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How To Play Xbox One On Laptop – A Step-by-step Walkthrough

Are you scratching your head every single day (and night) trying to find an answer to the question: “How To Play Xbox One On Laptop?”

Are you a fanatic Xbox One player? If yes, then not being able to bring your console along with you all the time can prove to be tough. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

We assure you that you can still play many of your favorite Xbox One games without the controller. The only thing you need to make that dream come true is a Windows 10 PC.

In the following article, we will not only tackle the question of “how to play Xbox One on laptop” but also “how to play Xbox One when you’re traveling or on a business trip. Keep scrolling down for step-by-step instruction.

How To Play Xbox One On Laptop

How To Stream Video From Your Pc (Window 10) To Xbox One

We have compiled a comprehensive guide which allows you to play whatever PC games you like with the Xbox One console.

Before digging deep into the detailed guide below, you should be aware that there are not only one but up to three possible ways in which you can connect your controller to PC – Wireless connection, USB, Bluetooth. It is also of utmost importance that you have your console updated with the latest Firmware. Of course, you need a good laptop. For Xbox One we recommend a budget of 700, 1000, or 1200.

How to connect your Xbox One wirelessly?

1. Buy a Wireless Adapter.
wireless adapter for Xbox
2. Connect the Adapter to the USB port and finish the process of setting up.
3. On your Xbox console, look for and turn on the Guide button.
4. Press the Sync button and wait for the logo to flash
5. Back to the Wireless Adapter, hold down the sync button. When the blinking signal from the controller stops, you know it is ready.

What else can you do in case you have no intention of paying for an adapter?

Use a micro USB cable to connect Xbox One to your lap. If you have a wired controller, all you have to do is to plug it in. On the other hand, as for a wireless controller, you can use your charging cable.

Are there any other possible ways to connect your controller to PC?

Yessss, there are! Many Xbox One controllers are built to support Bluetooth connection. In order to check if your device is one of them, look around the plastic part of the Xbox logo. Provided that it is on the surface of the console, it can be connected via Bluetooth. Then, do as follows.

1. Click the “Settings part” on your laptop and choose “Devices”.
2. Turn on the “Bluetooth connection” by tapping on the Bluetooth settings option.
3. On your Xbox console, look for and turn on the “Guide button”.
4. Press the sync button on the controller and wait for the logo to flash
5. Back to your PC screen, clickAdd Bluetooth” or other device option and then chooseBluetooth”.
6. Once the controller address appears, clickXbox Wireless Controller” and you are good to go.

About Xbox One

Before addressing the core question of how to play Xbox One on a laptop, we assume that it’s best to briefly run through some basic gaming know-hows. Read on for all the facts.

What Does Xbox Mean?

Xbox, developed by Microsoft, is a gaming console brand which can be connected to a TV and other technological devices. One outstanding feature that Xbox provides is its realistic graphics for various types of games. This Xbox internet-based gaming service has made Microsoft a strong competitor compared to others.

What Is Xbox One?

The Xbox One, released on November 22nd, 2013, is Microsoft’s eighth-generation video game console and a successor to Xbox 360 and the original Xbox. It comes with a built-in battery supporting the controller and a much squarer design. In comparison with Xbox 360, Xbox One is far more reliable, faster and more powerful thanks to its improved memory storage, graphics and CPU.

Xbox One Models

Xbox One Models

Another notable alteration is that the Kinect is no longer optional and there has been an increase in the scope of cloud. Yet, one sad news is that Xbox One is not backward compatible with most games and applications available in the two precursors of the Xbox family. However, the plus point is that today users can play games online thanks to the advent of Xbox Live.

The Xbox App On Windows 10

Since the Xbox app enables gamers to perform a wide range of activities that so far have only been completed directly on an Xbox One controller, there is no doubt that it has a paramount role to play in delivering the best and most comfortable experience to Windows 10 users.

Firstly, the Xbox app grants you full administration of your Xbox Live account and permission to join groups and parties via your personal computer to communicate with other comrades.
Secondly, the Xbox app acts as a remote control for your Xbox One. Whether you own a touch-based tech device or not, Xbox app shall work excellently in both cases with its swipe interface for the former and standard button layout for the latter.

Last but not least, Xbox app’s most striking feature probably lies in the fact that you can easily stream directly from your Xbox One to your computer regardless of your whereabouts as long as your Wi-Fi is stable. With such amazing functions from the Xbox app, you can quickly make a recording of your daily gameplay or take screenshots while playing.

What are the system requirements?

Below are the basic requirements you need to fulfill if you want to stream Xbox One on your computer.

  • A controller set
  • Network connectivity
  • Wired connection (optional, recommended not compulsory)
  • Windows 10 PC with 2 GB RAM, 5 GHz CPU and wireless performance ranging between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

How To Play Xbox Games Anywhere

Xbox Play Anywhere had its first official launch in 2016. This wonderful innovation has since then allowed Xbox gamers to play console games anywhere on their Windows 10 laptops. The only downside of it is that there should only be one person playing per account so you will not be able to play on different devices at the same time.

When you play, your progress will be automatically saved on Xbox Live. That is to say that you can always start from the same spot where you left yesterday, even on another tool.
However, it’s worth noting that Xbox Play Anywhere only works with games that have the “Play Anywhere” title. If you intend to play any of those titles, remember to check your hardware compatibility with the game.

Different games require certain types of memory and processor. The good news is that you do not need to check it manually as there is an automatic testing program placed under the Features part of a listing. Should you encounter several red crosses, you will need to purchase a more powerful laptop for Play Anywhere games to work.

Xbox Play Anywhere

Xbox Play Anywhere

Back to the setting procedures, open the Xbox app on your lap and log into your account. You will see the list of bought Xbox Play Anywhere titles that are ready to be downloaded.
In case you see no game in the Xbox app, search for it in Windows Store. After that, all you need to do is to have an active wi-fi in order to install the game. The final step is to connect the Xbox One console to your laptop by using a USB. Sounds simple enough, isn’t it?

What Is A Quick Fix To Some Network Lag And Errors?

As a matter of fact, playing Xbox One game or not, you might always stand the chance of experiencing some lag on your Wi Fi connection.

The best thing to do in such cases is to connect your system utilizing Ethernet cable. For smooth data transfer, the Ethernet cables have long been one step ahead of common Wi Fi. Another method you can employ to mitigate the lagging problem is using the Xbox Console companion app.


That’s everything about Xbox One! We know that many still prefer bigger telly screens over PCs but it’s also nice to know what we have in option in case your TV goes wrong, right?
Now you know how to play Xbox One on laptop, have you tried streaming Xbox One games to your personal computer yet? Do you think this Xbox One streaming ability is awesome? Will you use it frequently? Anyway, if you find this article useful and want more like this, let us know in the comment section below.

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I followed your steps, but after clicking on the “connect” button, it asks me to enter my Xbox IP.
From where can I find my IP


    Found solution to view IP address for xbox.
    Open “Advanced Settings” then select “IP Settings”. It will allow to view the IP address.


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