Right versatile manipulation on the Chrome browser

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Google Chrome browser is now the number one browser worldwide. With many superior features as well as fast access speed, so even born then than Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, but Google Chrome has a position no alternative browsers.

Right versatile manipulation on the Chrome browser

As an integrated browser is pretty much in its application or as typical PDF reader, supports Adobe Flash Player, etc.

People still often use the mouse to manipulate with features on the Google Chrome web browser. But it seems that you did not know that, with the left mouse operations also has numerous features, or that we have not fully explored on Google Chrome. To be able to experience the fun of all this let Down.vn to the right manipulation of this great browser.

Tips and Tricks for Using Google Chrome

Pin tab
We regularly open lots of tabs on a browser page, you want to group it always appears in the browser. The work is very simple, with just a mouse to manipulate this will be resolved immediately by:

From the title bar of a select any tab press the right mouse -> Pin Tab (Pin Tab). Soon this tab will appear in the leftmost row on Chrome tab.

When not want to pin this tab anymore Please unpinned by right-clicking the pinned tab -> Clear tabbed (Unpin Tab).

Close multiple tabs simultaneously

If you are opening multiple tabs, do not want to take time to play each tab use the shortcut features multiple tabs except the tab is used. With quick operation right as follows:

Right-click the shortcut tab not want to keep -> Close other tabs (Close Other Tabs). Soon all tabs except the selected tab is pressed closed.

Close tabs to the right

When opening multiple browser tabs on one page and then want to close the tab is used except 2 or more, we will have to do like? There is a feature on Google will perform closed the tab in the upper right of the tab you’re using. Actions tab closing the right tab is used is made as follows:

Please plan tabs on the current page of Google Chrome, the tabs want closed just drag the tab to the right of using and want to retain -> Right-click the tab want to retain -> Close tab right (Close Tab to the Right). Thus, the tabs on the left side is still open, and the right tab tab to keep them closed.

Reopen last closed tab

When accidentally close a tab missed certain hands are used, we have to how to reopen tabs that can not remember the address of that website. It is simple. Please click the right mouse button on any location on the tab -> Reopen closed tab (Reopen Closed Tab). Or simply use the shortcut key combination to Ctrl + Shift + T.

Create Bookmark

The free time we often find a lot of documents, the website related to work, entertainment. But now you do not need to use it, please put them in somewhere so when you need just a mouse manipulation we will open right out. The work which is called Bookmark, bookmarks and so want those Web sites like?

Right-click any tab in a tab’d kept -> Mark all tabs (Bookmark All Tabs), you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + D.

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