to show you some necessary steps to deal with […]

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How to resolve the “Press F1 button” error ?

Laptop Dell after used for a long time often demand user to press F1 to continue. Reasons of this error are various, maybe because CMOS battery is out, or the IC charging had malfuntion or the adapter is not working properly. We hereby give you the general troubleshoot of this “Laptop Dell F1 button press […]

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How to fix the computer continuously restarts

There are many causes that can cause your computer to automatically restart continuously. The autostart row multiple times in a short period of time can cause the device to reduce spoilage and waste, the financing of the user. The following article will guide you with the note and how to fix the error manually reboot […]

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The mission of the devices in the Computer system

The computer is a system of multiple devices associated with together through a motherboard, this connection is what CPU and system controller by software instructions, each device the system has a separate function which has three facilities. The most important element is the CPU, motherboard and RAM. 1. Mainboard (Motherboard) Mainboard role linking all components of […]

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The technical specifications of the CPU

The speed of computer processors depends on the speed of the CPU, but it also depends on the other components (such as memory, RAM, and graphics card) . There are many technology increases CPU processing speed. Examples technology Core 2 Dua CPU associated with working clock frequency of it (in the units as MHz, GHz, […]

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The function and tructure of CPU

CPU – Central Processing Unit (English), which translates as the central processing unit. CPU can be seen as the brain, one of the most essential elements of a computer. The main task of the CPU’s processing computer programs and data. CPUs have many different designs. In the simplest form, the CPU is a chip with […]

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