The Best Guideline On How to use Portable Google Chrome at your convenience

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What is Portable Google Chrome? Where does it come from? And the most important is How to best use Portable Google Chrome at your convenience? No doubt that you think you know everything about Google Chrome. Well, the following facts may give you a pleasant surprise.

After all, Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers with more than 60 percent of users worldwide. You will be surprised though, there is actually a portable Google Chrome! Don’t worry, today we will tell you everything about how to best use portable Google Chrome at your convenience! Feeling interested now, right? Let’s start to check it out!

Portable Apps and Normal Apps – which is best?

What helps you figure out differences between portable apps and normal apps? Or are they similar? Let’s have a look.

Normal apps

The normal apps are usually installed on to the local computer by using an installer from the Internet.

The set-up of software might take less time to connect to the operating system of the machine. You don’t have to wait too long for the program to run after downloading it.

During the installation, the process will be finished if there are adequate files. If one file is missed or corrupted, you will not have to start it again. Some apps might be set up on the same drive as the one you have installed in your operating system.

A regular app sometimes could have effects on the critical system files on your computer. Because the app is allowed to modify these files in order to be properly set up.

Thus, the uninstall of the same software might less affect the usage of a software on the machine.
One of the biggest advantages of an installable app is that you can customize it to work how you want it to.

For instance, to avoid time- consuming, the full version of Google Chrome is always available to remember your passwords, the toolbars and tabs you last opened.

Portable apps

Imagine when you worked on a new device. And, a few of your frequently used apps are available at that time. Then, would you download the installers and spend a little time setting them up to work? Well, it is perfect that you could get the portable version of those apps. So convenient, isn’t it?

Well, to get started, portable apps mean those are always available without spending time for installation anywhere. That’s what makes them portable. You can carry it on USB sticks and use it on any computer without having to install it on every computer that you wish to use.

All you have to do is to plug the flash drive containing the portable programs into the computer currently in use and start your work. Brilliant, right? No waiting, no hassle, no fear of error while installing.

With portable apps, your problem of uninstallation of normal apps is completely solved, as they leave any trace on the machine you run them on.

Therefore, every data, including your saved settings, is stored in the portable app’s folder on the external drive independent from the same computer. Thus, if you are working on something private, you can protect your work from prying eyes. The apps you are using will be perfectly protected either.

As portable apps don’t save their data on the computer’s local files, it reduces the possibility of corrupting critical files. No more leaking happens since portable software doesn’t need to modify system files in order to efficiently function. They also do not take up space in the computer’s storage, making it extremely convenient.

However, since some portable apps are resized to fit into external drives’ current storage, they may enjoy second best features of installable versions. Some of your personal settings and preferences will be remembered.

What is Portable Google Chrome?

Portable Google Chrome
We are absolutely sure that you now understand what portable apps are. Therefore, we now fully understand that Portable Google Chrome is, in fact, Google Chrome at the core.

Well, portable Google Chrome is the lite version that you can use anywhere, anytime without the hassle of installation. The only thing you need is to download, unzip, put portable Google Chrome on a flash drive, and launch it on any desktop.

Have you ever wished to browse the Internet quickly on any new computer in a convenient way? Then, Portable Google Chrome is perfect for you. In case you do your search and work on a different desktop, what would you do? Portable Google Chrome will efficiently prevent data leaks from happening.

Your search history, even hints of you ever used the program will never be left behind. Your own work will be totally confidential, ensuring your complete privacy.

Portable Google Chrome is suitable for users such as technicians – who have to run some software on different machines; ones usually work with sensitive data; even average users who want to protect their privacy from being violated.

How To Install Portable Google Chrome conveniently

As mentioned above, you will not need to install portable Google Chrome directly on your computer. To enjoy a much faster and secure browsing experience whenever you want, here’s all you have to do:

  • Step 1: Get a portable flash drive. It can be your convenient USB stick or your useful pen drive. Then plug it directly into your computer.
    connect portable flash drive

    Connect Flash Drive

  • Step 2: Ready to visit to download the portable version of Google Chrome
  • Step 3: Then open directly the downloaded file and pick your language
  • Step 4: Simply click “Next
  • Step 5: Read carefully the Terms and Conditions (don’t skip this) then click “I Agree
  • Step 6: Easily click “Browse”, choose your USB/ pen drive in the location folder to install the program
  • Step 7: Click “Install” and wait for the green bars to finish loading. This will take you no less than 40 seconds.
  • Step 8: Click “Finish” and ready to run the program

Well-done, my dears! Easy as pie, right? Now you can use portable Google Chrome anywhere and anytime you want!

How To Best Use Portable Google Chrome

Once you have set up the app, you can use it immediately like Google Chrome on the desktop. Just ready to plug your flash drive into the machine you choose, go to your drive’s location, open the GoogleChromePortable.exe file and voila! You will absolutely see the familiar Welcome Screen. From there, you can sign in directly to your Google account and sync your history, your passwords and tabs.

After that, simply use the app just like what you always do. For instance, to get a website started, simply type its URL address into the address bar at the top, then hit Enter on your keyboard. Even better, when you want to google search something, just type it directly into the address bar as well. It will suggest the search results for you to pick, and correct typos for you just in case.

While browsing among websites, you can use the back, forward, and refresh button. You can also view your search history, save bookmarks, open toolbar, and personalize your settings.

One of the most outstanding features of Google Chrome is also available in this portable version: the extensions. Simply, extensions are third-party programs providing new features to your browser or create shortcuts to web services. You can download and install them from Chrome’s web store to enhance your web surfing experiences.


We have introduced to you the complete step-to-step guide on how to best use portable Google Chrome at your convenience. After all, you might find yourself asking: how can I miss something like this until now? A portable app which includes all the features of the full version, while being much handier and much faster.

Not only that, in this modern age where the risk of data getting stolen and cybersecurity getting breached is practically everywhere, this app is a perfect solution to protect your work from all the possible dangers.

Hopefully, the potential of portable apps will be fully realized the soonest. Until then, thank you for reading our straight-to-the-point guide on how to best use portable Google Chrome.

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