System Monitor Wise: How to download, install, removing them?

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You can refer to the following instructions for how to download, install and uninstall Wise System Monitor. Remember to read it carefully and follow the steps below.

How to download System Monitor Wise ?

You can download Wise System Monitor from the official website and downloading process will be started automatically when you click on one of the download button of Wise System Monitor on these pages.

Link : Free Download

If the download process does not automatically begin, please click on the “Free Download”.

How to install Wise System Monitor ?

After the download process is complete, please find installation file, double-click the .exe file, and then click “Run” when the dialog box appears.

Then the installation will start automatically and will guide you to make the rest of the installation.

Removing Wise System Monitor

Make sure that the application has been turned off. Next, click Start -> All Programs / Programs -> Wise System Monitor (folder) -> Uninstall Wise System Monitor. Making the request to remove the application from your computer.

How to download System Monitor Wise ?

Or, you can uninstall the System Monitor Wise through Windows Control Panel with the following steps:

Step 1: Make sure that the application has been closed, and then open the Windows Control Panel by clicking Start -> (Settings ->) Control Panel.

Step 2: In the Control Panel, click or right-click “Add or Remove programs” / “Add / Remove Programs”.

Step 3: In the list of programs / software is currently installed, click the “Wise System Monitor” to select it.

Step 4: Click the “Remove / Add / Remove” and follow the instructions to remove the application from your computer.

How to upgrade Wise System Monitor

Launch the app, click “Settings” => “Check New” => “Get it now”, the software will be upgraded to the new version automatically.

Additionally, you can also download the latest version from the company Wisecleaner. Make sure Wise System Monitor was closed, then install the latest version of it.


Process Monitor helps you track and manage the progress of the system. Click on Process Monitor on the main interface to to the Process Monitor window.

At this time, the program will display all active processes on your computer. You can click the “X” in red to abort selected.

Selecting ‘Process Display System’ to show the entire process, including User Processes and System Processes.

Selecting ‘Display Only Net Process’ to show the process of being connected to the network.


Hardware Monitor function displays information of computer hardware. To access the Hardware Monitor window, click the Hardware Monitor section on the software interface.

At this time, the program will show you basic information about Processor (processor), motherboard (the main circuit board), Memory (memory), Graphic Card (graphics), Hard Drive (hard disk drive ), Network Adaptor (network adapter) and Sound Card (graphics).

Wise System Monitor.

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