Tapatalk for Windows 8.1 – News updates from many websites, online forums

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During the installation program, you will be offered an option to create an account using your email address Tapatalk or her Facebook account. This software will help remember the user’s choice in the set instead of requiring users to reselect each use.

Tapatalk for Windows 8.1 - News updates from many websites, online forums

After logging into your account Tapatalk, users can choose a field of their interest: Arts and Entertainment (arts and entertainment), Pets (pet), Travel (travel), Technology and Computing ( information technology), Sports (Sport), Health and Fitness (health and lifestyle) and many other topics.

Also, in the Forums tab you can actively choose a certain online forums and add your account Tapatalk can also choose one of the options forum Tapatalk for Windows 8.1 provides. Similarly, users can also delete a forum not track anymore.

Tapatalk for Windows 8.1

After entering the forum list want to monitor, users can see the updates in Feed. You can click to view the full post and comment new users. After watching the news, users can mark the message Read (read) to remove it from position Feed.

Besides, for each forum in Tapatalk added for Windows 8.1, you can login or register for an account and conduct direct discussion in this forum in the Discussions. In the meantime, visit the Home window takes the user to the owner of the currently selected site.

Tapatalk for Windows 10

Additionally, in the dashboard of Tapatalk for Windows 8.1, users can also explore other parts of forum Explore feature or enter keywords on Search to find a theme or specific stories.

Optimized for monitors with high resolution in both directions: horizontally (landscape) and vertical (portrait).

Visit online forums than 50,000 without using a browser. The number of forums is updated daily.

Sync account on multiple devices Tapatalk platform.

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