How to fix the computer continuously restarts

How to fix the computer continuously restarts
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There are many causes that can cause your computer to automatically restart continuously. The autostart row multiple times in a short period of time can cause the device to reduce spoilage and waste, the financing of the user.

How to fix the computer continuously restarts

The following article will guide you with the note and how to fix the error manually reboot several times of Windows computers with the simple, intuitive operation and easy to implement.

Causes the computer to automatically restart many times:

1. The peripheral effects, hardware error:

  • Power in unstable family
  • Power supply inside the computer is incompatible with the motherboard or not functioning properly the capacity leads to results download source. Power supplies are dirty, wet, dust.
  • Faulty memory because of a corrupted RAM stick a part liquid, or slot are dirty.
  • Error due to the motherboard or BIOS, the air gets hot or overload
  • Video Card or hard disk corrupted

How to fix: regular computer hygiene, review the power source, use the tool to check the source of power for the computer view has no stability.

2. Restart itself derived from software errors

Windows cannot edit or delete the file being processes used as operating system updates, Windows Update, antivirus software, driver intervention deep into the hard part etc so the file need to edit/replace/delete are being “locked” by the other components of the operating system.

  • Updated security patches for the system.
  • Install, delete or update applications

How to fix Windows restart itself several times:

Step 1 : On the Search tool in Windows > Type sysdm.cpl > Select program >sysdm.cpl click Advanced tab

Step 2 : Press the Settings button under Startup and Recovery > Unmark to select items Automatically restart and your Write an event to the system log > my computer will not restart even when the device is suspended.

Startup and Recovery win 10

Note : If your computer is Windows XP/7/8/Vista then you will see a blue screen Stop Error like below, often called the blue screen of death error > See second paragraph text and paragraphs of Technical information (technical information) on green screen to know their computers are experiencing the condition.

automatically restast windows 8

If the Windows 10, then the blue screen will show a different design.

blue screen of death windows 10

Step 3 : Check the computer after booting the computer. Will probably need to download the driver again on the official Microsoft website.

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