The technical specifications of the CPU

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There are many technology increases CPU processing speed. Examples technology Core 2 Dua CPU associated with working clock frequency of it (in the units as MHz, GHz, …).

For the same type of CPU frequency higher the increasing processing speed. For other CPU types, this may not be true. Eg CPU Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz frequency can handle faster data 3.4GHz CPU or .

CPU speed depends on its cache, such as the Intel Core 2 Duo uses common L2 cache (shared cache) helps speed processing of 2 new systems faster than the world’s system 2 System 1 (Intel Core Duo and Intel Pentium D) L2 cache per core each separately.

Cache is used to store or use commands, makes data entry faster processor. Currently production technology 65nm CPU.

There has quad-core CPU ( The Core I7 6700K is a quad core [ 4 cores ] chip with a clock of 4GHz and the standard hyper threading support). AMD has released the technology includes two processors, each of 2-4 people.

The technical specifications of the CPU

CPU bus speed (FSB – Front Side Bus)

FSB – The data transfer rate on the CPU or the data rate
whether running through the foot of the CPU.

In one system, the speed of the CPU bus speed must be equal Bus Chipset north, but the speed of the CPU Bus is unique. North chipset can support from two to three speed FSB

In line chip and Pentium2, Pen3 the FSB speed of 66MHz, 100MHz and
133MHz. In line with the FSB Pen4 chip speed is 400MHz, 533MHz,
800MHz, 1066MHz, 1333MHz and 1600MHz

That’s the technical specifications of the CPU. Thanks

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