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Best Pink Laptops For Dreamy, Fashionable Chicks!

Are you looking for another color from traditional ones, i.e black or white of your laptops? And are you willing to replace them with something leaning toward the pretty side? Then reward yourself with the best pink laptops!

Needless to say, laptops have become one of the most indispensable portable tools for any life category! Long gone are the days of people tending to buy laptops with classical colors like black, silver; nowadays, colors like purple and pink have become increasingly popular.

However, looking for the best laptop is not that easy, and getting the best laptop in your favorite color is even more challenging than ever!

Besides considering important factors when buying laptops such as price, design, and utilities,making sure that your laptop is in harmony with the pink color is a must!

So, what will you do to find the best laptops in pink? Is it easy to balance between the beautiful color and the quality of a laptop? Among millions of laptops sold in the market, it can be hard for you to pick one which can meet all your demands!

Hang on, we are here for you! Your idea is so great! And we appreciate it very much! If you need help, our top 5 best laptops in pink can lend you a helping hand. Let’s start to check them out!

Best pink laptops – An in-depth Review

Newest HP Stream

The top of the list is the newest product from HP, the HP Stream N4000! Eye-catching with the luxurious design and the elegant color of pink, this product from HP will capture your attention for sure! If your requirement is to find a laptop with a good-looking appearance, this HP stream will never let you down!

Not only being attractive by the design, but this laptop is also highly recommended due to its beneficial functions that will satisfy most of your demands!

HP Stream N4000

Featured with the Intel Celeron N4000, HP Stream N4000 offers users a 2.6GHz memory speed and 4 MB Cache. This configuration is regarded to be strong and stable enough to solve all the daily tasks which need the use of a laptop for an affordable price – normally at around $400, but even less than $700 if it has all of the possible upgrades.

Moreover, this “handsome guy” provides users with the 4 GB RAM and 32GB storage, which will be a very suitable choice for anyone who uses laptops for office work and study! On top of that, you will also be capable of downloading a number of helpful applications and doing some necessary upgrades for your laptops!

Last but not least, compatible with most of the common jacks nowadays, including HDMI, SD Media Card Reader, USB, Headphone/Microphone and more, this multifunctional Newest HP Stream will allow you to work conveniently no matter where you are!

  • Large screen in 14 inches
  • Window 10 S OS supported
  • Lightweight with the compact design
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Renewed product
  • 32GB is small for Win10
  • No backlight keyboard
  • Slowly and laggy
This HP Stream in pink is ideal for those who want to have a laptop which is cool but still great for office work and study! Durable and long-lasting, but for high-efficient performance, this laptop will be the second best idea!

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Ready to possess a pink laptop from a very famous brand in the world? Let us introduce to you the wonderful Microsoft Surface Laptop 3! This newest version from Microsoft with an elegant and clean design will give you a fantastic experience!

Offering users 16GB RAM and 512GB Storage, this laptop is extremely perfect for any work requirement! No matter how many apps or upgrades you want to install for your laptop, with this one, the storage is no longer a big deal!

What’s more? Well, the following feature will certainly exceed your expectations! With the Intel Core i7, this laptop provides users with a more optimized speed than ever! Thanks to it, your working efficiency will be much improved in just a few seconds without any effort!

Able to be used all day on the go with up to 11.5 hours working, this Microsoft is actually an ideal tool for portability! Besides these advantages, it also provides users with a touchscreen, which will help to deal with all the tasks more conveniently and easily! If you are looking for a perfect laptop in pink for less than $2,000, don’t miss this one!

  • All-day power to use
  • Elegant design
  • 16GB RAM – 512GB storage
  • Fast Charging
  • Faster than Surface Laptop 2
  • Long battery life
  • High price
  • Heating system
  • Bad return policy
As the price is extremely high, the benefits you receive will be numerous, of course! Touchscreen, large RAM and storage, fast-charging, and all-day power, these advantages seem extremely attractive!
If you can afford this high-price laptop, it will be absolutely the best supporter for your daily work!

New Apple MacBook Air

Apple, one of the most luxurious brands in the world, will never miss this competition! The New Apple MacBook Air, with the pink pastel color and eye-catching design, will be able to melt any girl’s heart at first sight!

New Apple MacBook Air

In terms of screen quality, this Macbook provides the 4 million-pixel Retina display. Along with the True Tone technology, this newest product from Apple will probably bring you an immersive experience by the most lively and colorful images!

Featured with the Intel Core i7 CPU, this brand takes pride in providing users up to 2X performance, up to 80% faster graphics efficiency, and more!

Worrying about the lack of memory keeps you awake all night long? Immediately get rid of that feeling because this laptop will offer you an 8 GB RAM and 512 GB Storage for your best experience!

  • 20% keyboard larger – more room for multi-touch gesture
  • Touch ID – password by your fingerprint
  • 2X more pass
  • More accurate sounds
  • HD camera for the best facetime
  • High price
  • Sometimes slow and laggy
As a high-end product, it is undoubted that Macbooks are always appreciated by users! It may cost the high price, nearly the highest among many brands; however, the benefits you will receive from this laptop are countless!

Google Pixelbook Go

Google PixelBook Go

An advisable laptop from another famous brand – Google will be the next option for you to choose your best pink laptop! Google Pixelbook Go Chromebook, like its name, is designed for being good to go, easy to move, and comfortable to work anywhere!

All power for up to 12 hours, this Chromebook definitely allows users to bring along with the laptop without a charger! If someday you need it, the laptop for 2-hour use will be charged in just 20 minutes!

Built for comfort, this laptop with the following functions will help you work without any difficulty. Do you have to work for a night? Don’t worry because this laptop’s backlit keyboard will bring you Hush Keys, which will allow you to work without creating any noise.

Are you planning to use this laptop for entertainment? It’s such a good idea! With the Google Pixelbook Go, you will have the chance to enjoy fascinating pictures and lively sounds thanks to the 13.3 inches HD touchscreen and dual stereo speakers! Surely, by using this Chromebook, your every day will be long-lasting entertainment!

  • Compact design
  • 12-hour continuously working without charging
  • Intel Core i5 CPU – able to start up in just a second
  • 16GB RAM, 128GB Storage
  • Built-in antivirus software
  • Automatic Chrome OS updates
  • Reasonable price
  • May have some problems with Microsoft Office
  • May have battery issues
  • May not be durable
Comfort to bring along with when working outside, however, this laptop still has some limitations! If you find its multifunction without durability is limited, this laptop might be your second choice!

HP Stream 14-inch Laptop

The last recommendations in the list comes another product from HP, the HP Stream 14-inch laptop! Offering the elegant design with the rose pink color, this version of HP Stream will capture your attention the first time you look at it!

HP Stream 14inch laptop

Thin and lightweight, this laptop with a compact design will be suitable for most of your daily activities! Besides the functionality and style, it also combines the ability to connect users with one another only by the use of the Internet and Google accounts!

In terms of CPU, HP Stream is well-equipped with the AMD dual-core processor. This chipset produces from 1.5 GHz to 2.2 GHz memory speed, which will improve the laptop productivity and response speed at each use!

Last but not least, another outstanding feature provided by this laptop is the bios recovery and protection! Thanks to this function, you are able to check your PC’s health and protect it from unrecognized access.
Consequently, by the use of HP Stream, your local storage will be strongly secured and protected from accesses with bad purposes!

  • 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage
  • Office 365 personal for one year
  • 1TB of OneDrive storage for one year
  • High resolution Display Screen
  • Windows 10 Home in S mode available
  • Up to 8-hour working
  • Not upgradeable memory
  • Slow and laggy
It is no doubt that this laptop has eye-catching design and sufficient functions for daily tasks! If you are looking for a laptop for your office work or research, this laptop will succeed in satisfying you! However, for specialized jobs such as editing or gaming, you might consider choosing another because you might not want its slow speed to affect your efficiency!

How to choose the best pink laptops?


The laptop is kind of a portable tool, as a result, when buying it, size always matters first! Frequently, its size varies from 11.6 to 17.3 inches, and you can easily find the common laptop sizes of 13.3, 15.6 and 17.3 inches offered by very famous brands like Asus, OEM, Dell, and HPsize laptops
However, unlike the RAM that you can be updated later, your laptop size is unchangeable! As a consequence, before buying a new laptop, you should consider the size that suits you best to make sure it will be helpful for your work requirements!

If you tend to work outside, and your laptop needs portability, products with 12.5 or 13.3 inches in size are advisable for your demands! These laptops, besides their smaller size, are also lighter than the large ones with just about 1 or 1.5 kgs in weight! And by the use of these ones, working outside will never mind you anymore!

However, you should keep in mind that small-sized laptops may not offer the high-efficient CPU like Intel Core i7. Therefore, if you desire your laptop to work for specialized jobs like editing or programming, larger than 13.3 inches laptops should be your top choice!


Not all small brands provide bad products! However, if you have less expertise in terms of the laptop, reputational brands will always be your safer choice! Trusted brands will not only give you laptops with high-quality and good-looking designs but also offer you the best customer services!

laptop brands

For reference, you can search for some reputational brands such as Dell, HP, Asus, or Apple, which are always highly recommended by users as their first-listed choice when buying a new laptop! Additionally, offering the best after-sales services, probably these brands will bring you the most satisfying buying experience!

Moreover, recently rose gold or pink laptops provided by these brands are also more outstanding than other competitors due to the elegant design and eye-catching color. Feeling curious? Let’s figure their stores right now to pick your favorite laptop!


Ram laptops

Nowadays, an electronic device with 8 GB of RAM is a minimum requirement even if it is for your daily use! If you want to buy a new laptop, more than 8 GB products should be your first selection! The more memory you get, the more applications you can download! Therefore, if you can afford it, a laptop with more RAM will exceed your expectation!


If you question about which CPU you should choose for your laptop, depending on your work requirements, Core i3, i5, and i7 CPUs may be the best answers for you! While Core i3 is commonly used for entry-level systems, the CPU of Core i7 is able to give you the best performance from the laptop!

intel CPU

If you want your new laptop to be used mostly for office work and study, Core i3 and i5 CPUs will be suitable enough for you to choose from! But if you need a laptop to help you with specialized jobs like editing, programming, or gaming, Core i7 will be your best choice!

However, you should pay attention that the laptop with Core i7 CPU will be able to heat up very fast! Therefore, to keep your laptop in good condition, you should use the radiator fan whenever you work with the laptop to reduce its heat!

Screen Quality

How important the screen quality is when buying a laptop! Always! Try working with your laptop for a long time, you will realize how significant the screen quality is! To make sure your laptop is comfortable to look and use, let’s follow this advice to choose a suitable screen!

screen quality or resolution

Firstly, carefully consider whether you need a touchscreen laptop! The touchscreen is a new high technological feature that will bring users many outstanding benefits! As a result, when buying a new laptop, buyers will look for a touchscreen laptop to optimize its functions!

However, besides advantages, this touchscreen may affect your working efficiency! In detail, this screen adds a glossiness to the screen which will lead to the reflections. If you work with the laptop for more than an hour, you may find it annoying!

This disadvantage, for a long time use, may affect your performance, especially when you are gaming! The screen, in some cases, will make it hard for you to look and use, as a result, affect your workability and lead to several serious health problems in the near future!

Therefore, if your work requires working with the laptop for hours, take this point into consideration to make sure it will not have negative influences on your performance!


Should we also buy a fan together with our laptop?

The answer is yes, especially if you have to work frequently with your laptop! Heat is the enemy of your laptop life, as a result, to keep your laptop in good condition, you should reduce it when using the fan!

What is the best laptop for students?

It is also dependable on the major you are studying! If your major is concerned more about academic research such as science, economics or education, a laptop with Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU will best support your study!

Or else, if you are learning about IT or photoshop, and you usually work with software for editing and programming, the Core i7 CPU will be the best choice! This laptop is more efficient and productive than the Core i3 and i5 CPUs, and with the use of it, you will have better working outcomes!

IOS and Window, which one is better?

Well, it may vary! Each laptop has each strength and depending on your private opportunities, you will find one of them preferable!

However, it is claimed that Windows is much friendlier with users than IOS, while IOS functions are more outstanding and durable! If you want to make the right decision, let’s have a look at the reviews of the Macbook and Microsoft laptops above to find out the one that is best suitable for you!


This is the wrap up of our recommendation today! And hopefully, you will find this article informative enough to point out your favorite laptop! Each product has both good and bad sites; however, it still has outstanding features that will meet your demands!

As an adviser, we will highly recommend the New Apple Macbook Air! Although it is a high-end product, it is undeniable that the benefits you will receive from this laptop are incomparable! It may cost you much at first, however, if we consider the durability and outstanding features it can bring, you will see it’s worth spending for sure!

Anyway, no matter what others are thinking about, your final decision is more important! Think carefully about your favorite laptop, and read the review above again! Probably, with the help of this article, you will be able to find out your best pink laptops!

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