Synthesis of the most commonly used commands in Windows Run

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Knowing all or even understand all of CMD statements is seemingly impossible and also not really necessary for people like us.

Therefore, in this article, only to introduce you to the Run command or cmd most used alone! Synthesis of the most commonly used commands Run in Windows.

What is the use of cmd?

Synthesis of the most commonly used commands in Windows Run

Most used Run Commands(cmd) in Windows

To open a command prompt, pressing Windows + R -> Run window, type cmd and press Enter. Any unknown command syntax, add the /? back to list of command parameters.

Net Use Connect to another computer via their username and password.

appwiz.cpl: Open Add / Remove Program.

calc: Open computer gadgets.

charmap: Open the Character Map with special characters on the keyboard does not have.

chkdsk: Fix the broken file.

cleanmgr: Clean up your hard drive (optional drives for cleanup).

clipbrd: See the Windows clipboard.

control: Open the Control Panel.

cmd: Open a command line window.

winver: Check the current version of Windows.

wupdmgr: Configuring Windows Update.

mouse control: Open the mouse control panel.

dcomcnfg: Open the Windows Component serivices. debug tool assembly language programming.

drwatson: Record and capture the program to crash, crash on Windows.

Spider: Open Game spider in the system.

Sndvol32: Adjust the volume to the sound card.

dxdiag: Viewing computer system.

Explorer: Open Windows Explorer.

mrc: (Running underground in the machine) is a tool to help you against some malware most famous. Use this command to launch.

ping: Sends data to one host / specific Ip. In addition, this command can also be used to check whether the computer has no network connection?

powercfg.cpl: Configuration options for power usage, the battery in your computer, laptop.

regedit: Edit Registry.

fontview: Show Font in graphical form.

fsmgmt.msc: Open the folder is shared.

taskkill: disable programs running.

wmplayer: Open Windows Media Player.

wab: Open the Windows address book.

winword: Open the Word of Windows applications.

firewall.cpl: Edit, configure the firewall.

write: Open WordPad editor.

DIR: Open view files and folders that.

DEL: Delete files and folders.

sysdm.cpl: For the window System Properties window.

tasklist: See program running.

ftp: is a protocol used to send and receive files between computers together. FTP Commander preinstalled works as a program that runs on the text, allowing the connection to ftp server.

hostname: View the name of the computer.

hdwwiz.cpl or (devmgmt.msc): Open the Add Hardware.

ipconfig: This command allows to display the IP configuration of the computer being used, such as host name, IP address …

logoff: Log off from the computer command.

mmc: Open the Microsoft Management Console.

mstsc: Remote desktop.

secpol.msc: This is Local police Securyti (a policy that protects your computer) from here you can set up protection on your computer.

The sentence above is not all, and may also not fully used. But believe that, in certain cases, the most common commands Run This will be useful for you.

Wish you successful!

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