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How To Download Purchased Movies From Amazon To PC | Easy Step By Step Guide

Amazon is known as the biggest and most trusted website to pursue things needed due to the variety and good quality of products. So when the head company launched the Amazon Prime Video, this app has been well embraced by many users. 

It gives you access to several types of movies and TV shows. Yet, to be able to watch them requires an internet connection. Therefore, if you plan to travel around or expect not to be online on the internet, you have to download your content to view them offline.

The fact that Amazon only allows movies to be downloaded on mobile devices or tablets does bother PC users. However, you don’t have to worry because we have just the right things for you to know how to download purchased movies from Amazon to PC in this article.  Let’s take a look!

How To Download Purchased Movies From Amazon To PC- 3 Easiest And Most Convenient Means To Solve.

Since this issue brings so much irritation, some users have come up with diverse solutions and posted on the internet. Nevertheless, many of those solutions are not suitable for different operating systems. For that reason, I will only mention 3 of the most popular ones to help you-users handle it in this article. Before trying each method, don’t forget to make enough download space on your Windows 7 or other OS.

Method 1: Using Android Device Emulator such as BlueStacks to watch and download movies to your PC.

BlueStack is a universal app for every PC user. This app is designed to enable Android applications to run on Windows PC and Mac. So it will help you get Amazon Prime Video and download your favorite movies on PC.

If you’re curious about the way of getting this emulator application, follow these given steps and you’ll be perfectly fine: 

Step 1

 You can download BlueStacks to your PC by going straight to their website with this link. If you need detailed instructions, please click here

Step 2

After installation is done, open this app on your PC.

Now, in the search bar, you type in Amazon Prime Video and click download the app

Step 3

Once it is downloaded to your computer, the next thing to do is sign in your account on Amazon Prime

Step 4

By this time, you can view all the premium movies and shows in this application just by tapping into the watch now button

Step 5

If you want to get your movies down to your computer for offline purposes, find a button showing the download option below the watch now one. Next, you just need to click on that to get the movies downloaded

Step 6

After you click the button, a small screen will show up that asks you to choose a location of saving and video quality. When you’ve done choosing, tap the start download button and wait for your movies

Just a reminder, you should choose a location on your computer that you’re familiar with to store these movies. Moreover, the quality has to be suitable for your device and internet speed if you want to have it as soon as possible. 

Note: Unfortunately, digital rights management (DRM)  limitations make you not likely watch downloaded movies outside the emulator. 

Method 2: Get Amazon Prime Video from Microsoft store and download your movies through the app.

Amazon finally gives Windows PC users a chance to watch their favorite shows and movies by launching a native Prime Video app for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store

This web version is pretty similar to the mobile ones, except it has a better interface for mouse and keyboard controls. However, there is a big difference in terms of video quality between the two. 

Streaming quality in the Windows app is limited to 720p while on the browser and mobile app allow playback as high-res as 4K. This is a sad piece of news for many users whose computer has a 1080p resolution or pixel-perfect 4K display. They will have to stick to what has been given from the website to be able to watch films smoothly. 

Yet, if you still want to pick it up from the store, keep in track with the guideline below:

Step 1

You need to open your Windows 10 PC. Then, find the Windows Store and double click to access it

Step 2

 In the Search Box from the top right corner, type Amazon Prime Video, and click search. Once you see the app, tap into it

Step 3

Then, click the Get button to download the app on your computer. Just to recall you, Microsoft Store requires the Outlook or Microsoft register for downloading

Step 4

 Launch Amazon Prime on your PC when the installation is complete. Next, log in to the app with your account with the correct credentials. Now, you can watch any movies or TV shows you like

Step 5

If you want to download movies, tap into the download button. Then, choose the perfect quality and location and it will be right on your computer

Method 3: Using Third-Party Application to download your favorite movies to your PC (UkeySoft)

Running out of hope when you want to download movies or shows from Amazon but not using Windows 10 PC or BlueStacks? Don’t give up because this third-party app will perfectly serve your purposes. 

UkeySoft, the most effective online video recording program, you can get nowadays. It likely captures videos on Amazon Prime, Vimeo, YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, NetFlix, and other services. 

What makes this app different from others is its recorded video quality and the formats of video for downloading. The video that is recorded by Ukeysoft will result in a 1080p resolution. Besides, this application provides you with more forms of downloaded video to choose from, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, TS, etc.

Moreover, it can be downloaded on Mac operating systems, which is great news for Mac users after a long time searching for a suitable solution. 

Follow these given steps if you want to have this amazing app on your computer: 

Step 1

 You can download Ukeysoft by going straight to its website. Remember to choose the proper version for your computer and tap into the Try It Free button

Step 2

After you have installed it, open the application on your PC. A small screen will show up with two options: Screen recorder and Video Toolbox. Please choose Screen Recorder one to continue the process

Step 3

 Then, choose the size of the capture area you want by clicking on the custom button. If you want a record full of your screen, then select the full one

Step 4

Choose your most satisfactory audio input channel with the most fantastic settings to get the best sound quality

Step 5

Next, you have to set the downloaded format of the video. Usually, we will choose MP4 because it’s widely used by every operating system

Step 6

Start to record the thing you want with this wonderful app

Step 7

 Download the finished product to your PC

Note: If you want to record movies from Amazon, the first thing you do is open the Amazon Prime site. Then, continue the process that I mentioned above, starting with step 2, and you’re good to go.

Well, these methods are probably not the best of all, but they will somehow help you to address the issue of how to download purchased movies from Amazon to PC. I do hope that you can acquire what you want after having gone through all the instructions. Wish you the best luck. Thank you for reading this article. 

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