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Company data become victim of hacking

Ministry data privacy Bank collected in 2005 – 2015 shows leap in the number of cyber-attacks starting in 2010 and continuing until 2014. Data were collected in ten years shows that the toxic factor is non-toxic and has lead to a data breach at retailers, financial services and healthcare. Despite the decrease in the number […]

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Share documents with

As the document sharing service launched a few years ago, be upgraded to support multiple file formats and features more attractive when anyone can access document viewing without Facebook. How to Share Office Files Online With As Microsoft services, you must have an account and conducting login and click Publish. In Share what […]

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Dangers when children play smartphone, tablet

For children using mobile devices too much can increase the risk of depression, which affects the brain development of skills and limited social interaction, according to the study. According to US statistics, more than 70% of children under 12 to use the tablet. Another survey also showed that 40% of children aged 2-4 are parents […]

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Optical Chip help store information permanently

This type of electronic chip may alter the entire structure of the basic design of current computers. Scientists in the UK have developed a new generation of first chip based entirely on light technology, capable of permanently storing data. And in the future, thanks to the chip that we can receive and send data at […]

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