Samsung Smart Switch – Transfer data to your Samsung Phone

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Samsung Smart Switch is an application that helps you to import data from other mobile devices to their Samsung smart phone is easy and simple.

Samsung Smart Switch - Transfer data to your Samsung Phone

Samsung Smart Switch Download

If you’re switching to a Samsung phone, the backup operations, recovery and data transfer is indispensable.

However, this problem can sometimes cause a lot of trouble for users

Foreseeing this demand, Samsung has released the Smart Switch to help you transfer data easily without the need to take steps to backup and restore complex.

Users can use this software to transfer data from the phone to Apple, LG, Nokia or Blackberry to his alma following Samsung devices: Galaxy S II, SIII, Note or Note II.

Download : SmartSwitch_2.0.13112_2.exe

The conversion process is done in a step by step wizard. So, whether you are an expert or beginner phones using smart phone that you are using the Samsung Smart Switch with ease.

First, you need to perform a data backup operations on your old phone and then connect the computer to the mobile device and run the application.

The following process is quite simple. You simply choose the model of old phones and directory containing the backup, then select the content you want to transfer to your new phone.

All information such as contact information, text messages, photos, music, wallpapers, calendar, sticky note, videos, call logs and bookmarks can be switched with just one click.

Depending on the size of the amount of information transmission process can happen quickly or slowly. Once completed, this information is available in your Samsung phone.

Some Key Features Samsung Smart Switch

Transfer data in a simple way:

The data converter unusually quite time consuming or using quite complex.

However, Samsung Smart Switch provides a user through the steps to make the conversion a simple and quick way.

In addition, other applications typically convert only basic data such as contact information, notes, call history.

However, with Samsung Smart Switch, you can transfer your entire music collection, video, photos and even applications installed on your old phone to your new phone without having to reinstall a complex way.

Intuitive interface, easy to use:

For specific instructions step of the program, you can convert data from this device through another device without losing your personal data.

Search and recommended application in a smart way:

Maybe you decided to use Samsung’s smart phone giant for warehouse applications that support this handset.

But whether you have learned that the number of applications to more than 700,000, or not?

However, in the app store, users may be dazzled and does not know which software suits you.

Samsung Smart Switch will help you solve this problem. This utility will help users search for your favorite apps and switch to the new device.

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