Maintenance for Mac system

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Maintenance tools for Mac is a free system maintenance was designed with the aim of cleaning up junk files and unnecessary applications on devices using OS X.

Maintenance for Mac system

Also, you can use this utility to carry out repairs on the machine and the right to execute the scripts for system maintenance.

How to Mac running efficiently?

Maintenance software for Mac is compact and easy to install with only 6 MB size. Users simply drag and drop the application on the computer screen or the Applications folder and double-click to run the program.

This software will display a screen Log. In this window, you can see the start time of each process and the time required to delete junk files on your system as well as to carry out maintenance work.

The simple interface of Maintenance for Mac allows users to quickly access the most important features of the application. This app only provides a single window, with three settings:

Maintenance, Cleaning and Rebuild. Each section contains a number of options to help users perform specific tasks.

In the Maintenance section, users are offered the option to conduct system maintenance scripts and edit the part related to the rights on the system. Specifically, Maintenance for Mac supports run three standard script to clean temporary files and system log files.

Meanwhile, users are supporting a number of options in the setup process Cleaning for maintenance. You can clear the cache on your system, applications, or even the font. At the same time, users can also remove system log files and temporary files on your system. Besides, Maintenance for Mac also encourage users to perform this operation because this cached files occupy unnecessary space Mac hard drive, so slow speed and device performance.
Besides a number of options on, Maintenance for Mac also supports features such as Cleaning Logs and Diagnostic Reports. When activating two features, the application will delete log files and historical system access on your web browser.
Finally, in the Rebuild, you can rebuild Spotlight’s Index System. This will erase Spotlight Index is available and automatically start the process of indexing the disk to create a new index. This process will help improve the performance of system components, for example, file search operation will be carried out faster. Not only that, Maintenance for Mac also provides an option that allows locking Spotlight on all folders or drives by adding own list of Spotlight.

 Mac system

Also, in the list Preferences also supports some basic options and improve the following: custom interface program, lock / enable scanning SMART (this operation will be carried out automatically immediately While running the program). Also, if you have the Administrator account, you absolutely can establish that Maintenance for Mac can clean up and maintain the system for all user accounts.
After weighing and marking the option you want to use, users can click the Execute button to execute the action or you can click the Restore button Defults to use the default settings of the program.

Maintenance for Mac system Tips

System maintenance:
Perform Script Maintenance.
Fixing the system right.
Clean up system:
Clear the cache of system, application and font.
Send log file reports and reporting system crashes.
Delete temporary files and junk files on your system.
Rebuilding the system:
Run a service to rebuild the system.
Edit Spotlight Index.
Edit Mail Envelope Index.
Edit displaying folder contents (index directory).

Users must have Administrator rights to run the application.
Install BSD subsystem.

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