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How To See What’s Taking Up Space On Pc Windows 7 | A Simple Guide In Easy Steps

If you always receive many notifications of limited storage capabilities and it bothers you to use your computer comfortably, this article is for you. I will show you how to see what’s taking up space on PC Window 7 whether you are a desktop user or you have a laptop under 100, under 200 or any laptop under 1000 dollars.

For example, it may be frustrating if you solve the dilemma of how to download purchased movies from Amazon to PC only to find out that the actual problem is not having enough space for download.

This is why you need to check out our post to troubleshoot your hard drive now and ever.

How to see what's taking up space on PC Windows 7

I will introduce to you two different ways to discover what's going on in your hard disk storage and where large files locate.

See what’s taking up space in hard drive partitions

A hard disk is divided into several parts, including drives label C, D (both are existing in your PC), and any drives you can create in your computer. 

This method can help you to know the ranking of the drives' storage in your hard disk and easily choose a category to tackle your problem.

Step 1

Open Storage function on your PC windows 7

There are two ways to open this function. The first way is to access the Control Panel in your window bar. Also, you can right-click on the window icon in the bottom-left on your PC screen. 

Every computer user could do both ways above, even a low-tech user.

Don't be concerned and keep following my instruction!

You need to click on the System label. Next, you will access the Storage label on the left-side panel.

Step 2

Locate what parts are taking up space mostly in the list of hard drive partitions

After accessing the Storage label, you will have a clear view of the data usage in many local disks

Step 3

Address the problems and start to delete them

A local drive consists of various parts: apps&games, pictures, temporary files, documents, others, etc. All of these factors are sorted from the largest to smallest space usage, so it indicates a clear chart of the storage space in your Computer

Step 4

Click on categories and delete large or useless files

Click the category that you want to eliminate unused files in it. Your PC will guide you to the folder that contains that type of data.

All you need to do is choose which is useless or take up your space to remove them. 

Tips: Press Shift+Delete to permanently remove it from your PC without re-delete in the recycle bin

See what’s taking up space by sorting by size 

If you always receive notifications about full storage space and feel it bothers you, It's time to see what's taking up your space and free it up right away.

Keep reading to use those steps below to view the result of the most massive used data on your PC.

Step 1

Operate Windows Search window

Press Win (the window icon on your keyboard) + F to open the Window Search window 

Step 2

Locate the sorter

To sort your result, right-click in the search window.  On the screen, a small box will appear showing the sorter: Size and Date modified. 

The last action of this step is to click the Size sorter. 

(You can look at the above image to know where the size locates)

Step 3

Sort by size

In this step, you will choose the type size: gigantic. This action means you sort the most massive files on your PC.

The window system will identify any file that is larger than 128MB classified as gigantic

Step 4

Sort by Descending

Let's sort it from largest to smallest by right-clicking the window and choosing Descending. It would take you a little time but help you a lot right after

Step 5

Address the problems and determine hefty files to remove them

You have to wait for a few minutes for the result. Then, you can take a glance and determine which files are taking up most of your space.

Tips: While waiting for the result, access the Download folder to deleting some data you temporarily needed in the past

After reading my methods of “how to see what’s taking up space on PC Window 7”, whenever you receive any notification of limited available space in your hard disk, I hope my methods could help you to easily tackle your problems. 

It won't take you too long to discover and free up your useless data, so apply these steps to see effective results and troubleshoot what's taking up your space now and ever.

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