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Best MacBook Air Sleeve And Cases For The Trendiest Apple Fans!

No one can be sure that they can keep an eye on their laptops at all times. What is the sound you hear when your Macbook falls to the floor? We guess you don’t even wanna think about that. Let’s read the best MacBook Air sleeve and cases to find the best way to protect your device. Remember, these are specifically for Macbook Airs – if you have a Macbook Pro use these sleeves since they are a little thicker,

This article not only shows you the top 5 products in the market but also gives several useful tips to pick the right product for your needs. Let’s check it out!

Why Does Your MacBook Air Need the Sleeve And Cases?

The Macbook Air always steals our heart by its luxury design. With an aluminum case and lightweight design, it is a perfect device for professional works. However, have you ever wondered how fragile it is?

The MacBook Air is the combination of many components integrated in a small aluminum case. Despite the aluminum material looking cleaner and professional than plastic bodies, this type is more prone to scratches.

The screen is a fragile part of your Macbook.. The Retina screen gives the high pixel density and good anti-glare, but it’s also easily damaged by the lightest collision. If this part is broken, the repairs will be much more difficult and costly.

Besides, a drop from a height of over 1m can cause cracks and damages to the laptop’s internal components. It’s the reason why you need to protect your Macbook as soon as possible.

Now, we are about to show you two best laptop accessories to cover your device, using the sleeve and cases.

The cases

Like the smartphone’s case, this type of case sticks on the surface of your laptop to minimize scratches. The full set case can cover the screen, outer surface, and the keyboard.

There are many types of MacBook cases in the market with diverse colours, materials, and styles. With this case, you can easily custom your MacBook to any style you want.

However, the Macbook case does not completely protect your device. A scratch-resistant and trendy style are all the values it brings. You can’t ask the case to protect your device during some serious falls. If you prefer a better cover, the sleeve will be an ideal choice.

The sleeve

Typically, the sleeve will cover the whole surface of your device. Working as a reliable shell, it can save your “buddy” from any serious falls. Thanks to the thick layers of foam, the sleeve can reduce impact force and produce better covering than the MacBook case.

On the other hand, it may make your device a bit thicker or look bulkier. Besides, your Macbook is only covered inside out when put on the sleeve.

Best MacBook Air Sleeve And Cases

Now, you have known why we need the sleeve and cases for your Macbook. So, how can you find one which meets your requirements? Without further ado, check the top list MacBook Air sleeve and cases below now.

#1 MOSISO MacBook Air

MOSISO MacBook Air

MOSISO MacBook Air

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First off the list, we give you the best solution for your MacBook protection -Mosiso. If you are looking for a high-end product that has good quality and great design, you should keep the Mosiso brand in your mind.

MOSISO MacBook Air is the combination of sleeve and case type. This model provides a full protection option that includes a sleeve bag, hard plastic case, screen protector, keyboard cover, and webcam cover.

The case is designed to fit the body perfectly, including plugs and wires. It also comes with vents for heat dissipation in the back, and Apple logo on top.

In the exterior, the cover is made from high-quality rubber which stands against any damage. Moreover, this material gives you a smooth feeling when touching on.

The screen protector and keyboard cover are also of high quality. You can easily apply them at home or ask service technicians for help, they will be helpful when handling air holes.

Overall, this product can totally protect your MacBook thanks to the sturdy combination of sleeve and case type. It also comes with many color options. If you don’t mind about the price, Mosiso is a great brand that you must consider.


  • Full protect option
  • Good quality material
  • 7 color available


  • Costly

#2 KECC Laptop Case for MacBook Air

KECC Laptop Case for MacBook Air

KECC Laptop Case for MacBook Air

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If you are bored with these monochromatic colours above, the fresh design of the KECC case won’t let you down.

With many options up to 22 templates, you can easily customize your MacBook with various styles. This unit will make your MacBook look more youthful and stylish.

Besides, the shell cover is sprayed by rubberized oil paint for a smooth rubber outer texture. Thanks to this layer, the cover is relatively resistant to fingerprints and collision. It is handy when you have ‘’wet’’ hands as the rubber cover will resist slip and create a better grip feel.

Rubberized feet is another feature to keep your MacBook stable and secure. The back of the casing is designed with multiple heat sinkholes to allow your device to work in the ventilated conditions.

Nobody wants their backpack to feel heavier for holding too many spare parts, right?

Relax! The KECC laptop sleeve is made from lightweight and thin material. It doesn’t take too much space in your backpack so you can barely see the difference.

If you wanna try some fresh ‘’clothes’’ for your MacBook, the KECC Laptop Case will be your selection. It comes with a case, keyboard cover, screen protector, and sleeve.


  • High-quality case
  • A wide selection of styles


  • Does not support some MacBook Air models

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#3 UESWILL MacBook Air 13 inch

UESWILL MacBook Air 13 inch

UESWILL MacBook Air 13 inch

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Let’s now take a walk with us through the features of UESWILL product. UESWILL will be a suitable option when you already have a keyboard cover and screen protector because it only comes with a case and one microfibre cleaning cloth.

Standing out from the counterparts, UESWILL case is made from high-quality polycarbonate. In the top layer, it is covered with frosted coating rubber to provide a high-quality and smooth surface. Besides, the Apple logo is also protected by a transparent rubber layer.

Absolutely , this product is “born” for the MacBook Air. However, you must ensure that it is a perfect match with your model before buying.

The UESWILL case is compatible with model A1369 / A1466. You can check it by the small paper stuck under your Macbook which displays all information about your device.


  • High-quality case
  • Sophisticated design


  • Doesn’t include keyboard cover, screen protector.

#4 Omoton MacBook Air

Omoton MacBook Air

Omoton MacBook Air

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If you are a classic lover, Omoton MacBook Air must be included in your shopping list. It isn’t just a case, it’s your best friend for a day at work.

Thanks to the special design, you can use the Omoton case as a small stand that helps you type and read easier. Besides, with an angle of 9 degrees from the table, it offers a remarkable cooling effect and avoids thermal overload.

Also, the Omoton is made from polycarbonate and synthetic leather. And that’s the secret behind its consistent finish quality. However, PU leather isn’t a durable material. Thus, you should not place it in damp places to avoid mould problems.


  • Special stand
  • Elegant design
  • Remarkable cooling effect


  • No extra pockets

#5 GMYLE Vintage Book

GMYLE Vintage Book

GMYLE Vintage Book

Buy it on Amazon.com
Finally, let’s have a look at the most special case in our list – GMYLE Vintage Book sleeve. As its name suggests, this case will turn your Macbook into the most eye-catching book ever. If you’re a book collector, a GMYLE sleeve must be in your collection.

At first glance, it looks like a cool vintage book. Let’s imagine how surprised your friends are when you “open” that book? It will be interesting!

Besides the unique shapes, this case is made from thick leather material and has a strong spine. Thus, never mind about its durability! It can keep your MacBook safe and sound in any fall.

However, the thick layer is the double-edged sword. There are no air vents on this sleeve that can cause some thermal overload problems. You can also remove it and put your Macbook in an airy environment.


  • Vintage design
  • Durability


  • No air vents


We hope the best MacBook Air sleeve and cases article above can help you pick the right model for your MacBook. The sleeve and cases not only retain your device’s brand-new look, but also save your MacBook in some careless situations (and save your money, too!).

Besides, you must check the Macbook size and series before bringing it back home with you. The wrong size or wrong model will risk your laptop’s lifespan as well as its shiny and smooth surface.

All in all, thanks for reading our best Macbook Air sleeve and cases review. See ya!

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