The mission of the devices in the Computer system

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The computer is a system of multiple devices associated with together through a motherboard, this connection is what CPU and system controller by software instructions, each device the system has a separate function which has three facilities. The most important element is the CPU, motherboard and RAM.

How many devices in the computer system work?

1. Mainboard (Motherboard)

Mainboard role linking all components of the system together form a unified apparatus:

motherboard AMD sk AM3

The various components work we have speed, how different works but we still communicate with each is thanks to the system controller chip chipset.

2. CPU (Central Processing Unit) – Microprocessor

CPU is the most important component of the computer, perform the command of the software programs that run, the speed of processing computer depends primarily on components, the CPU is flexible.CPU cooler master

Small but most expensive components in a computer.

3. RAM (Radom Access Memory)

Samsung DDR4 ECC 16G

RAM is temporary memory, save the program serves directly. Next to the CPU, all  programs before and after treatment are loaded into RAM management, so the capacity and speed .RAM access directly affects the overall speed of the machine.

There are many types of RAM and microprocessor. Currently on the market are produced technology is DDR3 RAM types (RAM 3) ; DDR4 (RAM 4) …. with the speed upgrade on each level. In the near future, users will be able to use the technology to generate up to hundreds of Gb RAM support

4. Case and power supply

Case: A box for mounting machine components such as motherboard, the drives, expansion cards.

sale case hp

Source: Often follow Case, is responsible for the supply voltage for motherboard and disk drive operation.

5. Hard Drives HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

HDD Wester digital 2tb

Is the main storage device of the system, hard drive capacity large and access speed is quite fast, so we used to install the operating system and application programs, and the time it is used to store documents, however hard drive is drive fixed, not convenient for moving data away.

6. CD ROM Drive (Hard Disk Drive)

DVD rewrite dell 4030

As optical storage drives with large storage space around 640MB, CD Rom compact easy to clearly move away. However the majority of the CD Rom allows only scored 1 time drive CD Rom is used to install computer software, listen music, movies v v …

7. Floppy Disk Drive HDD

floppy disk drive connector pin

Floppy can read and write multiple times and enjoy clear move away far, however, due to limited space only 1.44MB and fast. Should today’s corrupted floppies are rarely used but instead is. USB drives have many advantages.

 8. Keyboard

Keyboard Microsoft

The keyboard is the primary device to help users communicate and what system controller, keyboard drivers on your BIOS , Mainboard drivers.

9. Mouse

Microsoft mouse for gamer

As input devices using the graphical interface as OS ,Window and some other software, because the mouse driver. Windows operating systems held.

10. Video Card

Video Card intermediary device between the computer and the monitor, on Video Card has four main components.

geforce gtx 660 2gb ddr5
+ Ram: Save data prior to display video on the screen, set Video Card RAM greater the resolution images.
+ IC: DAC (Digital Analog Conveter) is Signal IC
digital photos from the computer to the same signal.
+ IC decoder Video
+ BIOS: A Video Card drivers when Windows yet
start .
Card Video can be integrated directly on the motherboard

11. Screen Monitor – CRT Monitor & LCD Monitor

LCD Lenovo 21 inchies

Screen Monitor displays information about the image, character help users receive the results of computer processing, through the screen while the user interface with machine calculated to give the corresponding control.

There are two common types of screens and CRT monitors LCD.

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