MailChecker – Show new email notification system tray

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Certain tasks require you to read and reply to emails as soon as possible, especially in this era of e-commerce today. Or simply have several email requires immediate attention of you, by simple sometimes a little faster just winning.

If you open the mailbox, you absolutely know when a new email is sent to, but the problem is you can not go a few minutes to check the mailbox once, so be very annoying and disrupt the public Other work, especially when you have more than one email address. Besides the many tabs open continuous consuming computer memory.

MailChecker - Show new email notification system tray

Download MailChecker for free

Download here, it’s freedom.

There is a very small utility that can help you keep track of your email Anti-Mail Checker quickly.

MailChecker is an open source application used to track your mailbox and notify the system tray when a new email.

The software will show a very small visual notification system tray cover on the sender, date sent, header and a body of the email, together with a small sound to alert the user.

Then proceed with the installation, the installation interface very simple program.

Once installed, the program will run underground in the system tray, you right-click the icon of the program (form letter orange) to select a language, default language is English 2 and Hungary. You Click Settings to set up your email accounts.

Setting dialog box appears, to add an account, please click on the Add button (shaped sign “+”), then enter your account information, select the time period check box once and then Save again. Currently, the program only supports Gmail and AOL.

Whenever there is a new email arrives in your mailbox, you will receive a notification blue in the lower right corner of your screen, along with a warning sound. If you double-click the program icon, the browser will open the mailbox of the ban.

During the testing process, utility work very well with Gmail accounts, but is only limited support for Gmail and AOL, but nonetheless mail service Gmail is still the most popular and most of them use.

Hopefully in future versions, the author will support many more mail hosts.

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