Polarity Chomre – High speed web browsing

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Polarity Chrome is a friendly web browser with an intuitive interface that allows users to explore many different websites marked as favorites.

This application is based on two browser technology, Trident and Chromium. This helps provide users a fast browsing experience and guaranteed.

In the first use, Polarity will ask the user to choose the search engine you want to use. Users can change this option if desired.

Privacy Tool allows users to access the web without having to worry about operating history, cache or cookies.

All this information will be deleted immediately. Besides, this browser also supports ad-blocking tools .

Once you activate this feature, the browser will automatically restart, the entire filter website content and advertisements to eliminate all of the website you want to access.

Not only that, Polarity also lets you choose the elements want displayed when accessing a website, for example, you can enable or lock enable JavaScript, Flash, Java or choose to display photos. With Web Filter, users can block any action redirected to malicious sites and protect the security of computer systems.

Besides, Polarity also supports unique Speech Recognition feature. This option lets you control the browser by using their voice.

For example, you can use speech to open the program, open the menu, read the text and email. To set this feature, you need to set some audio capture devices such as headphones or your laptop’s integrated microphone.

Besides, when accessing many different websites, you can select a word or a text in English and select from the shortcut menu options with the Text tool This Speak-To-Speech effective.

Polarity Chomre - High speed web browsing

Polarity Chrome browser

Privacy on the Web site

This software supports a powerful web filtering tool to help warn and protect you from malicious sites potentially harm your computer.

Polarity will use ratings and certificates to help filter sites. Besides web filtering, this browser also supports sandbox help install malware blocking, website tracking user activity or steal confidential information.

Block ads

This browser is a tool integrating Ad-Block is capable of filtering up to 90% of all Internet advertising including ad popup window and malicious advertisements.

High-speed Web browsing

Technology high-speed web browsing, stability and safety of Polarity gives users a great browsing experience.

This browser using Chromium technology V8 with multi-core architecture with an efficient help speed Polarity web faster, while using fewer resources RAM.

Supports multiple theme topic

Polarity allows the user to customize the browser according to the building system integration theme.

You can change the color interface or use any picture as a background image to the browser.

Support translation tools

Polarity allows users to translate the entire website quickly by accessing the right-click menu.

Voice recognition feature

With Polarity, you can navigate the browser with their own voice. Also, you can read the text to Polarity recorded.

Maximize hardware

All graphics and text to be rendered faster when enabled Hardware Acceleration option.

Support manager quick download:

Users can manage all components downloaded in a simple interface. The download process will be automatically accelerated.

Supports WebGL

Polarity support WebGL to display 2D and 3D graphics for enhanced interactive content.

Connect with friends

Users can share their favorite web pages on social networking accounts by clicking on the icon on omnibar.

Support multiple search engines

You can choose any search engine you like in the 20 tools provided by Polarity.

Supports multiple tabs

You can open an unlimited number of tabs. Also, you can open the manager to adjust the tab tab easier and can hover over a tab to view the contents of that page.


.NET Framework version 4.0 or higher.

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