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How to resolve the “Press F1 button” error ?

Laptop Dell after used for a long time often demand user to press F1 to continue. Reasons for this error are various, maybe because the CMOS battery is out, or the IC charging has malfunctioned or the adapter is not working properly. We hereby give you the general troubleshoot of this “Laptop Dell F1 button […]

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Best 8GB DDR3 RAM Laptop – Desktop 2020

Are you looking for Best DDR3 RAM but don’t know where to start? Random Access Memory (RAM) can be a type of computer data storage space that you can use for supporting your computer’s performance. You can find several types of RAM units that are available for both desktop and laptop. This article is going to […]

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The Best Graphics Cards for Gaming

Advancements in the world of computers have led to the rise of a variety of top notch games that require the use of advanced graphics systems. The new and easy way to optimize these systems for a great gaming experience is through the use of best graphics cards for gaming. These cards are essential in the […]

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Best and Most Powerful Travel Routers | Great Portable Options

Today, more and more devices are becoming smart…TVs, tablets, cars, phones and more. Smarter devices are more efficient than their classic counterparts. Internet connections are really important and essential for updates and maintenance. This is where wifi routers come in handy as they can really increase your internet speed. The best wifi routers will enable […]

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