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How Long Should A Laptop Last? How To Extend The Laptop’s Lifespan

When you desire to buy a mobile computer, you may have a question of how long should a laptop last, right? Of course, having a good insight into this field is really important. A good product will be proven at its durability and battery.

In order to help you get a suitable product, we will give you all the information about a laptop’s lifespan. In addition, you can also learn how to make your computer more durable. Sounds good? Then let’s get started right now!

How Long Should A Laptop Last?

Dell XPS 15 Laptop

Various new laptops with many extra features are released every day. As a sequence, knowing how long should a laptop last becomes more and more necessary. The durability of a laptop is determined based on many factors. To give you the general overview, we will list all those factors to you. Scroll down to see!

Purposes of Use

What you use the laptop for decides the lifespan of it. Of course, it is understandable to explain why some people have an item for gaming and a laptop for working.

On the other hand, how much time you spend using your laptop also shows its durability. To put in an example, if you enjoy games for 9 – 10 hours with a laptop for working every day, the graphics card and RAM will run out over time, which decreases the quality of it quickly. Therefore, it is vital to get the right product for appropriate purposes.

Hot temperature

Do you know that the hot temperature can create bad effects on your mobile computer? The truth is that heat can increase every laptop’s speed of wearing out and make it runs slower. This heat may come from both inside and outside factors. One of the most common external cause is the direct contact of the laptop with sunlight, while the popular internal reason is the overheating of it due to overworking.


A laptop that is made of plastic can not be solid as a product made of metal. However, the more solid the laptop is, the heavier it gets.

If you don’t care about the laptop’s weight, we recommend you to choose a sturdy product that is created of metal or aluminum.

Allowance for upgrading

Not all laptops allow you to upgrade them. Some laptops only have limited versions with special designs that you can not replace their parts with any other product’s parts. Therefore, check carefully if the machine permits you to improve it in the future before buying it.

Laptop Warranty

The more warranty you have, the longer you can use your laptop. Every time your laptop gets slower, you can bring it to the manufacturer to fix or replace the old parts. But remember one thing that every product’s warranty has its conditions. So read all of them carefully to know your rights.

Personal Care

Overall, the durability of a laptop depends mostly on how you care and protect it. You can not keep the product long if you often download and use harmful applications. On another side, your laptop can be easily broken if you don’t cover it carefully while traveling.

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

Asus ROG Strix G, i7-9750 H

A mobile computer for playing games usually has a different ability to last longer in comparison to others. In case you are looking for this type of product, you can find out how long should a laptop last here.

Systematically, gaming computers are designed to have special features. However, that also means that the lifespan of this laptop type is shorter than other normal machines.

Day by day, many new games with high graphics and features are released that require the computer to have a high configuration and flexible processor. In order to meet these criteria, gamers usually have to upgrade and replace their laptop’s parts with better alternative ones.

Taking a close look, you can see that a gaming laptop can only run for 3 – 4 years. And then you have to upgrade it or buy a new one. At the same time, the products for working can still work great and be able to last for 2 -3 years more.

How Long Should A Laptop’s Battery Last?

How long do laptop batteries last? We are quite sure that you want to know not only how long should a laptop last but also what the limitation of the battery is, right? Alright, we will talk about the laptop’s energy source now.

Acer Nitro 5

The amount of time for a laptop charger is usually based on those two factors, which is the quality of the battery and how you use the laptop.

Quality of battery

Battery quality depends on the price you pay for them. In addition, it is based on adaptability to laptops. For example, if your computer is very expensive but you use cheap batteries, it will make the battery quality decrease and become weak. Therefore, choosing a battery to suit the quality of your laptop and your budget is very important.

Typically, the battery of a laptop will last for about 5 to 6 years.

This is also a note to help you know how to look up information and select before deciding to buy a laptop. You can view reviews, feedbacks on the Internet, or ask salespeople for advice and support.

How you use a laptop

As you probably know, laptop batteries are fully charged within 8 hours at a time. However, some types of low battery or the aged battery may only last for 3 to 4 hours on a single charge. These are figures that show you what you are doing with your laptop.

On the other hand, there will be a few tasks that drain your battery when used. If you are using graphics-intensive software like photo editing, video editing, or gaming, you will need a battery-powered laptop because they are quite battery-draining. For these tasks, it will take you about 3 hours on a single charge.

However, if you use a laptop for office purposes such as sending mail, surfing the net, typing, these jobs only take you 5 hours to charge once. Of course, the more expensive your computer, the more time you’ll need to charge.

How to extend your laptop’s lifespan

Now you know how long should a laptop last already. But it will be much better if you can increase your machine’s lifespan. Below are some useful tips to make your mobile computer more durable that you can refer to.

Cooler Master NotePal

Unplug right after the laptop is fully charged

When you complete charging the laptop, you should unplug the charging cable right away. Otherwise, the battery will receive some systematic error.

Clean the laptop usually

Dust and debris may make your keyboard stuck. If the dust gets inside the laptop, it may break many important parts of your machine. Therefore, you should wipe your laptop regularly with a damp towel.

Buy a cooler pad

You can find and buy a cooling pad for your computer. This type of pad is sold widely on the market at a reasonable price. Applying this item, the laptop can avoid overheating and work stably.

Use anti-virus applications

You can download some Anti-virus applications to remove all the harmful factors that may create bad effects on your computer. Some good applications that we can recommend are Panda Cloud, Avira Free Antivirus, Avast Free Antivirus, and so on.


In conclusion, we have explained to you how long should a laptop last and give you some tips to increase the laptop’s lifespan. Hopefully, you can choose and buy the most suitable product for your own. For further questions, please place them at the comment below. We will contact you and solve all your problems in a jiffy!

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