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An Honest & Unbiased Review of HP Notebook 15.6

The HP Notebook 15.6 is a user-friendly device that comes integrated with superior features, including a high-resolution display, the latest Intel Core i7-7100 processor and an intuitive detailing that makes it one of the best laptop. For its price, it’s a very affordable piece of hardware that offers a nice combination of great speed and powerful options, thereby allowing users to make the most of the tablet functionality of Windows 10. Moreover, its smart and stylish exterior lends it a polished, high-end appearance that is an instant hit with students or those on a low budget and who need a gadget to take to classes, business meetings, travel, as well as handle multi-media with ease.

HP Notebook 15.6” Touchscreen Premium Laptop PC

HP Notebook 15.6” Touchscreen Premium 2017

Main Features

1366 X 768 Backlit Touchscreen Display: The device features a high-resolution display that ensures razor-sharp clarity and crystal clear visualization of images. The 15.6-inch widescreen in HD offers optimum viewing of videos and online text material.

7th Generation Intel Core Dual Processor: It runs on the advanced and impressive Intel Core i3-7100U, which is a high-speed quad core processor and ensures top-notch performance to boost all kinds of computing activities, right from movies to games.

Bluetooth 4.0, 1 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0: Even though your computer may have bluetooth functionality, it doesn’t hurt to have a headphone input. The HP Notebook has just that. Also it has two USB ports on either side of the device, which makes for convenient usage.

8GB DDR4 SDRAM 2133 MHz Memory: The device is integrated with a 1 TB hard drive and a classic 8 GB memory that makes it a worthy piece of investment for anyone looking to use their gadget as a reservoir of songs, videos, games and eBooks.

3-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery: The three cell lithium ion battery of the device retains charge for a decent period of time, roughly 6 hours and charges quickly.


  • The most spectacular and praise-worthy feature of the HP Notebook 15.6 is its performance. This is one gadget that stands up to the ravages of extensive use, including exhaustive gameplay and multi-tasking between basic computing. For a laptop that is not typically high-end or a hard-core gaming machine, it performs extremely well.
  • The touchscreen capability is another factor that the HP Notebook 15.6 deserves credit for. With Windows 10, people who have enough touchscreen functions have these helpful features with the accessibility that can be performed quite easy. However, with a machine having touchscreen functionality, you get to make the most of the operating system and enjoy easy access. Additionally, the display is pretty impressive for the price, which makes it perfect for watching movies, streaming live videos, podcasting, and accounting with quickbooks without straining the eyes.
  • When it comes to the operating system, HP Notebook does not disappoint. This model comes pre-installed with Windows 10, a definite improvement over its predecessor, the Windows 8.1. This automatically translates to a more stable system that offers easier access to a wide range of functions even when you are not using the touchscreen.
  • With a sleek, smart cover and a durable exterior, the HP Notebook 15.6 is designed to impress, and the best part is that it’s not just a pretty face. It entails minimal maintenance and ensures maximum protection from the elements. Also, the fact that it looks great even with its somewhat large size makes it the perfect gadget to flaunt around friends and colleagues.
  • In addition to allowing difficult programs to run smoothly, the HP Notebook enables you to multitask extremely well. Also, it hardly overheats and therefore never needs to cool off with a fan running at high speed. As such it runs quietly, thereby making for a smoother and more pleasant experience.


  • Low Battery Life: One minor flaw with this model is that it is not well-optimized for portability, simply because its battery life is not very impressive. At best it can last for six hours so it’s quite impressive for a laptop but it can also be improved even more.
  • The outside portion of the laptop is easy to smudge and stains with your naturally oily fingers. So you may want to shell out some extra bucks and pick up a peripheral case to shield it from smears and maintain its original appearance for a long period of time.

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Final Verdict

To sum up, for its price and for this age, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the HP Notebook 15.6 is indeed a solid piece of hardware that comes in a sturdy, compact built and a powerful user interface to support everything, right from basic computing to hard-core gaming. While a few of its features could do with an upgrade, it’s no doubt designed with intuitive detailing to offer a smooth performance each and every time. The high-quality display, responsive trackpad and high-speed operating system are all a delight to use and the 1 TB HDD with 8 GB memory is an additional plus that makes it the best laptop under 400. All in all, the HP Notebook is a beautifully designed device that is eye-catchy and comes with an ample array of in-built features that are sure to meet most of your requirements.

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Thank you so much for the review. I’ve been considering the HP Notebook and one of the most important features for me is being able to multi task without waiting for, what seems like hours, for an app or program to come to the party. Thanks again guys


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