How to using Gamecaster XSplit?

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Gamecaster XSplit help you classify and manage images taken during games easily. You can easily pick out his best play videos to share with friends and other gamers.

How to using Gamecaster XSplit?

How to transfer images gaming ?

Step 1: Click on the corresponding option (Streaming) on ​​XSplit Gamecaster menu to use this feature.

First, the program will be asked to choose the resolution for images. Depending on the resolution you want to use that XSplit Gamecaster will connect you with the most compatible server. If the network latency of 100ms or less used, the program will connect you with the nearest server and to a resolution of 720p. In the opposite case, then your picture quality is only 540p.
In automatic mode, the software will default to the frame rate of 30 FPS.

Step 2: After selecting a resolution, XSplit Gamecaster will test the capabilities of the CPU and GPU on the machine to select the most appropriate encoders. Normally, the program will default to the best H.264 encoders, x264, to get high video quality low bitrate who.

XSplit Gamecaster will test if the computer CPU usage is lower than or equal to 60% when using a resolution in step 1, the x264 codec will be used. In the opposite case, XSplit Gamecaster will use other decoder on board (if any). This helps to ensure the computer is not overloaded during image transfer.

Gamecaster XSplit

Step 3: In the case of high CPU usage over 60% when tested in step 2, then the user needs to adjust more to use XSplit Gamecaster. The solution in this situation is to reduce the image resolution (minimum of 240p). This means that the level will lower CPU utilization, which processes video to smoother gaming, stutter, lag.

How to video streaming gaming ?

Step 4: The program will conduct a bandwidth test to decide whether the inline connection of users can maintain the default bitrate enough to export image format was selected. If the tests succeed, you can continue and comfortable transmit their images. However, in the opposite case, XSplit Gamecaster will have to adjust image resolution until test results obtained bandwidth as standard.

How to video streaming gaming ?

Step 1: In automatic mode, XSplit Gamecaster always use the original game resolution and 30 FPS frame rate as the default parameters.

Step 2: The program will conduct performance testing system, if CPU utilization rate 60% greater than the resolution of the image will change from the original value to the next value that XSplit Gamecaster support (720p, 540p, 480p, 360p). This process will continue until the rate of CPU utilization falls below 60%.

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