Optical Chip help store information permanently

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This type of electronic chip may alter the entire structure of the basic design of current computers.

Scientists in the UK have developed a new generation of first chip based entirely on light technology, capable of permanently storing data. And in the future, thanks to the chip that we can receive and send data at the speed of light.

Optical Chip help store information permanently

The computer operates on light technology currently being scientists and technology developers tried. Because lighting technology is the most powerful breakthrough of us to overcome the biggest hurdle in the creation of faster and more powerful computer: the status “von-Neumann bottleneck”.

Currently, the data transmission speed of the computer we have always slower data transfer speeds really that these computers can operate. This can be explained because we had reached the final limit in increasing the speed of movement of electrons between the processor and memory.

Computing at the speed of light

“It would not work if we try to create more powerful processor while limiting factors need to be addressed here is the speed of information transmission and by memory. This is exactly what is called the condition “von-Neumann bottleneck,” said one of the researchers, engineers Harish Bhaskaran from the University of Oxford said. “But we think that the use of light will increase rapidly speed information transfer between the processor and memory, and completely overcome the situation,” von-Neumann bottleneck.

faster computers

The creation of the computer-operated lighting technology does not simply replace the electron in the current computer by light particles – photons. If this is done, the information transmission rate will be increased greatly, but the electronic chip is made of silicon that we have today are still asked to switch from the information light (photons) the electronic information (electrons) when data is transmitted to a computer.

This process makes the communication speed slows down again and spend a lot of energy.

Then, compare the two results, the method uses the information light (photons) in combination with silicon chips proved less effective than those methods using only electronic information (electrons) as original.

Therefore, the scientists need to redesign the whole system of the computer base, operate them based on light rather than electronic signals today. Generation of computer chip technology based on a newly developed light will bring us closer to this goal.

Known as one known as “memory made up of photons,” based memory technology this light is not an entirely new idea. But for the technology engineer at first, the creation of these chips really is a difficult challenge. They must not only try to make chips based on the technology of light more stable operation, simultaneously, redress must keep a lasting energy source to store data. This means that, if used this chip, we have to turn the computer power forever, if not all of the data will disappear. Of course, this is not a result of the fact that the researchers wanted.

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