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How to solve 100% of disk errors on Windows 8 and Windows 10

Will be really upset when the computer runs slow. There are several causes and one of the causes that is 100% Disk Usage in task manager Windows 8/10 today. Here are four ways to help you solve that problem.

Causes and ways to fix Full Disk error 100% in Windows

Search agents consume hard drive performance

First remember tasks like copying/moving data available in machine, file compression/decompression, render video, … is what requires a very large hard drive bandwidth so if every time you have a machine running the task, so don’t be surprised why hurry slowly is a way confusing.

How to solve 100% of disk errors on Windows 8 and Windows 10

Also as usual with annoying slow machines, you open the Task Manager in Windows up using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc. If this window is in the form of exhaustion, then select the button More Detail below to appear in full.

Task Manager in Windows

In the Processes tab, you select the Disk to quickly see what would constitute the largest hard drive bandwidth.

Processes tab

If a third party application, then the solution is simply to turn off them by selecting on and press the button End the task below.

cpu overload

Also where is the Windows service components then you continue to manipulate four ways are presented below.

How to deal when your hard drive is overloaded on a regular  ?

Using antivirus software, malware scans the whole system

scan virus kaspersky

As the system grows very unusual then you can put the question on the problem of being infected with malware, viruses. Obviously they are the causative agent cost, reducing performance significantly. So using the antivirus software as powerful as Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Avast free 2015, AVG, … to scan the whole system is the thing to do first. In addition to ensuring cleanup of malware to stick in the air in a way most clean then you can use the add software Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free, lightweight but highly effective

Disable indexing feature on Windows

In the new edition of Windows, Microsoft has brought more order to indexing features to assist users to search data in the air more quickly. However a few cases errors can render the system suffering “repeated searches” that cause waste of hard drive performance very much. To temporarily disable this feature to go (until the system restart), you right-click on the icon Menu Start button > select Command Prompt (Admin).

In the window that appears, you type on the command line net.exe stop “Windows search” and press Enter.

If you want to disable this service, you must press the key combination Windows + R, in the window that appears type in services.msc, click Ok.

 you must press the key combination Windows + R

After a short period of time, the hard drive bandwidth will be liberated very much helps to increase the performance of your back. If not then try the next way.

Disable XX Service

For some reason, the service bears the name of this mystery-filled Windows can also cause the overload for the hard drive regularly. Turning off the service is also quite simple. You also open Command Prompt administrator as instructed above, type in the command net.exe stop superfetch and press Enter. Please wait a while for the change to take effect. In addition you should also run the test drive in Command Prompt to make sure. Type Chkdsk.exe/f/r in to  and hit Enter.


Note that you will see the message needs to restart the system to complete the order it has just executed so you should save your work and disable the other program before starting. After having done most of the hard drives that you still don’t overload in the daunting, or try through Wednesday.

Check if there is an error caused by Flash

When surfing the web today, flash is already too familiar to everyone. However this is the old standard, many vulnerabilities and can cause bad impact to the system as the cost of hard drive performance. Sites like Youtube, Facebook have moved through the use of HTML5, you absolutely can use it without the need to Flash again. To disable this component on Chrome, you type chrome://plugins in the address line of the browser and hit Enter. You find the Adobe Flash Player and click Disable.

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