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Best Gaming Laptop Under 500

Gaming laptops are those designed specifically to handle the enormous workload from gaming. Normally, they must have superior specifications in the processor, RAM, graphics, and disk drive. For this reason, a decent gaming laptop often costs about $1000, so it might be ideal for a big budget buyer. Even upgrading to one that’s just another […]

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Best Gaming Laptop Under 600

You happened to come upon ‘the best gaming laptop under 600’ – according to the seller? It sounds legit enough and you are considering seizing the deal? Woa, hold your horse! Undoubtedly, gaming is such a perfect way to have fun during this depressing quarantine. But here is the thing. In terms of games, a […]

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Best Gaming Laptop Under $1200

With the radical growth of the mobile gaming industry nowadays, owning the best gaming laptop under 1200 with sophisticated design, stable performance at a reasonable price is on the wishlist of every avid gamer. However, there are a variety of shapes, sizes ranging from affordable prices to the most luxurious ones when it comes to […]

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Best Laptops for Music Production

Music is food for the soul. You don’t have to be an artist to start creating your own tunes. What you need is a few good software, some basic know-hows, and most importantly, the best laptops for music production. When picking a laptop for the job, you might get overwhelmed by the choices present in […]

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Best i7 Laptops – A Comprehensive Buying Guide for 2020

It’s utterly understandable that many find it hard to make up their minds when it comes to opting for the best i7 laptops. After all, as they are among the most powerful laptops available, they aren’t as cheap compared to their 3 core and 5 core counterparts. Best i7 Laptops 1. Microsoft Surface Book Indeed, […]

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The Best 4k Laptops For The Best Visual – Detailed Review

4K resolution used to be visible on television only. However, due to the technology’s increasingly-fast development nowadays, 4K has been applied to laptops, which makes up the list of the best 4K laptops you have always waited for. Jump right in this article to find out the best 4K laptops you can get! Detailed Reviews […]

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Best Linux Laptops For Tech-lovers In 2020!

We all undeniably need a laptop with strong configuration while Linux has recently been the star in the computer’s operating system family. If you are looking for the combination of these two features, you have come to the right place. Here is the list of best Linux laptops you can find in 2020! Stay tuned […]

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